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You Need a Certified Pre-Owned Dodge Ram

Certified Pre-Owned Cars at All Star Dodge Ram near Kirkwood

When you are looking to change up the vehicle that you are currently driving, you might not be sure if you should go with a new car or a used car. We think that you should try to split the difference and go with a Certified Pre-Owned Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, or Jeep from All Star Dodge Ram near Kirkwood. These vehicles are used, but they have passed rigorous screenings and meet high criteria, this puts them in like new condition! You will also find that a lot of the pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs offer amazing safety features. Today we want to share with you a myth about driving on icy roads, so that you can realize how important it is to be a safe driver with a safe vehicle.

Myth: Winter tires, 4WD, AWD, stability control, ABS and/or traction control allow for safe travel on icy roads at highway speeds.

Truth: The reality is that there is no technology, no tire nor any vehicle type that allows SAFE travel on any type of icy road at speeds greater than 45mph. Not traction control, electronic stability control, 4WD, AWD, antilock brakes or the most expensive brand-new snow tires. While all of those safety features will improve a vehicle’s handling and control to some degree, they do not eliminate the danger of losing control at highway speeds over 45mph in any type of road icing condition. The general driving public has been poorly informed about this critical point. “Most assume that icy road accidents are caused by either an inexperienced or reckless driver, or a vehicle with bad/worn tires. This certainly is a contributing factor to road ice accident numbers, implicitly suggesting that the product allows a the driver to continue normally in icy conditions without a reduction in speed.”-icryroadsafety.com

Find your safe certified pre-owned car at All Star today!

Now is the Time for Specials!

New Car Inventory Specials at All Star Dodge near Creve Coeur

Did you know that the end of the year is a great time to get a great price on a new car at All Star Dodge near Creve Coeur? It’s true! This time of year is when dealers are clearing out the current year’s models to make room for the next year’s models. One expecially great place to look is at the new car inventory specials that All Star is offering. This vast selection of vehicles has so many different models to offer that you are sure to find the right car, truck, or SUV to suit your wants and needs. What you will notice about all of the new car inventory specials is that they are all incredibly safe. Since the winter season is nearly upon us, we want to share with you a myth about icy, snowy roads.

Myth: Everyone should buy winter tires – that would prevent most icy road accidents.

Truth: While winter tires certainly do improve traction and handling to some degree during icy conditions, they do not allow a vehicle to safely travel at normal highway speeds when roads are icy. Most fatal accidents happen at high speeds, a condition that is beyond the limits of winter tires to completely prevent a loss of control.

“The regions with some of the highest icy road injury and death incidence are places that see only a handful of winter precipitation events each season – in some cases, only 2 or 3 days per year (such as the southern states in the US). Furthermore, on dry pavement, winter tires wear quickly and have worse handling characteristics. So, in locations where icy roads are seen only a few days a year, it isn’t practical or economical for all drivers in these regions to buy winter tires.”-icyroadsafety.com

Check out the selection of new car inventory specials at All Star today!

Winter is Coming – Service Now!

Service Department at All Star Dodge Ram near Wentzville

We have certainly had our cold snap in the St. Louis area! One day it starts out at seventy degrees and end that same day at thirty degrees. Talk about weather whiplash! This colder weather has gotten us thinking about getting our vehicles serviced at the Service Center at All Star Dodge Ram near Wentzville. You might be thinking, do I really need to get my Dodge, Ram, Jeep, or Chrysler Cars serviced now? It is just started to get cold. Now is the perfect time to get your vehicle serviced!

Imagine that you are out driving home from a delightful day of Christmas shopping. Everything has gone your way. You found the perfect gifts, they were on sale, and the salesmen were all polite as could be. You load up your SUV and start out towards your house, thinking that all is well with the world. And why wouldn’t you think that? You just had a great day! Then all of a sudden it starts to snow and you think to yourself how great the light snowfall is going to look. Then the snow starts coming down harder and you have to turn your windshield wipers on, but the blades are pretty worn and not cleaning the windshield off like they should. You then notice that the road is getting slippery and you can feel your vehicle starting to skid. This is likely happening because your tires are worn through. This very situation is exactly why you need to get your vehicle serviced now and before you find yourself stuck in a sticky situation. Never fear, the team in the All Star Service Center is here to help. Bring your vehicle in and let them service it so that you are ready for whatever the season may bring.

Is the Ram 3500 Really that Amazing?

Ram 3500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Chesterfield

One question that we frequently get asked is whether the Ram 3500 lives up to the hype. People have heard that the Ram 3500 is really impressive but often want to verify what they have heard – this is a totally great idea, and we are happy to report that the Ram 3500 is really as incredible as they claim! Today we want to take a look at a few areas of the Ram 3500 and see how well they excel.

