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Improve Your Credit Before Applying For A Dodge Ram Truck Loan!

 credit scorGetting the new Dodge Ram financing near Ballwin is always easiest at All-Star Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep!  But if you want to assure the best rate and term, there are a few things you can do to improve your credit score before stopping by the finance office!  Today, let’st take a look at how you can maximize your financing savings by improving your credit score.

First, think about your total credit limit and the ration of debt you have in comparison to that top line.  To maximize your credit score, it’s best to keep that ratio at no higher than twenty percent and preferably closer to ten.  Get this factor under control by spreading your debt out among all of your open cards and consider opening a new one.  This will get your ratio under control and your numbers going up.

Next, think about whether or not you’ve had any payments past due by more than thirty days.  Having late payments past the thirty day mark can reduce your score by up to 100 points.  So, work on always paying your bills on time.  Especially as you get close to making a purchase.

Finally, consider how long you’ve had credit.  Your credit history is what makes up fifteen percent of your score.  This means that the shorter amount of time you’ve had credit, the harder it will be to have the highest of scores.  The only way to fix this is time. So, working on your credit now, rather than later is important.

When you are ready to guaranteed financing, look to All-Star Dodge Ram dealer near Ballwin.  At All-Star we understand your credit needs and will work hard to get you the best deal no matter you current credit situation.  Contact us for a pre-approval appointment today!

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