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Ram Trucks in 2019

New Ram Trucks at All Star Dodge Ram near Ellisville

In the automotive industry you are only as good as your last model. We are glad to say that the different Dodge Ram trucks have always been top picks in the competitive auto industry. One of the most beloved vehicles in the Ram line up are their pick up trucks, and it would seem that for 2019, they will be getting even better! Today we want to take a look at some of the changes coming for 2019.

“The next generation of Ram 1500 pickup trucks, coded DT, is likely to have some lighter materials accompanying the usual steel, to increase the fuel economy and load capacity. Some models may gain some cab space, as well. It’s scheduled to go into production in early January 2018, as a 2019 model, at the Sterling Heights assembly plant — a move from the traditional Warren plant.”-allpar.com

The new Rams are supposed to have grilles that are not quite as tall, so they can improve their aerodynamics. The huge Rebel tailgate letters may be replaced by the Ram logo or smaller letters; but the “big rig” styling will continue. The crosshair is said to be returning in force, with Dodge giving it up instead of Ram. Automotive News wrote that the headlights will be smaller and integrated into the grille, with horizontal fog lights put into the bumper; they also projected a flatter center console to provide more space.

To get more information on the Ram 1500 pick up truck and the other models in the Ram line up, head to All Star Dodge Ram near Ellisville. Their friendly and knowledgeable team would be more than happy to take you on a test drive and show you everything that the current Ram 1500 has to offer.


History of the Ram 1500

Ram Trucks at All Star Dodge Ram near Ladue

One of the most loved pick up trucks of all time is the Ram 1500. It has been around for as long as we can remember and has gone through some interesting changes over the years. Today we want to take a look at part of the history of this model. If you would like to get your own Ram 1500, head to All Star Dodge Ram near Ladue. Their team would love to share with you about the Ram 1500 and the other models in the Ram truck line up.

The first-generation Dodge Ram Trucks were designated as 150 (1/2 ton), 250 (3/4 ton), and 350 (1 ton); the designations did not change to 1500, 2500, and 3500 until 1994. The Dodge Ram engines were updated in 1989.

1994 brought about many changes to the design of the Dodge Ram truck including the, very popular, “semi-truck” look. Dodge also introduced it’s 8.0L V10 engine that truck enthusiasts so loved.

The third-generation Dodge Ram made it’s entree in 2002 and sported a larger grille, a new interior, a new frame, and an all new suspension. These new design changes also helped to popularize installing aftermarket Dodge Ram accessories. One interesting happening in 2003 was the entrance of the Dodge Ram SRT-10 which would capture the title of the fastest pickup on earth in 2004 with 500 horses.

2002: New third generation Dodge Ram debuted for the 1500 half ton truck. Major updates included an all new frame, suspension, powertrains, interior options, and sheet metal. “The four wheel drive models dropped the solid front axle and went to independent front suspension. This is the first year for the new 5.7L Hemi engine that produces 100 more horsepower compared to the 5.9L of the last generation.”-autotrucktoys.com

Learn more about the Ram 1500 and take a test drive at All Star today!


Summer is Ending, Time to Bring the Boat Home

COSTA MESA CA/USA - OCTOBER 17 2015: Dodge Ram Truck Center sign and logo.

Ram Trucks at All Star Dodge Ram near Oakville

It is officially September in the St. Louis area. The first few leaves are beginning to drop and the rain has set it. (Seriously, what is it will all of the rain we get in September?) Since Labor Day weekend has paased, we have seen the official close to summer. That means that it is time to bring the boat back from the lake and get the camper put away for the cold months. If you have a Ram truck from All Star Dodge Ram near Oakville, then towing these vehicles back home will be no problem. We do want you to be safe while towing behind your Ram truck, so we have a few tips to make sure you are towing with confidence this fall.