How are the seats? The front seats are well padded and covered with grippy cloth, and they have some lateral support for cornering. The armrests have thick padding. The rear seats are not quite as plush, and the seatback is a bit upright. The middle seat is comfortable enough for short trips.

Is it comfortable to ride in? “The optional load-leveling rear air suspension is there for towing, not comfort. Although the ride isn’t pillowy, it’s still smoother than rivals. The rear can get bouncy over certain freeway sections, but it takes a big hit to upset this truck.”-edmunds.com

It’s a big truck, it is loud? This is a question that is asked a lot. With the bigger trucks, they expect it to be really, really loud to ride in. We are happy to report that the Ram 3500 is amazingly quiet. The diesel engine is impressively quiet at idle, with barely any diesel noise evident at highway speeds. The tires are virtually noiseless, even over coarse pavement, and there’s minimal wind noise, even with wide side mirrors.

For more information on the Ram 3500 and to take it for a test drive, head to All Star Dodge Ram near Chesterfield. Their team would love to show you just how amazing the Ram 3500 really is!

Extreme Ram Test Drives

New Ram Trucks at All Star Dodge Ram near St. Peters

One of the best ways to decide whether or not you like a vehicle is to take a test drive. Of course you can take a test drive at All Star Dodge Ram near St. Peters. Their friendly team is knowledgeable and is sure to help you see all of the great attributes that the different Dodge Ram vehicles have to offer. However, what if you really want to push a Ram to the limit, you might want to take a test drive on The Mojave Road. We want to share with you just what you can expect from this more intense test drive.

One could argue that a Ram Power Wagon is more able than necessary for the Mojave Road, and as long as everything’s going your way it is. However, with questionable weather, that dry lake that sometimes isn’t, a long-wheelbase two-wheel drive and a highway-tire four-wheel-drive truck in the convoy, and solo exploring on the agenda, extra capability is always welcome. And then there’s the fatigue-fighting factors of relaxed body motions on the trail and a quiet highway ride because from almost anywhere the Mojave Road is a highway ride away.

“The Power Wagon’s extra compression suspension travel, well calibrated Bilsteins, and flexible sidewalls (it’s the only three-quarter-ton truck on Load Range D tires) make it surprisingly good for a 7,400-pound truck that also manages highways well.”-autoblog.com

What makes the Mojave Road a great place to test drive the Ram is that on this one road, you encounter nearly every road type and condition, along with every weather condition. There are few places better than this road to get a comprehensive glimpse at Ram performance.

For more information on any of the Ram models and their capabilities, head to All Star today!

I Need Service!

smiling   serviceman checking wheel alignment in a car workshop

Service Department at All Star Dealership near Florissant

It is that time of the year again. Time to talk about getting your Dodge Ram vehicles ready for back to school. We are buying our kids school supplies and enjoying the last few weeks of summer break and then it will be back to school drop offs and car pools. It is way we want to remind all of our readers that now is a great time to get all of your Dodge Ram vehicles by the All Star Dealership near Florissant for servicing.

We know that you took all of your summer trips in your Dodge Ram, it’s reliable and spacious, so why wouldn’t you? You love your Dodge Ram and it is time to love it back. It is likely that you drove a number of distances and your vehicle is probably ready for an oil change. But why just do an oil change? Why not just let the team of talented factory trained and certified technicians give your vehicle the whole once over? Just ask them to check everything out for you. This will help to make sure that all of the fluids are at the proper levels, that you tires are not too worn and will be safe for the months ahead, and that your brakes are primed and ready in the event that a kid races out into the street in front of you without looking. All Star is ready to handle all of your back to school servicing needs.

Stop by the Service Department or make an appointment online. All Star makes it easy to get ready for back to school. They also offer a number of specials to save you even more money, just check their website to see what service specials are running this month!

200 Care Tips

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Chrysler 200 at All Star near St. Louis

Summer is the time of the year that we have a tendency to run our vehicles ragged. Between the summer vacations and running around everywhere, on top of the regular every day driving that we already do, things can get really hard for your car. One way to make sure that your Chrysler 200 is ready for the road is to do a few simple tasks. Remember, a little goes a long way! If you do not feel as though you can do these tasks or if you would just rather let someone else spend their time doing the work, bring your Chrysler 200 to All Star near St. Louis and let the factory trained technicians in the service center take care of everything for you.

