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Dodge Ram Used Cars – Perfect for Long Term

Used Cars at All Star Dodge Ram in MIssouri

It is widely known that Dodge has been innovator in the auto industry since the early days, as in the early days of the car itself. It is this long legacy that makes each Dodge Ram model such a great vehicle. They are built to last. This means that when you decided to by a Used Car from All Star Dodge Ram in Missouri, you are getting a vehicle that will last you a long time. We want to share with you a little bit about the Dodge brothers that started this long lasting legacy.

The Dodge Brothers were skilled machinists from a modest background. John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge were two of the three children of Daniel Rug and Maria Dodge of Niles, Michigan. They attended public schools, but learned the machinist’s trade from their father, who ran a shop specializing in internal combustion engines for marine use. The inseparable brothers built the first bicycle in Niles.

Horace Dodge invented a four-point, dirt proof, adjustable bicycle ball bearing and in 1897 the two brothers established the Evans & Dodge Bicycle Company with Fred S. Evans and leased the Typograph Company plant for two years. In 1900, they sold their interests, returned to Detroit, and established a machine shop in the Boydell Building on Beaubien Street at Lafayette. They began with only twelve employees, but quickly established a reputation for excellent workmanship. Ransom E. Olds erected the first automobile plant in Detroit in 1899 and by early 1901 the Dodge machine shop supplied him with engines. Olds followed with an order for 3,000 transmissions in 1902, making the Dodge brothers one of the largest parts suppliers for the nascent Detroit automobile industry.(Some of this information was compiled from dodgemotors.com). The Dodge brothers grew their knowledge from a small bike shop to a manufacturing empire.

Nationwide High School Automotive Design Competition Winners Announced!

Winner BannerOn March 6th, FCA US LLC announced the winners of this year’s Nationwide High School Automotive Design Competition.  The four young winners were recognized at the “Meguiar’s 63rd Detroit Autorama” event for the vehicle sketches submitted as a part of the competition.  According to Mark Trostle – Head of SRT, Mopar and Motorsports Design, FCA US LLC, “It’s been exciting to see this competition grow from a local level to now reaching students from all across the nation.  Partnering with CCS and Detroit Autorama gave us the exposure needed to attract young, creative minds and hopefully inspire them to explore automotive design as a potential career.”

The Nationwide High School Automotive Design Competition is a collaborative effort between the FCA US Design team and the College for Creative Studies or CCS.  To participate in the competition, US public high school students were asked to submit hand-drawn renderings of a next generation Dodge vehicle for the year 2025.  In addition to the drawing, students had to write a 500 word essay describing what the Dodge brand means to them.  This year’s winners are as follows:

  • In First place, Joshua Blundo of Moultonborough Academy located in Moultonborough, New Hampshire.
  • In Second place, Conner Stormer of Stoney Creek High School located in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
  • In Third place, Hwanseong Jang of Bloomfield Hills High School located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
  • In Fourth place, Dongwon Kim of Homestead High School located in Sunnydale, California.

Each winner was given a prize package that included a three-week summer automotive design course at CCS , a MacBook or iPad, and passes to Detroit Autorama.  The first plance winner was also awarded a $60,000 scholarship to CCS.  All of the winning sketches were on display at the Detroit Autorama from March 6-8 as a part of the Mopar booth.

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Detroit Autorama High School Design Competition Winner To Be Announced Today!

high five high school kidsOn March 4th, FCA US LLC (formerly Chrysler Group LLC) released details regarding the announcement of the winners of this year’s Detroit Autorama High School Design Competition. The announcement is set to take place today, March 6th, 2015 at the Cobo Center Booth G Mopar Display in Detroit starting at 11:30 a.m.  Four winners will be announce live with a live awards ceremony to be aired on FCA US LLC’s livestream channel.

In order to win this year’s competition, U.S. public high school students in grades 10-12 were asked to submit hand drawn sketches of their own design for a 2025 model year Dodge brand vehicle.  Along with the hand drawn sketches, students needed to submit a 500-word essay that explained what the Dodge brand means to them.  This entire effort was a collaboration between FCA US and the College for Creative Studies (CCS).

As mentioned above, there will be four winners chosen from the submitted entries.  These four winners will receive:

  • For First Place a $60,000 scholarship to CCS, an Apple MacBook Pro, a three-week summer automotive design course at CCS (includes housing, meals and field trips), and three passes to Detroit Autorama in Detroit.
  • For Second Place an Apple MacBook Pro, a three-week summer automotive design course at CCS (includes housing, meals and field trips), three passes to Detroit Autorama in Detroit.
  • For Third place an Apple MacBook Air, a three-week summer automotive design course at CCS (includes housing, meals and field trips), and three passes to Detroit Autorama in Detroit.
  • For Fourth Place an Apple iPad with Retina Display, a three-week summer automotive design course at CCS (includes housing, meals and field trips), and three passes to Detroit Autorama in Detroit.

Be sure to watch all of the announcements later today via the livestream link above!

