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Let’s Talk Ram 2500 Powertrain

Ram 2500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Ellisville

It is a very rare day when all we talk about is the powertrain of the Ram 2500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Ellisville, but with the new 2017 Ram 2500 we knew that we had to share this information. It is important to know what is powering your pick up trick – after all, you expect it to handle any terrain and any hauling job.

Turbo Diesel Engine – Combine world-class capability with outstanding performance and you’ve got the available Proven and Legendary 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine. With a wide array of Best-in-Class and Class-Exclusive features and capabilities, the 6.7L Cummins engine turns your Ram 2500 into a dependable powerhouse.

Six Speed Manual Transmission – Modified for increased torque load of the base-output diesel engine, the Class-Exclusive available six-speed manual transmission also carries a wear-compensating clutch for like-new clutch pedal performance throughout the life of the drivetrain. This transmission is only available with the Proven and Legendary 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine.

Hemi Engine – If a turbo diesel isn’t your thing, you can always pick the Hemi. The available Heavy-Duty 6.4L HEMI V8 engine offers Ram 2500 series pickups the legendary power you’ve come to expect from both names. Two spark plugs per cylinder increase peak power and torque, reducing exhaust emissions.

Hemi Engine with Valve Timing – Want even more power? Then get the standard 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) gives the driver an efficient engine option without sacrificing performance. VVT provides optimal torque over a large RPM range and aluminum cylinder heads combine with hemispherical combustion chambers for outstanding airflow, leading to indispensable power and torque.

Learn more about the different powertrains on the 2017 Ram 2500 at All Star Dodge Ram today!

The 2017 Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300 at All Star Chrysler near Chesterfield

The Chrysler 300 is one of those vehicles that stands up to the test of time. It is sleek and stylish while being wildly capable. Today we are going to look at a few key characteristics of the Chrysler 300 model that is currently available at All Star Chrysler near Chesterfield.

ast refreshed for 2015, it gets updates for 2017 including a faster UConnect system with sharper graphics, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.Three new packages are added to the 2017 Chrysler 300S, including an Alloy Edition.

Base engine is a smooth 3.6-liter V6 whose 292 horsepower and linear torque easily propel the weight of the big car down the road.The Chrysler 300S gets 300 hp out of its cold-air intake and tuned exhaust system.

All-wheel drive is available with the V6.The system doesn’t send any power to the front wheels unless traction is needed there.

Next engine up is the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 that makes 363 horsepower, driving the 300S or 300C from zero to sixty miles per hour in 5.8 seconds, using an 8-speed automatic transmission.If you want a real throwback Chrysler 300 hot rod, get one of these.

The Chrysler 300 rates 19/30 mpg City/Highway, or 23 mpg Combined with rear-wheel drive, two less mpg with all-wheel drive.The Hemi V8 gets an EPA-rated 16/25/19 mpg.

In crash tests by NHTSA, the 300 earned four stars overall.The IIHS gave it the top Good grade in every category except the difficult small front-overlap test, where it scored Marginal. (This information was compiled from autoblog.com, chrysler.com, and iihs.org.)

These are just a few baseline characteristics of the Chrysler 300. For more information and a in-depth look at the 300, head to All Star and work with a member of their team. Their staff would love to take you on a test drive today!

Used Inventory Specials – Highlights!

Used Car Inventory Specials at All Star Dodge Ram near Mehlville

If you are in the market for new car but don’t want to pay a new car price, then you need to look at the used cars that are currently on special at All Star Dodge Ram near Mehlville. These used cars are offered at amazing discounts – this means you get more car and more options for your money! Today we want to highlight a couple of models that are currently on special at All Star. If you like what you see, get a hold of All Star as fast as possible – these cars won’t be available for long!

2016 Dodge Challenger – HIGH PERFORMANCE! Super Clean! 20-Inch x 9.5-Inch Brass Monkey SRT(R) Forged Wheels, One Owner, Challenger SRT Hellcat, 2D Coupe, 6.2L V8 Supercharged, 6-Speed Manual, RWD, Billet Clearcoat, and Black/Sepia Leather. GPS Nav! This 2016 Challenger HellCat is for Dodge fans looking all around for a great one-owner gem. So go ahead and feel free to flex your muscle in it. It will go from 0-60 in just about the same time it’ll take you to catch your breath. Head to All Star to feel the power of this Challenger!

