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Dodge Ram Used Cars – Perfect for Long Term

Used Cars at All Star Dodge Ram in MIssouri

It is widely known that Dodge has been innovator in the auto industry since the early days, as in the early days of the car itself. It is this long legacy that makes each Dodge Ram model such a great vehicle. They are built to last. This means that when you decided to by a Used Car from All Star Dodge Ram in Missouri, you are getting a vehicle that will last you a long time. We want to share with you a little bit about the Dodge brothers that started this long lasting legacy.

The Dodge Brothers were skilled machinists from a modest background. John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge were two of the three children of Daniel Rug and Maria Dodge of Niles, Michigan. They attended public schools, but learned the machinist’s trade from their father, who ran a shop specializing in internal combustion engines for marine use. The inseparable brothers built the first bicycle in Niles.

Horace Dodge invented a four-point, dirt proof, adjustable bicycle ball bearing and in 1897 the two brothers established the Evans & Dodge Bicycle Company with Fred S. Evans and leased the Typograph Company plant for two years. In 1900, they sold their interests, returned to Detroit, and established a machine shop in the Boydell Building on Beaubien Street at Lafayette. They began with only twelve employees, but quickly established a reputation for excellent workmanship. Ransom E. Olds erected the first automobile plant in Detroit in 1899 and by early 1901 the Dodge machine shop supplied him with engines. Olds followed with an order for 3,000 transmissions in 1902, making the Dodge brothers one of the largest parts suppliers for the nascent Detroit automobile industry.(Some of this information was compiled from dodgemotors.com). The Dodge brothers grew their knowledge from a small bike shop to a manufacturing empire.

The More You Know!

Used Cars at All Star near Fenton

We love the Dodge Ram line up of vehicles. They are stylish and iconic, and by George, just fun to drive. We want to take a further look at the history of Dodge Ram. To become part of the Dodge Ram legacy, check out the used cars at All Star near Fenton.

The Ram line was redesigned for the 1994 model year. Development on a second generation began in 1986, ending in late 1992. A more conventional design was originally scheduled for a 1991 production; when Bob Lutz showed it to the new styling designers, chief designer Phillip E. Payne told him, “It looks like nothing more than a rehash of everybody else’s truck.” At that, Lutz told him he had 6 months to come up with something better. The exterior styling of the truck that was eventually released was the result of design concepts by Payne during 1988-1990. A review by the Dodge pick-up truck studio designers felt that modern pick-ups looked “too flat and sedan like”, while the early 50’s Studebaker pick-up and the 18 wheeler trucks had just the right “macho” look to them. The design featured a big-rig-looking front end and a large grille that was nothing like the current Ford or Chevy/GMC pickups in design.

The redesigned 1994 Ram was a sales success, with sales rocketing from 78,000 units in 1993 to 240,000 in 1994, 410,000 in 1995, and nearly 480,000 in 1996. That year, it was prominently featured as the hero vehicle in the film Twister. Sales of this generation peaked at just over 400,000 in 1999 before declining against the redesigned Ford and GM trucks. By 2001, Ram sales figures were below those of Ford and Chevy trucks. (This information was compiled from dodge.com, ram.com, imbd.com, and edmonds.com).

Check out the incredible used cars at All Star today!

Is a Used Car the Right Option for Me?

Used Cars at All Star Dodge Ram near Glendale

It is a question that has been asked for decades, should I buy a new car or a used car? While both options have their pros and cons, we want to talk about a few of the reasons that you might want to consider buying a used car over a new car.

“The average person owns 13 cars in a lifetime, each costing an average of $30,000, according to a report by the National Automobile Dealers Association. If each of those cars was 3 years old, instead of new, you could save nearly $130,000 during your lifetime.” -nerdwallet.com

Think about that for a minute. Over your lifetime you could save $130,000. What could you do with that extra cash? Depositing it into a savings account could lead to huge yields over time. Did someone say extra retirement money, or retiring early money?

For a long time there was a stigma about buying a used car. It was said that they would deteriorate quickly and require a lot of upkeep. This is simply not the case any longer, especially when you buy a used car at All Star near Glendale. They do a rigorous screening on each of the used cars that they have on their lot to ensure that you only get the very best vehicles. Cars have never been more dependable than they are today. It’s not uncommon for some cars to deliver more than 100,000 miles before needing major repairs. All cars require regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotation, brake jobs. But you can drive today’s cars much farther in between these scheduled maintenance visits. Even tires and brake pads last much longer than before.

Check out the used car selection at All Star, we are sure you will find your next vehicle there!

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Should I Buy Used?