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Chrysler Makes Sales Gain of 18.8 Percent in 2012

MO new Dodge DealerAllStar new Dodge Dealer near Wood River is pleased to announce that even though Chrysler sales were down 2.6 percent in December, the overall sales gain for 2012 was up 18.8 percent compared with last year’s sales.  A big percentage of production and sales were in passenger vehicles.

In December Chrysler car sales accounted for 29 percent of the total yearly sales, compared to only 24.5 percent in 2011.  Yearend numbers reveal that 27.7 percent of Chrysler total sales were passenger cars while in December of 2011, yearend sales were only 25.2 percent.

Chrysler is pleased with its passenger vehicles sales record because it keeps the Detroit automaker from becoming too dependent on truck sales.

The largest increase in production for the month of December went to the Dodge Avenger, next was Fiat 500 Cabrio and of course the Dodge Charger.  In yearly output growth the Chrysler 300 was in the lead ahead of the Cabrio and Dodge Avenger.

Ram Truck production was 9.5 percent less in December primarily due to the Jeep Liberty being discontinued as well as reduced production of Jeep models such as the Jeep Compass and the Jeep Patriot.

Production of Dodge Ram HD trucks rose by a whopping 46 percent, resulted in an increase in sales of 38.8 percent over the same period last year.  Light Dodge Ram truck production rose 6.3 percent in December compared to December of 2011 and for the year light duty Ram truck sales rose 18.7 percent.

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2014 Grand Cherokee Available Soon at your Local Jeep Dealer

new Jeep DealerAll Star Dodge and new Jeep Dealer near St. Peters is pleased to announce that the new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee will soon arrive on Dealer’s lots.  The 2014 model has had an SRT8 update; it will be unveiled at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

Other new updates for the 2014 Grand Cherokee include; an updated exterior, possibly a new active gauge cluster display, and several all new high tech features.  Some auto reviewers expect that the new 2014 Grand Cherokee model feature a high tech automatic transmission.  Fuel economy has been dramatically improved for every engine, and in the V6 option, the acceleration rate will be improved as well.

The current model Grand Cherokee, available now at All Star Dodge has ranked 5 out of 23 in the Affordable Midsize SUV class based on the vehicle’s ratings in both reliability as well as safety.  Grand Cherokee also ranked number 1 in the Off Road SUV class due to its superb off road capabilities, its upscale interior cabin, as well as its offering of all the latest safety features.

The 2013 Grand Cherokee is available in a base trim which includes a V6 engine that offers ample power.  Other trim levels include an SRT8 performance model which delivers a whopping 470 HP in its V8 engine as well as great handling.  There is also a 5.7 liter V8 engine available on the 2013 model.

The 2013 Grand Cherokee offers and EPA rated fuel efficiency of 17miles per gallon in the city and 23 miles per gallon on the highway.

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Chrysler Increasing Jeep Production per Consumer Demand-Part 1

All Star Dodge, Jeep Dealer serving St. LouisSt. Louis is pleased to announce that Chrysler has increased its production of the Jeep Grand Cherokee due to consumer demand.  Demand is so high for the innovative and classic SUV that Chrysler has made the decision to cancel its normal two-week, mid-summer shut down in order to meet consumer demand.   And the good news just keeps getting better.  No only will Chrysler continue production non-stop through the summer, but they are adding more than 1100 jobs as a result.  This is great news for Chrysler, great news for Jeep lovers, and great news for the economy.  Chrysler plans to add the jobs as early as November of this year, instead of waiting until next year as planned.  Sergio Marchionne made the announcement recently while simultaneously notifying the public of a move of certain employees into a downtown Detroit building after it is remodeled.  The move comes from the need to shift space to add employees. It will be the first time the Detroit automaker will inhibit office space in Detroit (as opposed to the currently location in the suburbs).  The new building, being renamed Chrysler House will house approximately 70 people in offices later this year.

Sergio did have some harsh words for the Canadian Auto Workers union for striking at a supplier causing a mini-van production plant to be shut down in Ontario.  The Chrysler representative was quoted as saying, “”If that’s the basis on which we’re going to move forward I think we’re going to have a very difficult round of (union) negotiations. This is not the way to build a car company.”

For more information on this article, please continue reading our blog for part 2 of this 2 part article.

Chrysler Workers Will Receive Bonus Checks

new Jeep Dealer near JerseyvilleAll Star Dodge Dealer located near Jerseyville is pleased to announce that Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that hourly and salaried workers alike would receive a performance award, but the email sent by Marchionne didn’t indicate just how much workers would receive.

Salaried employees received an award based on performance and hourly workers bonus was based on the company’s profit sharing with a formula ratified by UAW members last year, according to a Chrysler spokesperson in an interview with USA Today.

The Chrysler profit sharing formula has been calculated based on the Detroit automaker’s modified operating profit in North America.

Chrysler reported an operating profit of $1.97 billion for the year 2011.  Of that total, approximately 85 percent of the profits come from North American sales according to the financial disclosure listing the sales summary in Chrysler’s 2011 labor contract with the United Auto Workers.

USA Today sates; “According to profit-sharing formula distributed by the UAW last fall that would mean that Chrysler’s 26,000 hourly workers would receive a pretax profit-sharing check of more than $1,500.”

