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Always Service with a Smile at All Star

Service Center at All Star Dodge Ram in MO

It takes more than a nice showroom, quality vehicles, strong inventory, and a friendly staff to be a great auto dealership. You also have to have a phenomenal service department! After all, if you buy a great car from a dealership, but then that dealership cannot properly service that vehicle – should you need an oil change or more substantial repair work – then you are going to be up a creek! The team at All Star does not want  that kind of a situation to happen to you, so they have provided all of their customers with factory trained and certified technicians in a top notch service facility to handle any and all of your repair needs.

Why is it important to have factory trained and certified technicians? – It is important that whoever is working on your vehicle know exactly what they are doing or need to do to perform the repair. Just because someone knows a lot about cars and how to fix them does not mean that they know all of the subtle nuances that contribute to the overall function of the vehicle. Wouldn’t you rather have someone repairing your Dodge Charger, that was trained by Dodge, the manufacturer, on a Dodge Charger, the specific model, using the latest tools and technologies, designed by Dodge for the Charger? We think the answer is absolutely yes! That is exactly what we want!

So many dealerships today just put a service center out there and claim that they do great work. At All Star Dodge Ram in MO, their service center was carefully thought out, designed, and executed to provide the very best service for the vehicles for whom they care. You deserve a top notch service center at a great dealership, you deserve All Star!

Which Jeep Patriot is Right for You?

Jeep Patriot at All Star Jeep Dealer near Fenton

There are a number of wonderful SUV models on the market today; you could say that every auto dealer has their own version that they claim is the best. Truth be told, some of the very best SUV models on the market come from the Jeep line up. One model in particular, the Jeep Patriot at All Star Jeep Dealer near Fenton, is a top notch SUV with a vast selection of options. Today we want to take a look at some of the top trim levels offered on the Patriot.

The 75th Anniversary package includes 17-inch bronze-painted alloy wheels, bronze exterior accents, remote engine start, a sunroof, mesh upholstery and a cargo cover.

“The Latitude comes with all of the features of the Sport with the Power Value Group, plus air-conditioning, 17-inch alloy wheels, remote keyless entry, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with integrated audio controls, a height-adjustable driver seat, heated front seats, reclining rear seat backs and a 115-volt power outlet.”-edmunds.com

A few options packages are available on the Patriot Latitude. The Premium Sound Group adds nine Boston Acoustics speakers, including two that flip down from the tailgate. The Sun and Sound Group includes those features and a sunroof. The Security and Cargo Convenience Group includes a cargo cover, adjustable roof-rack crossbars and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Finally, the High Altitude package consists of unique 17-inch alloy wheels, chrome exterior trim, a sunroof, leather upholstery and a power driver seat (with manual lumbar adjustment). (This information was compiled from edmunds.com and jeep.com.)

To get your Jeep Patriot, head to All Star Jeep Dealer today. Their friendly and knowledgeable team would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and happy to help you get the trim that would best suit your needs!

Understanding Guaranteed Financing

Guaranteed Financing at All Star Dodge near Ballwin

It’s a common problem with younger people today, they want to get a vehicle but don’t have a credit history to be able to take out an auto loan. What are these people to do? They need a car, truck, or SUV to get to their job, but don’t have enough credit or credit history to make it happen. The solution is simple, head to All Star Dodge near Ballwin and take advantage of their guaranteed financing program!

Not everyone knows or understands what guaranteed financing is, so we want to explain it! Basically (and we are making this really simple here) the auto dealership works with a vast network of lenders to find an auto loan for everyone, no matter their credit. This means that bad credit or no credit applicants can get a loan and improve their credit score! There are a few things that are taken into consideration with guaranteed financing:

  • Down Payment – The first thing a lender offering a guaranteed car loan will do is work to decide a down payment amount that covers enough of the cost to make the risk worthwhile. The down payment may be high for someone with serious credit issues, though lenders can usually work to come up with a down payment number that will work for both parties.
  • Interest Rate – Interest rates on guaranteed loans designed for people with bad credit can be higher than traditional loan rates. Second chance lenders will raise the interest rate to accommodate people with serious financial problems who wouldn’t be able to get a loan through other means.

These are just a couple of terms that are taken into consideration with guaranteed financing. For more information, head to All Star and work with a member of their financing team!

Top Rated Service at All Star!

All Star Dodge Dealership near Oakville

It is no secret that there are a lot of auto dealerships in the St. Louis area, but it’s also no secret that most of them are just not good. Their service is terrible, the salesmen are slick, and their inventory leaves so much to be desired. The great news is that All Star Dodge near Oakville has terrific service, honest and kind salesmen, and a vast inventory of vehicles! We do not just want you to take our word for it – see what some of the most recent All Star customers thought.

It’s nice to know that when i bring my Jeep here the service team has integrity! No scamming or shady dealings- just honest folks who will help you with your service needs. -Deb

I went for oil changed, few cars ahead of me. Tim provided excellent service, they got me service reasonable about of time. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. -R.Thompson

Tim was AWESOME. He explained so much to me about my Pt Cruiser. He is excellent. All of your people are great and even enjoyed Ike who drove me home. I have only taken my car to this dealership since 2001. – Suzy

The 4 remotes for my 2005 PT Cruiser were dead. One needed new batteries and all needed re-programming due to a battery glitch in the car. I had an appointment and was in and out in an hour. John Horrell was very helpful and knowledgeable. The Service Waiting area was clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend John Horrell and All Star to anyone. – Gram P.