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited – JEEP CERTIFIED & LOADED! 5.7L V8, Navigation, Sunroof, Leather, Tow Hitch, Gorgeous, One Owner, Grand Cherokee Limited, 4D Sport Utility, 5.7L V8 Multi Displacement VVT, 8-Speed Automatic, 4WD, Granite Crystal Metallic Clearcoat, and Leather. Get the NEW look for the used price on this one owner vehicle. Previous owner purchased it brand new! Jeep Certified Pre-Owned means you not only get the reassurance of a 3Mo/3,000Mile Maximum Care Limited Warranty, but also up to a 7-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty, a 125-point inspection/reconditioning, 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car benefits, and a complete CARFAX vehicle history report. (This information was compiled from 314allstar.com.)

For more information on the Used Car Specials currently available, head to All Star!

Feel the Power of the Grand Cherokee!

Jeep Grand Cherokee at All Star Jeep Dealer near Fenton

It is common knowledge that Jeep makes amazing SUVs. They are capable and responsive, while being comfortable to sit in and drive. It turns out that Jeep has now been named the most powerful SUV on the market, thanks to the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee. What makes the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee at All Star Jeep Dealer near Fenton so powerful? – Let’s take a look.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk borrows the 707 horsepower supercharged V8 from the Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcats. This is the first time that the 6.2-liter supercharged motor has been paired with an all-wheel-drive system, which has been strengthened to handle its 645 lb-ft of brute force torque.

Though the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is not designed for off-roading (unless you count race tracks as off-road,) the Trackhawk comes equipped with a computer-controlled Bilstein adaptive suspension system and five performance modes (Normal, Sport, Track, Snow and Tow) that tweak the ride stiffness, steering, 8-speed automatic transmission, AWD, limited-slip rear differential, etc., to suit the occasion. This different performance modes allow the driver to have maximum control over the engine and the driving experience.

“The Trackhawk’s tow rating is 7,200 pounds, but you’re probably more interested in the other way it hauls. Jeep says it will do 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and cover a quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds on the way to a 180 mph top speed. Thanks to the Trackhawk’s vented hood and front fascia help cool the engine and reduce aerodynamic lift at speed, and a set of 15.75-inch Brembo front brakes – the largest ever fitted to a Jeep — slow the 5,363-pound beast down when you’re done with the fun.”-foxnews.com

For more information on the different Jeep Grand Cherokee models, head to All Star. Their team would love to get you behind the wheel of this powerful SUV today!

Chrysler 300: Power Car

Chrysler 300 at All Star Chrysler in MO

The Chrysler 300 at All Star Chrysler in MO is a sedan with a long history of power and agility. We want to take a look back at what started the legacy of the Chrysler 300.

There was a bright young man working for Chrysler in the 1950’s who had a great idea to improve upon the existing Hemi-engined model that Chrysler was already making. This young man proposed that Chrysler build a special car, a two-door hardtop, for the Hemi. There wasn’t any budget for new sheet metal, so he bolted the top-of-the-line Imperial’s nose onto a New Yorker hardtop two-door body shell with Windsor model rear quarter panels to produce the 1955 300. Chrysler’s chief designer, Virgil Exner, tweaked the design by excising the Imperial’s massive front bumper in favor of the less ornate one used on the base Chrysler, and the 300 went into production. Today the Chrysler 300 is the herald of a new rear-drive future for Chrysler and the most spectacular home yet for an all-new Hemi V8. It’s amazing how Chrysler came back to the young man’s basic idea nearly a half century later.

The current Chrysler 300 is nothing short of sensational. Except for the fact that it’s built in the same plant and can be had with the same 3.5-liter V6 engine in lower-end models (there’s also a base model with a 2.7-liter V6), the new 300 shares practically nothing with the outgoing 300M. The new unibody structure mounts a rear-drive drivetrain and incorporates suspension components originally developed for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The styling is aggressively American with more than a taste of gangster influence. (This information was gathered from chrysler.com and classiccars.com.)