Check the coolant level. This is something that everyone seems to forget but is incredibly important to the functioning of the engine. Summer temperatures, especially in the St. Louis area, can get really hot and steamy. It is imperative that you keep the coolant level of your Chrysler 200 where it should be so that your engine does not over-heat and cause some very real problems.

Check your tires. Think of the tires as your car’s shoes. You wouldn’t want to run around all summer on the hot pavement with shoes that are cracked and worn, and you don’t want your car traveling on cracked and worm tires. A quick check of your tires could save you from a blow out while you are in-route to your vacation.

If you want your Chrysler 200 given a thorough look over, then bring it to the All Star dealership. Their factory trained technicians would be more than happy to make sure that your 200 is ready for all of your fun summer adventures.

Tips for Buying Used Dodge Cars at All Star

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Used Dodge Cars at All Star near Glendale

We all know that buying a great used car can be the very best thing to do; you get a quality automobile without having to pa the new car price sticker. Many a great used car has been bought at the All Star Dodge dealer near Glendale because their team takes the time to make sure that all of the used Dodge Cars that are for sale meet a certain level of safety and quality standards. While All Star does a great job of screening their used Dodge Cars, you will want to do your due diligence and do a check for yourself before you decide to buy. We would like to give you a few tips on this topic today!

  1. Check the Tires – While this might seem silly, you do not want to leave the dealership with tires that are bald or are near bald. Give the tires a good once-over, check the tread, inflation level, and size. Checking the size is important because certain sized tires are more expensive to replace over the life of the vehicle. If you want to keep maintenance costs down, be sure to buy a used car that has standard tires.
  2. Go Over the Interior- It is important when buying Used Dodge Cars that you go over the interior with a fine tooth comb. You will not want a vehicle that has a bunch of small tears in the seat fabric or that has substantial damage done to the carpet on the floors. Pick up the floor mats and check underneath too, do not let one area slip past you.

If either of these areas is not up to your standards, you can either move on from that vehicle or use it as a negotiation tool. Happy shopping!

Get Your Tires Right for Spring!

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Collision Repair Center at All Star Dodge Ram near Chesterfield

We hope that you are having a fantastic week. The weather is wonderful and things are starting to warm up – not to mention that the St. Louis Cardinals are off to a great start! It is likely that you are going to be getting out more and it is important that your Dodge Ram vehicles be ready to hit the road. Today we would like to share with you a couple of tips and a special offer that the collision center at All Star near Chesterfield is offering.

Some of the biggest issues that you might have with your vehicle this spring come from the birds and the pollen. You might not realize, but bird poop and pollen are very corrosive substances to the exterior or your vehicle (pollen can also do a number on your air filtration system, so be sure to change your air filter early and often). The best way to deal with these obnoxious substances is to make sure you are washing your Dodge Ram vehicles at least once a week. This will wash the pollen and poop off of the surface of the vehicle, protecting the clear coat and preserving the exterior of your vehicle.

Another thing that you will want to consider is the condition of your tires. If you have any road trips planned, you will want to make sure that your tires are up to the challenge. The collision center at All Star is ready to help you with a special promotion on tires this month! You can also get a discounted front wheel alignment this month. All Star makes getting your Dodge Ram vehicles ready for spring easy with all of their great specials. Stop by the dealership today for all of your service needs.

All Star: Helping to Keep You Safe

repairman mechanic portrait with tyre in car auto repair or maintenance shop service station with automobile wheel tire

Service Department at All Star near O’Fallon

As we say goodbye to a pretty mild January, we start to think about what February might hold. Will it continue to be mild or will we be paying for the nice January with a terrible February filled with snow and ice storms. Living in the midwest means that it is possible that either of those scenarios can happen. This area can seem to experience all four seasons in one day, just one of the perks of living near St. Louis. The possibility of dealing with in-climate weather is a very real situation and it is best to be prepared should the worst happen. You know the old expression, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. All Star is here to help you do just that!

The service department at All Star near O’Fallon is ready to get your Chrysler Cars ready for whatever winter might bring. They have factory trained technicians that know just what to do to winterize all of your vehicles. They will replace engine fluids with ones that are designed to function better during colder temperatures and they will check you tires to be sure that you have enough tread to drive in difficult road conditions. (Everyone seems to forget how important tires really are, they are the shoes of your car for crying out loud!) If the techinicians see that your Chrysler could use a better set of tires, they will consult you and make some recommendations for replacement. All Star is great at having a full stock of tires available anytime.

We encourage you to prepare for whatever kind of a winter we end up having. Remember, then best offense is a good defense. Get your Chrysler Cars winter ready today, head to All Star!