These are just a few of hundreds of examples of the excellent customer service that All Star provides each and every day. Experience the top rated customer service at All Star today!

U.S. Automakers May be Forced to Increase Incentives in 2012

used dodge dealer near Illinois Chrysler Group may soon boost incentives or cut production to lower inventory which is currently at a 31 month high according to Bloomberg News.

“GM, Chrysler and Ford Motor Co. had 80 days supply of cars and light trucks as of Nov. 30” according to a report by Kevin Tynan, Bloomberg analyst. Inventories are considered manageable when in the range of 55 days to 65 days, he said.

“You just don’t want to be out there with so much inventory when a price war starts or it’s going to get ugly,” Tynan said today in a phone interview. “If I’m GM, Ford or Chrysler, I’m trying to get that days supply down” before Japanese automakers’ inventories return to 60 days supply.

Analysts predict that auto sales in the United States may reach 12.7 million this year, the best annual sales numbers since 2008.  According to Bloomberg, sales may increase to 13.5 million next year which will be a rise for the 3rd consecutive year from the 27 year low in 2009 f only 10.4 million units sold.

Japanese automakers’ U.S. inventories fell to 47 days after Japan’s earthquake and tsunami caused a shortage of automotive supplies.  Japanese automakers’ supply has yet to surpass 50 days every since the disaster.  Korean carmakers Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp. have inventories of only 40 days during that time span according to Bloomberg.

If auto sales slow in early 2012 as Japanese auto supplies are still recovering, Chrysler and other auto dealers may be forced to increase incentives which could negatively impact the 2nd quarter net earnings according to Tynan.

To learn more about new Chrysler incentives available at your local Missouri Dodge Dealer in Bridgeton, visit All Star Dodge today.



Chrysler Dealer Arbitration

Your local Dodge Dealer, All Star Dodge in Bridgeton Missouri knows thati n the auto dealership world, there are strict regulations when it comes to having like-branded dealerships competing with each other in the same geographic zone. This issue is causing a lot of headaches in the past  for former Chrysler dealerships as they try to get back into business with the automaker.

Before Chrysler went belly-up in 2009 the company had around 3,200 dealerships spread out across the country. As part of its immediate bankruptcy needs, many of those dealerships were closed. Now with Chrysler on the rebound, those same folks want back in. Unfortunately for some, other dealerships have already beaten them to the punch. Such is the case with the Livonia Chrysler Jeep Inc. dealership that has been prevented from reopening at their previous location because of the nearby Crestwood Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram dealership. It is now in the hands of a Detroit federal judge to sort out this mess.

Chrysler thinks they have the right of way in this case and has told as much to U.S. District Judge Sean Cox. The Detroit automaker would like the courts to declare that Chrysler is in compliance with the newly passed Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2010. This law specifically created the arbitration process now being used by former dealers as they try to deal once again. Under the terms of the law, it does not automatically grant “unconditional reinstatement” or supersede Michigan laws concerning auto dealer markets.

“Livonia’s interpretation of the (dealer arbitration) Act contradicts the plain language of the Act, and its civil action … seeks to fashion a remedy that is nowhere to be found in the Act,” so says attorneys John Berg and Cynthia Filipovich of Detroit-based Clark Hill PLC who are retained by Chrysler. “Chrysler respectfully requests … a declaration that the Act limits the arbitrator’s power to the determination of whether or not the covered dealership should be added to the dealer network.”

Waiting in the wings are around 20 other dealerships who are in the same predicament. One court ruling will either set them free or have them looking for a new franchise location. Stay tuned to All Star Dodge’s blog for future updates regarding Chrysler dealers arbitration status.

Find The Best Deals And Incentives At All Star Dodge

You may notice a few differences this year at your favorite auto dealership, including the All Star Dodge dealer. Due to the recovery of the economy, and automotive industry many dealerships are able to offer more dealership incentives on deals. However, if you are an inexperienced car buyer, these incentives may be a bit difficult to navigate.
It is important to remember that just because a dealership is running a specific deal or incentive, doesn’t mean it’s the best deal you could get on that particular model. You will still need to do bit of research on your own, in order to determine where you will find the best deal. Consider the incentive as a part of the financing deal. You will want to weigh the deal with financing packages you may get from outside establishments, such as a bank or credit union.
Often for dealership incentives will require a buyer to apply in order to qualify for the deal. Often you will see this type of deal on low interest incentives. This is why it is important to always keep a high credit score rather than relying on incentive deals to obtain the vehicle you deserve. Another consideration is that the deals run at some dealerships will be specific to one or two vehicles. Often these vehicles are not the hottest selling vehicles. They are often the less popular models the dealership is trying to move.
If you are interested in getting the best deals and financing incentives on your next Dodge Ram purchase, choose to shop at the All Star Dodge dealer in Bridgeton Missouri. They may not always be running a high end deal or incentive, but they will always offer the best deals on all their models.