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Is the Ram 3500 Really that Amazing?

Ram 3500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Chesterfield

One question that we frequently get asked is whether the Ram 3500 lives up to the hype. People have heard that the Ram 3500 is really impressive but often want to verify what they have heard – this is a totally great idea, and we are happy to report that the Ram 3500 is really as incredible as they claim! Today we want to take a look at a few areas of the Ram 3500 and see how well they excel.

How are the seats? The front seats are well padded and covered with grippy cloth, and they have some lateral support for cornering. The armrests have thick padding. The rear seats are not quite as plush, and the seatback is a bit upright. The middle seat is comfortable enough for short trips.

Is it comfortable to ride in? “The optional load-leveling rear air suspension is there for towing, not comfort. Although the ride isn’t pillowy, it’s still smoother than rivals. The rear can get bouncy over certain freeway sections, but it takes a big hit to upset this truck.”-edmunds.com

It’s a big truck, it is loud? This is a question that is asked a lot. With the bigger trucks, they expect it to be really, really loud to ride in. We are happy to report that the Ram 3500 is amazingly quiet. The diesel engine is impressively quiet at idle, with barely any diesel noise evident at highway speeds. The tires are virtually noiseless, even over coarse pavement, and there’s minimal wind noise, even with wide side mirrors.

For more information on the Ram 3500 and to take it for a test drive, head to All Star Dodge Ram near Chesterfield. Their team would love to show you just how amazing the Ram 3500 really is!

The Hype over Hypermilling

St Peters St LouisIn the midst of a poor economy with gas prices continue to rise, there’s been a lot of talk about a thing called “Hypermilling”.  But what exactly is this thing called Hypermilling?  Wikipedia defines it as: the act of driving using techniques that maximize fuel economy. It’s a great idea, especially for cars that a notorious for higher gas mileage.  For those asking if there’s any validity behind the methods, we found a few interesting facts. And you’ll be happy to note; some of these mothods can be used on cars that are already getting decent gas mileage.

With Hypermilling, there is no need to modify the car in any way.  Put simply, it’s more of a change in driving behaviors and according to Allstate, it can improve gas mileage on most cars up to 55%.

It all starts with maintenance of the vehicle.  Regular oil changes and keeping those tune up appointments are two key factors.  This behavior alone will save you money at the pump. As much as a 19% savings!  Correct and appropriate tire inflation can help with the fuel efficiency of a vehicle and lightening the load in your vehicle is another means of saving on gas mileage.  This will add another 2% to the tally.

Believe it or not, speeding up and slowing down will cause you to use more gas.  Don’t be afraid to use that cruise control.  It’s not just for those long distance road trips. Even on short trips, it will help you maintain a constant speed.  And last but not least…slow down. The FTC states “every five miles per hour you go past 60 actually equates the payment of another $0.24 per gallon of gasoline.”

Putting some of these helpful tips into place makes that new Dodge Ram you’ve had your eye on look even more attractive.