  1. Check Around– Just before you head out, always check the tire inflation pressure all the way around on both the tow vehicle and trailer. Don’t underestimate how a small amount of over or under-inflation can make a big difference in the handling properties of the rig.
  2. Maintain– If a wind gust from an overtaking semi or other vehicle causes your rig to sway or swerve, don’t stab the brakes. Cleanly move your foot off the throttle, firm up your grip on the steering wheel, and give the rig a moment or two to stabilize.
  3. Go With the Flow– When backing up, relocate your hands on the steering wheel from the usual ten and two o’clock positions to five and seven.  This makes reverse-maneuvering the trailer much more natural and intuitive.

If you are not sure whether or not your Ram is ready for towing, bring it by the All Star dealership and let the team at the service center make sure you can bring your boat home safely.

Could Ram be Adding a SUV to its Lineup?

COSTA MESA CA/USA - OCTOBER 17 2015: Dodge Ram Truck Center sign and logo.

New Ram Trucks at All Star Dodge Ram in Bridgeton

News started to surface last week about the possibility of Ram adding a SUV to their lineup of trucks. We wanted to investigate this claim a little further, so we did a little research and wanted to share that with you today. If you have any questions on the existing Ram lineup, head to All Star Dodge Ram in Bridgeton.

“Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is looking into manufacturing a large SUV based on the Ram 1500 pickup truck’s current platform, reports USA Today. If built, the SUV would compete against the Chevrolet Tahoe and could even spawn a smaller pickup. Ram already has most of the bases covered with its current lineup, but a smaller pickup truck would allow it to enter the booming midsize pickup segment where it would compete with the segment-leading Toyota Tacoma along with the Chevy Colorado and GMC, which are the newest entries.” -autoblog.com

Mike Manley, head of Fiat Chrysler’s Jeep and Ram brands, told USA Today that the current platform found in the Ram 1500 could be utilized for a body-on-frame SUV. With a large SUV, FCA would be able to capitalize on the ever-growing SUV market and go toe-to-toe with General Motors (GM) and Ford.

The next-generation of Ram pickup trucks is expected to go on sale in early 2018, which would put a large SUV close behind. In an attempt to increase the automaker’s production capacity, FCA also plans to move Ram’s current production facility from Warren to Sterling Heights, MI. (Part of this information was pulled from USA Today and autoblog.com)

For more information on when the new Ram trucks will be released, head to All Star today. Their staff would love to tell you about what is going to be coming out soon, and which models you will want to check out!

Used Dodge Ram at All Star is the Way to Go

COSTA MESA CA/USA - OCTOBER 17 2015: Dodge Ram Truck Center sign and logo.

Used Dodge Ram at All Star near Ballwin

When you find yourself in need of a different vehicle, you need look no further than the selection of Used Dodge Ram Cars at All Star near Ballwin. All Star has a number of wonderful automobiles from which you can choose and the customer service that their staff provides is second to none. After you buy a great Used Car from All Star you might be wondering what you can do to keep your vehicle in top running condition. A major component to keeping your Dodge Ram running smoothly is to make sure that you are getting your vehicle regularly serviced by the team in the Service Department. Their amazing service team will make sure that the engine is running as it is supposed to for a long time. There are a few things that you can do to help with keeping your Dodge Ram in top condition.

  • Check and get the oil changed. No single step will help an engine last more than regular oil and filter changes will. Conversely, nothing will destroy an engine faster than neglecting oil-level checks or fresh-oil changes.
  • Have the cooling system and change coolant changed once a year. A 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water will keep the cooling system in good shape and prevent corrosion and deposits from building up inside the cooling system.
  • Get the transmission and differential oils checked and changed. While not requiring frequent service, these fluids must be changed according to service intervals. Always use transmission fluid or gear oil of the recommended type and viscosity.
  • Keep it clean. While washing the outside of the vehicle is obvious, most everything the vehicle ran over can also get stuck to the underside. Hosing off winter salt and road grime is a good idea.

These few short tips will help you keep your Used Dodge Ram in great condition.

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Ram

COSTA MESA CA/USA - OCTOBER 17 2015: Dodge Ram Truck Center sign and logo.