For more information on the current Chrysler 300, head to All Star and work with a member of the All Star team!

What to Expect from FCA?

New Cars at All Star Chrysler near O’Fallon

We have to go back, back to the future! Every once in a while we like to talk about the future of FCA and the Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, and Jeep vehicles that it makes. Looking forward, there are some pretty great things that appear to be coming down the pipeline for some of our favorite models. Let’s explore what is coming!

Around 2021, there may be a front wheel drive Chrysler car based on the Chrysler Pacifica. A planned crossover has been delayed. The future AWD set might use electric motors for the rear. Here’s what we think a front wheel drive 300 may look like. The main difference from the image at the top of this page is bringing the cab forward a bit more (no need to fit a V8), while leaving more room for the rear passengers.

The Dodge Caravan will continue alongside the new Town & Country into 2017, and will likely then be dropped.

“While the “Small” architectures have been lauded in Renegade and Tipo form, the CUSW setup has been praised in Cherokee and Pacifica form, and there may be one more car for it: the Dodge Journey replacement, to come out as a Chrysler. Will it be the Chrysler Voyager or the Chrysler Journey, or something completely different (Town & Country, even)? Only Auburn Hills — perhaps Turin — knows.”-allpar.com

Chrysler 100 and/or 100C, if it arrives in the US, is likely to be a true compact on the SUSW platform. There is already a Fiat Tipo (same body) sold in Mexico as the Dodge Neon, but the 100 was supposedly not just a Tipo rebadge/repower. Reportedly there is a team in Mexico trying to convert the Tipo-Neon into a car suitable for sale in the US, with a standard Fiat 1.4 turbo.

For more information on the futures of these models, head to All Star Chrysler near O’Fallon today!

Ram 2500 4WD Tough

Los Angeles USA - November 19 2015: Ram 2500 Power Wagon on display during the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Ram 2500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Mehlville

One of the very best truck manufacturers on the market today is Ram. They make strong and powerful trucks that can handle anything that you throw at them. Today we want to share with you some of great things about the Ram 2500 4WD. If you have any additional questions be sure to contact All Star Dodge Ram near Mehlville.

It’s super tough – The 2015 Ram 2500 is clearly one of the toughest pickup trucks on the market. When working in a rugged environment, the truck’s tank-like build quality enables it to take a pounding. Owners can also look forward to an incredibly long service life. The truck’s overall durability gives it a big advantage over a regular pickup truck.

It’s got a Hemi – Over the last decade, the Hemi engine has reemerged as one of the most powerful V-8 engines on the market. With a total output of 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque, the 6.4-liter engine provides plenty of muscle. When fitted with the proper towing accessories, the V8-powered Ram 2500 can tow up to 16,300 pounds.

It’s got diesel power – In terms of sheer power, the 6.7-liter Cummings diesel engine is a spectacular performer. With the assistance of a turbocharger, the beastly engine is able to pump out 370 horsepower and a monumental 800 pound-feet of torque. It can pull hefty loads with ease. In fact, the diesel-powered Ram 2500 has a towing capacity of nearly 18,000 pounds.

It’s a 4×4 – The truck’s capable 4WD system gives it an extra level of ruggedness. When traveling in snow or deep mud, the tires just keep churning. Drivers will find the enhanced traction to be extremely useful throughout the year. In an effort to enhance the truck’s versatility, Ram also designed the 2500 with a tow/haul mode.

For more information on the Ram 2500, head to All Star today!

Sweet Rack on the Power Wagon

Strong man child showing bicep muscles concept for strength, confidence or defense from bullying

Ram at All Star near St. Louis

Trucks are made for the hard jobs, the dirty jobs, and the hauling jobs. We like it when our favorite trucks get more features that make these jobs easier. One such example is the sweet new rack that is available on the Ram Macho Power Wagon that is available at All Star near St. Louis. Let’s take a closer look at this new rack!

The truck is powered by the normal Power Wagon’s 6.4-liter V8, and it has the stock front winch. This Ram also sports quite a few concept parts besides the wheels and fender flares. Starting at the front and moving rearward, the Macho Wagon gets custom bumpers with skid plates and tow hooks, a new hood with big heat extractors, an LED light bar, a roof rack, single-piece running-boards, and five-inch exhaust tips.

