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What Does CPO Mean?

Certified Pre-Owned Cars at All Star Dodge Ram near Chesterfield

CPO is a frequently used abbreviation in the auto world, but as most people are not out shopping for new or used cars all of the time, you might not know what CPO stands for or what it means. We want to explain the term CPO and then you will see how it can benefit you if you are shopping for a different vehicle.

First off, CPO stands for Certified Pre Owned.  Most carmakers – Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and Chrysler included – offer used cars through their own factory-certified programs. These programs are backed by the vehicle’s original manufacturer, so the cars are sold and serviced at the same dealerships that sell the carmaker’s new vehicles. This means warranty repairs can be handled nationwide through any associated dealership, which is especially convenient if something goes wrong while you are traveling.

In general, a certified pre-owned car is no more than 6 years old and has less than 100,000 miles. To receive a certification, the dealer puts the car through an extensive inspection. Some dealers will complete repairs or perform needed maintenance if something is found during this inspection. Typically, only the best used cars in the fleet are picked to be certified, which means the car likely hasn’t had extensive bodywork and hasn’t been in a major accident.

“A certified pre-owned label (sometimes referred to as CPO) may also include additional coverage, such as an extended warranty. But buying an extended warranty is not the same as buying a certified used car. While both will cover the car for specific repairs, a standalone warranty usually doesn’t include a presale inspection.”-cars.usnews.com

To check out the selection of CPO cars, trucks, and SUVs that All Star Dodge Ram near Chesterfield has to offer, stop by the dealership or check out their inventory online!

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