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The Top-of-the-Line 2011 Laramie Longhorn

These days auto shoppers need not be as concerned that an engine as big as this Dodge Ram 5.7-liter HEMI V8 will cost them too much at the fuel pumps. With new fuel saver technology, this engine partially shuts down so that it operates using only four cylinders, conserving fuel in the process. However, it is nice to know that your new truck has the ability to tow up to 10,450 lbs if called upon to do so.

Ride quality is another aspect of truck buying that really comes into play when determining which vehicle meets your standards. The 2011 Ram comes equipped with multi-coil suspension, which improves comfort and handling by minimizing the bouncing in the rear end.  Dodge also boasts that the Ram’s hydroformed frame provides “high-strength steel for improved structural performance and torsional rigidity, as well as reduced noise, vibration and harshness.”

With the Laramie Longhorn edition, the story is really all about this truck’s interior upgrades. You get hand-crafted custom leather and beautiful woodgrain trim throughout the cab.  Upgraded floor mats, taupe silver accents, navigation technology, and an Alpine surround sound audio system that includes a subwoofer function as additional selling points for this model.

There are way too many great features of the new Laramie Longhorn to address all at one time. In order to get a more comprehensive presentation, speak to an expert at All Star Dodge located near Bridgeton, MO.  Take one of these full-size pickups out for a hassle free test drive and comparison shop among the other available vehicles that are available. Do so with caution though, you will probably feel like the king of the road and you may find it difficult to settle for a less comprehensive model.

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