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Reasons for Dodge Ram Split Up

Dodge Ram HD in MOAll Star Dodge Dealer, home of a wide selection Dodge Ram trucks in St. Louis knows that Chrysler made a decision to split off into 3 different brands (SRT, RAM, and Mopar) not long after the decision NOT to bring Plymouth back was made.

The professional grade RAM trucks will offer a full line of commercial vehicles from the light weight ProMaster city vans to the HD Ram trucks built for commercial use such as the Ram 5500 chassis cab. The 5500 was designed with the intent of competing with the corporate fleet market dominated by Ford.  Ram planned to build an equivalent to every Ford with the intent of making the Ram even better than the Ford option.

The decision for Ram to split from Dodge was made in order to free Dodge from the idea that the brand was comprised of big oversized gas guzzling vehicles. Dodge was then free to establish its reputation as a company offering quick fuel efficient “sporty cars, defined by handling instead of torque.  The Dodge Dart is a great example of the vision Dodge had.  Dart offers great suspension and a fun to drive vehicle with great fuel economy.

“At this point, we could argue that it makes more sense to revert Dodge back to the way most people see it anyway, and emphasize the muscle-car aspect of the brand. It has two rear wheel drive cars and a big rear wheel drive SUV, and a third rear-drive car is on the way. Rebrand Dodge Dart to Chrysler Valiant, make Dodge Caravan a crossover, and move Journey over to Chrysler when the next generation comes, and you have a pretty well focused (except for Caravan) brand with a sharp image and focus. Adding Ram to that could actually help, as the big diesel and gas trucks would be right in Dodge’s line,” says Chrysler News.

Although Ford has no problem offering one brand for both commercial and personal use, Dodge made the decision to segregate the two and it’s not expected that RAM and Dodge will come back together anytime soon.

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