New Ram Trucks at All Star Dodge Ram near Ladue

Where has the time gone?! It is already March of 2016. March is a big month in the St. Louis area; it is when we say goodbye to our unpredictable winter weather and hello to unpredictable spring weather. Hey, at least it is warmer, most days at least! It is a common to hear people in this area describe March as coming in like a lion and out like a lamb, referring to the rough winter giving way to the delightful spring. At the All Star Dodge Ram dealership near Ladue, we like to think of the phrase as in like a lion and out like a Ram!

It might surprise you to learn that spring is one of the most popular times of the year to purchase a Ram truck. Maybe it is because people do not want to go through another winter with a lightweight vehicle and want something more substantial or maybe it is because they need something with which to haul all of the materials for their spring projects. Either way, we love it. It is a great experience getting to see someone purchase their first Ram truck or their 5th. Each owner always has their own personal love story with their Ram that develops over the years and it is great to see it begin and to hear those love stories years and years in the making.

Each and every Dodge Ram Truck is equipped to handle just about anything that you can throw at it. They are designed for the tough stuff and soon they will be signed for even more eco-friendly driving with the EcoDiesel engine!

For more information on any of the trucks in the Dodge Ram lineup, head to the All Star dealership today. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you in any way that they can.

Ram Trucks: Designed for the Tough Stuff

We all know those auto manufacturers that promise the moon and deliver a truly sub-par product. There is no need for concern with a Dodge Ram truck from All Star near Wentzville. All Dodge Ram trucks are designed with the tough stuff in mind.

Shopping for a new truck can be difficult as there are a lot of variables to consider. What will your primary purpose for this vehicle be? Are you in construction and need something that can hold a lot of materials in the bed without losing acceleration power? Are you a farmer who needs to be able to hook up a trailer full of animals quickly and easily and then drive long distances without compromising fuel efficiency? Ram trucks will fit all of those bills with the greatest of ease. Some truck manufactures make vehicles that are just trucks from a stand point of aestetics, they are not trucks from the ground up like Dodge Ram trucks are.

Each and every Dodge Ram truck has been specially designed from top to bottom with tough tasks in mind. The engine options have all gone through extensive design stages to ensure that they have great towing capabilities and do not lose their fuel efficiency in the process. In years past the loss of fuel efficiency was just expected, however, with rising gas prices and greater levels of competition that was just not acceptable anymore. Those who build our homes and grow our food began to require more from their trucks and Dodge Ram rose to the challenge and now make some of the very best trucks available.

For more information on the Dodge Ram trucks available, please stop by the All Star Dealership today. They would love to share with you all of the great attributes of their trucks.

Should You Invest In Winter Tires?

Car tires on winter road

Have you ever considered putting winter tires on your Dodge Ram trucks near Creve Coeur?  If not, you are now probably wondering if you should and why.  Today, let’s talk about why you would consider investing in a set of winter tires and how they work to keep you safe in winter weather conditions.

In areas of the country where snow and ice are a way of life for several months of the year, most drivers will consider getting a set of winter tires as a necessity.  This is especially true thanks to new tire technology that makes these tires better than ever before.  High quality winter tires will allow you to make safe stops in wet, snowy, and icy conditions while still allowing for good cornering, handling, and everyday maneuvering of your vehicle.

When you are ready to invest in winter tires, you will want to go with a high quality brand like Bridgestone, Michelin, or Continental.  To pick the best out of these brands for your particular vehicle you will want to read reviews, ask your friends about what they use, and even get the opinion of your most-trusted mechanic.  These individuals can help you make an informed decision.

Once you have chosen the right winter tires for your car, you want to have them installed by a professional.  You will also want to give them the same care and attention as your all-season tires.  This means you will need to understand that winter tires do not last nearly as long as their conventional counterparts and will most likely need to be retired at the end of the winter season.

Are winter tires for you?  Get into All-Star’s Creve Coeur area Dodge Ram service department now and ask our professional tire experts today!  You may be surprised at how useful an investment in winter tires really is.


The Dodge Ram Year End Blockbuster Sales Event Is Happening Now!


