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Ram Trucks Changing the Game Since 1994

Ram Trucks at All Star Dodge Ram near University City

It’s no secret that Ram has been changing the truck game up for a long, long time, but what you might not know is that Ram literally ‘broke all the rules’ for what a truck was back in 1994. What caused this catalyst? Was it because it was a simpler time? Was it because there was a popular tool man who grunted? We are not sure, all we know is that Ram thought it was time things changed for trucks.

Pickups are an ever-present, widely accepted member of the American landscape. But it didn’t use to be that way. Even in the 1980s, pickups were considered tools, not family transportation. Dodge’s second-generation of Ram pickups is largely credited as the catalyst that transformed the American pickup from a utilitarian workhorse to a friendly companion that wasn’t out-of-place in the mall parking lot. Both Ford and General Motors soon followed Dodge’s lead in making pickups focused more on people than cargo and low costs.

Over two decades ago, Dodge designers decided to add more creature comforts and convenience features to its pickup. How this change in design was the result of a designer at Chrysler’s brand new headquarters and technology center went to an area of the complex still under construction to take photos of the construction works’ pickups. “The design team studied the photos (Polaroids, no less) to see how loose items were stored inside the cabs. The research resulted in innovative storage solutions considered commonplace in modern trucks. Ram was also the first to offer a four-door extended cab, offering easier entry to the rear bench.”-topspeed.com

Take a test drive of the wonderful Ram lineup trucks at All Star Dodge Ram near University City. They would love to show you why the Ram truck was and is game changer.

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