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Certified Pre-Owned Cars at All Star Dodge Ram near Alton

We are so happy to welcome back spring even though we had a decently mild St. Louis winter. While winter was not as bad as it sometimes can be, it was still a little rough on our cars. So rough, in fact, that it might be time to say goodbye to our old car and hello to a certified pre-owned Dodge Ram from All Star Dodge Ram near Arnold. Today we want to take a look at some of the benefits to purchase a certified used car.

When you buy a certified pre-owned Dodge Ram from All Star, you are getting the very best of the best used cars. “Late-model, low-mileage vehicles with clean vehicle history reports are accepted into certified pre-owned programs sponsored by auto manufacturers. If a vehicle does not meet specific criteria, which varies depending on the automaker, it cannot become a CPO vehicle” (jdpower.com). You will also usually get additional warranties that you might not get if you did not purchase a certified used car.

Another benefit to purchasing a certified pre-owned (CPO) Dodge Ram is that those CPO vehicles will usually qualify for lower interest rates on the auto loan that you take out to pay for the car. “It’s true that CPO vehicles are usually more expensive than similar models that have not been certified, but CPO vehicles can also qualify for lower finance rates, typically equal to the loans offered on new vehicles. For buyers who are financing their CPO vehicle, the lower interest rate effectively lowers the monthly payment, helping to ameliorate the effect of the higher asking price on the household budget” (jdpower.com). It is true that a lower interest rate means a lower monthly payment. A lower monthly payment means that you could pay the loan off faster if you paid a little more monthly, effectively lowing how much you spent on the CPO Dodge Ram.

Stop by All Star Dodge Ram to check out their impressive selection of Certified Pre-Owned Dodge Ram vehicles.

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