New and Used Cars at All Star Dodge near O’Fallon

Are you realizing that the car you have been driving for the last number of years is starting to require more maintenance? Are you starting to think you need to get a different vehicle? If you answered yes, then you need to check out the selection of used cars at All Star Dodge near O’Fallon. Today we want to share a few pros and cons of buying a used car.

The biggest advantage to buying used is the cost savings. New cars depreciate heavily during the first 3 years of ownership – dropping by an average of 50% compared to the original MSRP. When buying used, you’re letting the original owner absorb most of the depreciation cost. Some cars tend to depreciate a lot quicker than others, so it’s smart to pay attention to the residual values when buying a car. If it depreciates quickly, you should really lean towards buying used. The other advantage is that you will typically have to pay less for insurance. As cars get older (and the value decreases), they’re simply cheaper to insure.

One disadvantage to buying a used car is you won’t have as much choice when it comes to colors, styles, and options. You’re limited to whatever is on the market and you may have to shop around for a while before finding one you like. However, All Star has a huge selection of used cars, and they will help you track down the right model for you!

There are so many great used cars at All Star that you really need to stop by the dealership and view the inventory for yourself. (We know it’s cold out, so you can also shop their online inventory. It is kept up to date with the latest models on the lot!) Happy Shopping!

Used Cars a Great Buy

Used Cars at All Star Dodge Ram near St. Peters

When you are trying to decide between buying a new car or a used car, you have a lot of choices. Today we want to talk about a few of the things that you should consider when deciding between a new and used car at All Star Dodge Ram near St. Peters.

Trade-In or Down Payment?

If your credit is good, you may have less problem buying new with little or no down payment than buying used. That’s because many manufacturers offer incentives for new cars that simply aren’t available in the used-car market. These are typically in the form of rebates, cash incentives and discounted financing. Financing a used car will almost always require money down, whether in cash or a trade-in with equity.

New Car Depreciation Hit Worth It?

Depreciation, or the loss in a car’s value over time, is sneaky because it’s a hidden cost most of us don’t face until trade-in time.

But if a car depreciates, say, $7,500 from the time you buy it to the day you sell it, that’s like throwing $7,500 away. That’s $7,500 you will never get back and won’t have available to spend on other things.

There’s usually an emotional tie with a car that’s missing in our relationship with the vacuum cleaner or washing machine; but in reality, a car is just another appliance.  Because of depreciation, generally it makes more sense to buy used and here’s why: On average, a new car loses between 20 and 30 percent of its value the moment it rolls off the dealer’s lot. Some cars can depreciate up to 50 percent in the first three years.

It’s really up to you to decide whether a new car or a used car is right for you. All Star has a great selection of used cars that you can choose from!

Let’s Buy a Used Car!

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Used Cars at All Star Dodge near Florissant

When you are shopping for a different vehicle, you first need to answer a very important question – will you buy a new car or a used car? Today we want to share with you some of the benefits of buying a used car at All Star Dodge near Florissant.

Better Price – It’s nice to ride in a car that no one has ever owned before, with that new car smell and feel. But, that scent, brand new upholstery without a single flaw, and single digit mileage doesn’t come cheap. The price gap between new and used vehicles was around $20,000 as of earlier this year, according to Cars.com.

The interest rates on new cars do tend to be slightly lower than they are on used cars, however. Bankrate reports the average 48-month rates on new cars at 4%, while used car rates are slightly higher — at 4.99%. In spite of the higher rates, in most cases, you still end up with a much smaller total bill when you opt for a used vehicle.

No Value Lost – “Not only do new cars lose a large portion of their value immediately, they are also precious to new car owners who feel a gut punch when normal wear and tear inevitably happens. Some new cars lose as much as 40% of their value during the first year,” (cheatsheet.com). “With a used car, there’s no depreciation hit the second you roll off the lot. There’s also less mental depreciation, no need to worry about the first parking-lot ding or rock chip in the paint because chances are the car’s previous owner or owners took care of those for you,” Car and Driver reports.

For more information on the different used cars available, head to All Star today!

Get a Great Used Car at All Star

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Used Car Specials at All Star Dodge Ram near North County

When you need to make a change in the kind of vehicle that you drive, you might wonder whether you should buy a new or a used car from All Star Dodge Ram near North County. Today we want to share with you some great reasons that you should but a used car at All Star.

New cars typically depreciate about 20 percent when they are driven off the lot. Most cars will lose another 10 percent in value during the first year. That’s a 30-percent loss in value during the initial year of ownership. A $30,000 car loses roughly $9,000 in value during that period. You can avoid that hit by buying a one-year-old used car. We know that one-year-old used cars are hard to come by, but it’s becoming easier to find two- and three-year-old used cars.

