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The Used Ram 2012 Ram Heavy Duty Truck

Dodge Ram St. Louis in MOAll Star Dodge, Chrysler, Ram Dealer St. Louis in Bridgeton MO, is pleased to announce that the used 2012 Dodge Ram HD is said to have one of the best interiors in its class, according to BestCars.com.

According to test drivers, when it was new, the 2012 used Ram Heavy Duty offers great off road performance, and towing of over 11 tons-for the Ram 3500.  Other features that test drivers love is the Heavy Duty Ram’s interior, saying that even the base trim has a very well made and well equipped trim that is well appointed inside the cabin.  Class exclusive features include; Sirius Backseat Television-which includes a package of children’s popular TV channels that play through the rear-seat entertainment system. Another feature that reviewers love is the seats stating they are “especially comfortable, and that even regular cab models are roomy,” according to BestCars.com.

“The 2012 Ram 3500 is a top pick for a heavy-duty truck thanks to its top-notch interior; respectable ride quality and impressive towing and hauling capabilities.” — Edmunds

“Dollar-for-dollar, the Ram is every bit the equal of its Ford and Chevy counterparts. About the only reason we can think of not to go with the Ram would be due to a personal preference for one brand over another.” — Kelley Blue Book

“This brontosaurus is a work truck, not a family-friendly minivan with 1,000 airbags. It’s meant to be driven by someone who knows how to drive and takes driving seriously.” — New York Daily News

“Serious workhorses with massive cargo capacity and huge towing capacity (up to 22,750 pounds), these Rams sacrifice comfort in the name of capability. Expect a rough ride and a cab that’s a climb to get into.” — Car and Driver


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