11503 St Charles Rock Road Bridgeton, MO

Get ’em While They’re Hot!

New Cars at All Star Dodge Ram in Bridgeton

Some of the hottest cars on the market are the ones that you find at All Star Dodge Ram in Bridgeton. All Star is a full service dealership that sells all of the wonderful vehicles in the Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and Chrysler line ups. We know that you will want to get these new cars while they are hot, so we have a couple of reasons that will show you that new is the way to go!

The Features You Want: When you buy a used car, you get the state of the art — of the year of the used car. Every model year, manufacturers add and adopt technologies and features to vehicles, either as standard or optional equipment, as a way to lure buyers to new cars. Those technologies may be safety breakthroughs or they may just be convenience gadgets. The only way to get the most advanced technology and the latest convenience features is with a new vehicle. Automotive electronics are evolving so rapidly that unless you buy a new car, your vehicle’s technology is already outdated.

Better Financing Rates: “While a used car may initially cost less than a new one, the interest rate you pay likely will be higher. To begin with, you wouldn’t get the low-interest financing or cash rebate that usually is offered as an incentive to new-car buyers. Furthermore, financial institutions generally charge a higher rate of interest on loans for used cars — usually a full percentage point or two.”-cars.com

Take advantage of All Star’s full lot of lovely new cars. Their team will help you find the right Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, or Ram model that will perfectly suit your driving lifestyle and the features that you want in a new car!

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