There’s one more custom piece in back. Immediately behind the C-pillar is a sport hoop, under which hides another hoop that can slide along tracks on the bed. These hoops together are called the Ramrack, and when the second hoop is moved back along the bed, it works together with the cab’s roof rack to create a long utility rack. It’s a thoroughly clever way of adding practicality without sacrificing appearances. “We would love to see something like this reach production, since it could be very handy on quad cab pickups with short beds, allowing them to carry long objects without having to drop the tailgate to get them to fit. Because there’s nothing macho about that.” -autoblog.com

For more information on the Ram Macho Power Wagon, stop by All Star today. Their team would be more than happy to assist you in anyway that they can.

What Do You Think?

Rear end of a 1998 Dodge Durango.

Dodge Durango at All Star Dodge near O’Fallon

What do you think of the Dodge Durango? At All Star Dodge near O’Fallon we love the Durango, but we don’t want you to take just take our word for it, we want you to see what real customers have to say about owning a 2016 Dodge Durango.

urchased a “USED”… yes used 2016 Durango R/T with 65 miles on it (July 2016). With the addition of a second child (we opted for 2nd row captain chairs), our 2013 Audi Q5 3.0T Prem Plus, S-Line just did not have enough interior room. Durango is a nice vehicle for its size. The V8 is a must for the weight of this vehicle. Coming from a supercharged V6 german CUV, my wife could not stand the Dodge V6. The 8sp is smooth. We tested other American SUV’s that had the quad captain chairs as options and the Durango ticked all our boxes for satisfaction. We liked the turbo-6 on the Ford explorer but not much else on that vehicle. U-Connect is intuitive, I just hope the touchscreen lasts. – Sco Stu

This is a terrific machine. Looks great, has all the gadgets you want and enjoy, the 5.7 hemi with the 8 speed gearbox is a rocket. Super comfortable, excellent interior, super build quality, feels like a more expensive machine. This is my second Durango and I’m very pleased with it. Not the cheapest sticker, but you get what you pay for. Strong recommend for this machine; I have the R/T. – Neil

The 2016 Durango Citadel is a well-made, well designed full size SUV. The interior and exterior are well appointed and well designed, with great comfort and convenience items that are pleasing (vented driver and passenger seats) and start-stop technology. – Michael

To review the Dodge Durango for yourself, stop by the dealership today!

Challenger Hellcat Faster than Expected

ROYAL OAK MI/USA - AUGUST 15 2014: A 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hemi Hellcat car at the Woodward Dream Cruise the world's largest one-day automotive event. Woodward is a National Scenic Byway and Michigan Heritage Route.

Dodge Challenger at All Star Dodge near Mehlville

We have talked before about the new Challenger trim, the Hellcat, that will be coming out soon. The new Challenger Hellcat will be edgier than the other trims and offer an engine with loads of agility. We had thought that Dodge had all of the final details of the Hellcat trim ironed out, and then we hear the news about the added horsepower. Let us take a deeper look at this today.

Like the standard Challenger, the Hellcat will ride on the same rear-wheel drive platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulia and, possibly, the second-gen Dodge Journey. (Some of this is just rumor and speculation at this point.) The Italian architecture will make the Challenger markedly smaller and lighter than the current model, and more dynamic to drive.

Buyers will be asked to choose between V6 and V8 engines, and it’s not too far-fetched to speculate that the coupe will receive the 300-horsepower turbo four that will be inaugurated next year by the 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Technical details about the Hellcat model are few and far between, but its output is expected to lie in the vicinity of 750 horsepower.

“Interestingly, Automobile Magazine reports the Challenger will spawn a convertible model that will resurrect the Barracuda nameplate. It will be shorter than the Challenger, and it will feature a look of its own that will pay homage to the original Plymouth-badged Barracuda. The Dodge Barracuda and the next Challenger are expected to land in time for the 2019 model year, assuming they aren’t delayed. We might have to wait until the turn of the decade before we see the next Hellcat, however.” -leftlanenews.com

For more information on the Dodge Challenger Hellcat stop by All Star Dodge near Mehlville today!