“This is a reward that you have earned,” Marchionne told employees in an e-mail today. “The more difficult the task, the more satisfying it is to overcome all obstacles. … Your efforts rewrote the history that so many naysayers had forecast.”

Chrysler spokesperson Shawn Morgan would not comment regarding the total amount of the awards neither for the hourly nor salary workers at the company.

2005 was the last year that Chrysler workers received a profit sharing check which totaled around $650.

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Chrysler Retracts Application for U.S. Green Car Loan

new Jeep Dealer near O'Fallon All Star Dodge and new Jeep Dealer near O’Fallon is committed to keeping its loyal blog readers updated on the latest Chrysler automotive news.  Chrysler LLC has decided to withdraw its application for $7 billion in loans from the Department of Energy.  The loan was intended to assist automakers in producing more fuel efficient vehicles.

Chrysler Corporation has announced its decision to retract the loan application as the company filed a notice with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. “The DOE’s proposed terms were very restrictive and compliance would have negatively affected our operational flexibility,” a Chrysler spokesperson said today.

Chrysler originally requested funding under the advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program.   The $25 billion program was approved by Congress in 2007 in order to support automakers in updating plants in order to build more fuel efficient vehicles.

In a written statement, Chrysler Corporation stated that its withdraw request; “will not impact Chrysler’s ability to achieve its previously announced business plan targets.”

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has expressed that he is dissatisfied with the amount of time it had taken for the government to make a decision regarding the company’s request.

The Detroit automaker lowered its request for under $3.5 billion, although the original amount of the loan request was never made public.  Marchionne stated the loan “will put us in a very, very uncompetitive position against the other two [automakers] in Detroit.”

Marchionne also made a statement about Ford Motor Co. and General Motors:”One blocked DoE funding and the other one was using equity capital, which is probably even a better substitute than DoE funding at a lower rate. So I’m the only guy who is sitting over here that pays back everything with interest and I am sitting over there and I don’t want to be favored, I just don’t want to be mistreated.”

New SRT Brand Website

used Dodge Dealer near St. Peters All Star Dodge new and used Dodge Dealer near St. Peters is pleased to announce that Chrysler’s Street Racing Technology (SRT) brand has recently introduced a newly redesigned website at driveSRT.com.

Chrysler Group designs Street Racing Technology vehicles and manufactures them through the Detroit automaker’s in house performance division with a goal to reach 5 new benchmarks including; awe-inspiring powertrains; outstanding ride, handling and capability; braking; aggressive and functional exteriors; and race-inspired and high-performance interiors, which all puts SRT into a class of its own.

DriveSRT.com provides an exclusive journey into the design studios and engineering labs and the factory floors of Chrysler to allow users to view the step by step process that occurs throughout the entire vehicle production process.

According to AllPar.com; “The five requisite SRT hallmarks ensure each new vehicle is delivered with world-class performance and stunning curb appeal. These hallmarks are explored in great detail on driveSRT.com.”

In addition to the extensive information on SRT vehicles found on the driveSRT.com website, visitors are also invited to connect with owners and fans in real time through direct feeds to SRT on Facebook at facebook.com/driveSRT, Twitter @driveSRT, and YouTube at youtube.com/driveSRT, and Flickr at flickr.com/driveSRT.

According to AllPar; “Brand news as well as motorsports and consumer events, and community stories are frequently updated to give visitors regular doses of fresh content. Site visitors also can expect owner profiles and information on SRT clubs nationwide.”

“We’re excited to bring the newly redesigned driveSRT.com to life,” said Ralph Gilles, President and CEO – SRT Brand and Motorsports. “The new site not only offers more exclusive content but it also provides unique ways to connect and stay connected with many enthusiasts groups that we’re building the new SRT brand around.”

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Dodge Charger Police Vehicles Recalled

new Dodge Dealer in BridgetonAll Star Dodge Dealer located in Bridgeton MO is committed to keeping its loyal customers and blog readers updated regarding Chrysler recalls in recent automotive news.

In a recent All Par article, Chrysler Corp. has announced that it will recall nearly 10,000 Dodge Charger police cars from model year 2011 to 2012. The recall has resulted from a potential problem with headlamp systems.  According to a statement by the Detroit automaker, the company will relocate, and change the ABS, ESC fuse and replace the “headlamp jumper harness,” according to All Par news.  Some of the police vehicles were assembled with front headlamps that could possibly have problems with the loss of low beam headlight operation resulting from an overheated bulb harness connector.  Other police vehicles may experience a loss of ABS, ESC-resulting from an overheated Power Distribution Module.

“The conditions tend to occur when police vehicles are exposed to severe police duty vehicle cycles for an extended period of time including, long durations of high speed, evasive driving when used as training vehicles for police forces and extended idling,” said David Dillon, Head of Product Investigation and Campaigns. “We will continue to monitor the retail fleet for any occurrence of this condition beyond police vehicles.”

Chrysler products affected by the recent recall include Dodge Charger models which were produced between the months of July 5th of 2012 through December 20th of the following model year.

There have not been any accidents or injuries so far that have been reported in association with the recall according to a statement by Chrysler.

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