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Dodge Dealers Announce Refresh for 2015 Charger

new Dodge Charger in MOAll Star new Dodge Dealer in St. Louis, home of a wide selection of new Dodge Chargers, is pleased to announce the new 2015 Dodge Charger is scheduled to be unveiled in mid-2014.

The redesign may not be a complete revamping, (which may be postponed until around 2017) but in late 2012 Chrysler announced that it would have an “unexpected L-car refresh, covering Charger and 300/300C,” according to AllPar.com. So the 2015 Charger will be a “polish-and-update of the current cars.”

Many car experts felt that the Charger and 300C would receive an 8 speed automatic as standard in 2015, which would make the V8 Police Car more competitive against Chevy’s V8 Caprice Police Vehicle.

A major revision of the front suspension is less likely, “moving from the Mercedes-influenced high-wishbone design to Maserati’s new low-stacked wishbone, as seen in the Maserati Ghibli. However, Chrysler engineers are likely to do what they can to edge closer to the livelier Maserati configuration, without causing too much disruption at the plant.”

The Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300C are each expected to be phased in at various points in time, which according to AllPar.com may limit just how many changes are feasible.  Ralph Gilles has reported that the Chrysler 300C will not be “moving to the new Chrysler styling theme for this refresh, because the changes would be too extensive, the rear suspension may or may not adopt some of the Ghibli tuning changes, where time and cost permit,” says AllPar.

“The speculative rendering above wraps current Dodge cues around the shape of the Ghibli, and might be a rough pointer as to where the Charger will end up in its 2017-2020 reincarnation,” says Dodge News report, AllPar.com.