December is the best month of the year to get a great deal on remaining 2015 Dodge Ram trucks for sale near Saint Charles thanks to the Ram Year End Blockbuster Event that is happening now!  Get into All-Star’s Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram showroom today to take advantage of all the money saving deals.  Let’s take a look at how you can save on qualifying 2015 Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500 models!

  • Get up to $3,000 in combined Truck Retail Bonus Cash, Midwest 2015 Retail Bonus Cash, and Midwest Chrysler Capital 2015 Bonus Cash savings when you purchase select 2015 Ram 1500 models.
  • Lease the Ram 1500 Rebel 4×2 for only $429 per month for 39 months with $2,999 cash due at signing and no security deposit.
  • Finance select Ram 1500 models with special 2.9% APR from Chrysler Capital PLUS up to $500 in Midwest 2015 Chrysler Capital Combo Cash.
  • Finance select 2015 Ram 2500 models with 0% APR for up to 36 months when you qualify with Chrysler Capital.
  • Finance select 2015 Ram 3500 models with 0% APR for up to 36 months when you qualify with Chrysler Capital.

Now’s the time to save on the Ram Commercial Truck and Van lineup too!

  • Get up to $4,000 in Consumer Cash and Commercial Upfit Bonus Cash Total Savings on select 2015 Ram 3500 purchases.
  • Get up to $3,500 in Consumer Cash and Commercial Upfit Bonus Cash Total Savings on select 2015 Ram 3500 Chassis Cab purchases.
  • Get up to $1,000 in Commercial Upfit Bonus Cash Total Savings on select 2015 Ram 4500 purchases.
  • Get up to $1,000 in Commercial Upfit Bonus Cash Total Savings on select 2015 Ram 5500 purchases.
  • Finance the 2o15 Ram ProMaster City Tradesman with 0% APR financing for up to 48 months when you qualify with Chrysler Capital.
  • Get up to $5,500 in combined savings thanks to Consumer Cash, Commercial Upfit Bonus Cash, On The Job Bonus Cash, and Conquest Bonus Cash when you purchase select 2015 Ram ProMaster City Tradesman models.

Hurry in!  These Saint Charles area Dodge Ram savings expire on January 4, 2016!

Ram ProMaster Named 2016 Commercial Green Car of the Year!

Go Green

On November 19th, it was announced that Green Car Journal had given the honor of 2016 Commercial Green Car of the Year to the Ram ProMaster City.  The announcement came at the 47th annual San Antonio Auto & Truck Show in San Antonio, Texas and marks back-to-back wins from Ram brand.  Last year, the 2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel was given the title of Green Truck of the Year for its ability to offer 29 mpg fuel economy rating. According to Bob Hegbloom, Head of Ram Brand, FCA – North America, “We are honored to see the Ram ProMaster City titled Commercial Green Car of the Year, affirming our efficiency leadership in the commercial vehicle market.  The ProMaster City has been an incredible success along with our full line of commercial vehicles from Class 5 trucks to Class 1 vans with features, fuel economy and capability as a priority.”

To come up with it’s winners, editors at Green Car Journal consider both the environmental attributes of a commercial vehicle along with with other factors such as functionality, versatility, safety, value and style.  Once editors have a list of finalists, the winner is chosen by a Green Truck of the Year jury comprise of Green Car Journal staff members and automotive experts.

“The Ram ProMaster City not only provides the functionality and easy urban maneuverability so important to businesses and tradesmen, it does so with impressive operating efficiencies and lower environmental impact.  This is the core focus of the Commercial Green Car of the Year™ award and the ProMaster City is a very deserving winner,” said Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal and CarsOfChange.com.

Buyer will find a number of standard best-in-class features on the Ram ProMaster City including a 178 horspower rating, 174 pound-feet of torqu, 1,883 pound payload, 131.7 cubic feet of cargo volume, 21 miles per gallon fuel economy in the city and 29 mpg fuel economy on the highway, and a five-year/60,000-mile powertrian limited warranty.

Get into All-Star’s Dodge Ram dealership near Wentzville to get a closer look at the Ram ProMaster City now.  Our Wentzville area Dodge Ram specialists are here to help you choose the perfect vehicle to meet all of your business needs.