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How to Buy a Used Car

Used Cars at All Star Dodge Ram near North County

You need a car on a budget? That’s great because All Star Dodge Ram near North County has a huge selection of great used cars and certified pre-owned that are all at a great price. This might be your first car purchase, and if it is, congratulations! However, we also know that it can be a little scary! We want to help you navigate this process, so we have a couple of tips to get you started!

  1. Set a budget – A rule of thumb: If you’re taking out a loan to pay for your car, your car payment shouldn’t be more than 20 percent of your take-home pay. If you’re sticking to a tight budget, you may want to spend even less. Used cars will need a little extra attention from time to time: new tires, maintenance and the like. And then there are the other ownership costs shoppers sometimes forget to account for, such as fuel and insurance. If the car you’re planning to buy is out of warranty, it might be a good idea to set aside a “just-in-case” fund to cover any unexpected repairs.
  2. Make a list of cars you would like to own – Do some research and make a list of vehicles that fit what you need and what you want. Certain used cars cost more than others, it can even vary by brand. So if you’re looking to save money, consider more than one brand. We suggest making a list of three cars that meet your needs and fall within your budget

There is no reason to go through the car buying process alone, let the team at All Star help! Their friendly staff would love to help you buy a used or certified pre-owned car!

Dodge Parts? More Please!

Dodge Parts at All Star Dodge near Town and Country

It is absolutely no secret that we LOVE Dodge Ram vehicles and one of their great dealers, All Star Dodge near Town and Country. It is also no secret that we love the Dodge parts at All Star as well. In the beginning, before the Dodge brothers built their first car, they were a huge manufacturer of auto parts. The Dodge brothers gained such notoriety for their quality of parts that Mr. Olds, you might know him from Oldsmobile, decided to make the Dodge brothers the primary manufacturers of their engine parts. However, Oldsmobile was not the only auto maker who wanted to get Dodge parts in their cars.

On February 23, 1903 the Dodge brothers formally agreed to supply Henry Ford with 650 chassis (including engines, transmissions, and axles) for $250 each, thus beginning a profitable relationship between the two firms. This contract kept the 150 men at the Hastings Street plant fully occupied and the Dodges began working exclusively for Ford. He built a plant on Mack Avenue to assemble cars from parts made elsewhere, the entire operation dependent upon extensive credit from his parts suppliers. In return for an investment of $10,000 ($7,000 in materials and a $3,000 bank note), the Dodge brothers accepted 100 shares (one-tenth of the total) in the Ford Motor Company., newly-incorporated on June 16, 1903. Dodge delivered the first shipment of chassis to Mack Avenue in July via horse-drawn hayracks and the Ford Motor Company assembled its first cars. (Part of this information was compiled from dodgemotorcar.com). It is not uncommon to find Dodge parts in old Ford models.

To get your own Dodge Parts, head to All Star Dodge. Their parts department is stocked with knowledgeable technicians that will help you get the right parts for whatever job you need to get done!

Chrysler Fiat Joins the Open Automotive Alliance

Samsung Galaxy S4On June 26th, Chrysler Group LLC reported on it’s addition to the Open Automotive Alliance or OAA.  The Open Automotive Alliance is a group of tech companies and auto industry leaders who have committed to bringing the Android Platform to cars.  According to Alan Amici, Head of Uconnect Systems and Services, Chrysler Group LLC, “Becoming a member of the Open Automotive Alliance offers us a great opportunity to explore how we will bring a familiar set of Android features into our Chrysler Group, Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Fiat Uconnect systems globally. This membership will complement our mission to enable drivers to stay conveniently connected while keeping their hands on the wheel and their focus on driving.”

Chrysler now joins the founding members of the OAA in their effort to bring the benefits of using Android to the auto industry.   Their hopes are to use the platform to make cars safer and more convenient by connecting them to services like traffic updates, mapping, and personalized music playlists – all hands-free via Android apps.  The founding members of the OAA include: Audi, GM, Google, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA.

Starting this year, drivers can expect to see the first cars using Android Auto to arrive in dealerships.  The first integration of Android Auto will bring a number of popular Android apps to drivers.  Some of the first apps include Google Maps and Spotify.

This is an exciting announcement for Android users who love new Dodge cars for sale near Oakville!  Soon, there will be a whole lineup of Android Auto equipped Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, and Dodge vehicles for those users to choose from.  Stay in touch with your St. Louis area Dodge cars dealership to get all the latest information on this new technology.



Using the Internet to Purchase Your Dodge Ram

O'Fallon MOIf you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, there are a number of factors you should take into consideration.  The first thing you want to do before you even start to think about the kind of car or truck you want is to decide what kind you actually need.  What you desire in a vehicle may in reality not be practical for what you need and you will be taking an expensive gamble at purchasing the first car that you really like without looking at how it will fit into your everyday lifestyle.  Next, you have to look at the overall cost of the various models and decide what you can afford.  This will likely narrow your search quite a bit and will help you to choose what path (new or pre-owned) you need to go down.  Start looking at customer reviews and side-by-side comparisons online.  Look at pricing, car history reports, and photos of different vehicles and then call the dealership to set up a time where a salesman can devote time just to you for all your shopping needs.

When you are purchasing a new vehicle, you are probably starting off your search right here on the Internet.  Internet shopping has become a staple in American business and we here at All Star Dodge want your online experience to be the best it can be.  We offer quick quotes, credit and financing online options and a full detailed description of our entire available inventory.  If you are in the market for a new Dodge Ram St. Louis you can look up what we have to offer and see our selection change daily as new specials arrive.  We look forward to helping with all of your automotive needs!

When I Was Young

Jerseyville Il We all had that time growing up when we would stare longingly out the window, thinking about the type of car we would drive when we were old enough.   We may have spent some time day dreaming about what make or model, what color and how fast it would go. More than likely, not a single thought was given to things like the safety rating, features, and gas mileage or how on earth you would pay for the car.  And most likely, you weren’t thinking about how you were going to afford the maintenance of your dream car.  All you cared about was having your very own car.

Some people may have found themselves working a slue of odd jobs, working hard to save the money to come up with the down payment for your car, or even to pay the full price on a clunker.  Some of who may have been more responsible had parents that were able to buy our first car for us. Regardless of how it was paid for, it didn’t change the excitement level.

Thankfully, while we were dreaming about cruising the local hotspots and carting our friends around, we had parents who were concerned with safety, affordability and some of those other important features.

What seemed like a far cry from our world and something that required a doctorate degree, is no more complicated than taking a drive down to your local Jeep Dealer and asking one of the friendly salesman.  Dodge Employees are equipped with knowledge and information about all their latest vehicles.

Yes, we may now have to play the part of the responsible adult who has no choice to be concerned with safety and affordability, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process, or the dream of a young child.