Additionally, with the “right” used car, it’s possible for an owner to buy it, drive it and sell it with little loss in equity. According to Reed, a financial adviser, depreciation flattens out, usually after a car’s second year when the rate of depreciation dips before increasing again around year five.

Another added benefit is that it is likely that your insurance will be lower than if you were to purchase a new car. Since a used car costs less to replace than what a new car would, you could see some nice savings when it comes to your insurance bill.

All Star has a number of fantastic used car specials always going on at their dealership. You need only check out their online inventory or stop by the dealership to see all of the used cars that are offered. It’s time that you get a great used car from All Star.


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Why Buy a Used Car from All Star

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Used Cars at All Star Dodge in MO

Are you wondering whether you should buy a new or used car from All Star Dodge in MO? There are certainly benefits to both but today we would like to share with you some benefits to buying a used car from All Star.

From a sustainability perspective, it definitely makes more sense to buy a used car that gets good fuel economy over a new one, as the building and disposal of an automobile has a significant environmental impact. The automotive industry’s own studies have shown that between 12 and 28 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions generated during a car’s lifecycle occur during manufacturing and initial shipment. Every time a consumer opts for a used car over a new one, that’s one car that’s already passed through those phases and one less vehicle headed to the scrap heap.

“While you might think buying a new hybrid might be more ecologically sound that buying a used car, hybrids actually have a much larger environmental impact to build than comparable non-hybrids, as those lithium-ion, lead-acid, or Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries are no friends of the environment.” – alternet.org

Buying a Used Dodge at All Star is great if you are wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Another thing to remember is the value of the car and as far as value is concerned, the old adage rings true: A car loses value as soon as you drive it off the dealership lot—up to 15% depending on the vehicle. It doesn’t stop there; by the time it’s four years old, the typical car retains only about half of its value. After that, however, the depreciation curve is much less steep.

For more information on the used cars available at All Star, stop by the dealership today!

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What is a Certified Pre-Owned?

CPO on blackboard with businessman in a suit on side

Dodge Cars at All Star Dodge near Kirkwood

When you are shopping for Dodge Cars, you will find that there are a number of different vehicle types and options available. We are not just talking about a sedan or an SUV or a truck, we are talking about new, used, or certified pre-owned. New Dodge Cars and Used Dodge Cars are pretty self explanatory, but you might have some questions about what a certified pre-owned vehicle is, so we want to explain this vehicle type today.

A certified pre-owned vehicle is one that has been owned or driven by someone else, but that meets certain dealership and manufacturer qualifications and can then be classified as a certified vehicle. A certified vehicle will usually come with additional warranties above what one might expect with a used vehicle. You should think of a certified vehicle as one that has an extra vote of confidence from the dealership. A certified pre-owned Dodge is a vehicle in like new condition without the new car price sticker.

All Star Dodge Dealership near Kirkwood has an impressive selection of certified pre-owned vehicles from which you can select your next vehicle. If you are still not sure about the different things that make the certified pre-owned vehicles at All Star such great choices for your next purchase, then stop by the dealership and work with a member of the All Star team. They have the knowledge and skill to help you find the right certified pre-owned to suit your vehicle needs. It would be the pleasure of the All Star team to put you behind the wheel of a great Dodge Car today.

If you are interested in the new or used cars also offered by All Star, they would love to help you with that as well.

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Enjoy Your Shopping Experience

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All Star near Oakville

We love shopping for our new and used cars at All Star near Oakville. Their sales team is amazing, their selection of Chrysler Cars and other vehicles is incomperable, and they just really aim to take care of their customers. We do not just want you to take our word for it thought, we want you to read what read customers had to say about their shopping experience with All Star!

Best experience ever with this dealership. I was a 1st time buyer and been turn down a lot at other dealerships. Sean gracey and pat casey help me out and you can tell they figure out things to have a great deal. Loving my new dodge dart. Patients is the key for getting a great deal and nice car. Worth the wait. Would definitely buy another car with them and refer this dealership to families and friends. – Robert

I actually work for a different dealership but had to take my girlfriends car in for a warranty repair. John Horrell greeted me and did a great job getting me a loaner in no time at all. Car was ready the next day and it was a major repair, came in cashier was excellent as well. Working in the same industry I look for little mistakes by habit but there were no mistakes and I really appreciate everything. – Derek

I’ve had extremely positive experiences with All Star’s service department (Jason) and most recently with New Car Sales (Joe). The dealership is extremely well run with a solid focus on the customer’s experience. They do what they promise and are very fair with pricing. – David

These are just a few of the many happy customers of All Star!