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Service Department at All Star Dealership near Florissant

It is that time of the year again. Time to talk about getting your Dodge Ram vehicles ready for back to school. We are buying our kids school supplies and enjoying the last few weeks of summer break and then it will be back to school drop offs and car pools. It is way we want to remind all of our readers that now is a great time to get all of your Dodge Ram vehicles by the All Star Dealership near Florissant for servicing.

We know that you took all of your summer trips in your Dodge Ram, it’s reliable and spacious, so why wouldn’t you? You love your Dodge Ram and it is time to love it back. It is likely that you drove a number of distances and your vehicle is probably ready for an oil change. But why just do an oil change? Why not just let the team of talented factory trained and certified technicians give your vehicle the whole once over? Just ask them to check everything out for you. This will help to make sure that all of the fluids are at the proper levels, that you tires are not too worn and will be safe for the months ahead, and that your brakes are primed and ready in the event that a kid races out into the street in front of you without looking. All Star is ready to handle all of your back to school servicing needs.

Stop by the Service Department or make an appointment online. All Star makes it easy to get ready for back to school. They also offer a number of specials to save you even more money, just check their website to see what service specials are running this month!

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