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Ram 3500 Wins Tug of War

Ram 3500 at All Star Dodge Ram near North County

When you need a powerful truck with all the bells and whistles and a comfortable ride to boot, then you need the Ram 3500 from All Star Dodge Ram near North County. Today we want to talk about the added towing capacity that will be available on the 2018 Ram 3500.

If you have your eye on a 2017 Ram 3500HD equipped with the optional turbocharged 6.7-liter inline-six diesel engine with an intent to tow, then we’d recommend you wait to sign the paperwork. Next year’s truck equipped with the Cummins-sourced diesel engine will be available with a massive 930 lb-ft of torque—a gain of 30 lb-ft over the torquiest 2017 Ram 3500HD. 

The Ram’s extra grunt isn’t for naught, either, as the model is now capable of towing up to 30,000 pounds when equipped with the brand’s new fifth-wheel hitch design. That’s an increase of 5000 pounds over the 2017 truck. The hitch will set Ram buyers back $1395 but allows the 3500HD to tow up to 2500 pounds more.

“The 2018 Ram 3500HD goes on sale soon with pricing that’s expected to remain close to the numbers for its 2017 counterpart. Although Ram isn’t ready to release horsepower figures for its diesel variant, we expect similar output to the 385-hp unit that currently sits at the top of the 2017 Ram 3500HD’s diesel totem pole.”-caranddriver.com

We know that you will want to test drive this powerful truck for yourself, so head on over to All Star Dodge Ram today. Their friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to share with you all of the benefits that this great truck has to offer. Remember, this truck not only has a massive towing capacity, but also has one of the most luxurious interiors on the market. You can have it all when you buy a Ram 3500 from All Star!

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