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Features of the 2014 Dodge Ram

new Dodge Ram in MOThe new Dodge Ram near Wood River has been updated for 2014 with new features such as the F1234yf refrigerant-a new application to help reduce greenhouse emissions.

The Design of the new Ram 1500 for 2014 is rugged and handsome and its interior design won an award from Ward’s 10 Best interiors.

In 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 will be available in 12 different exterior colors including; Blue Streak and Granite Crystal; available in a monotone and/or two-tone depending on the model.

Inside the cabin there is a new feature that allows the air conditioner to be automatically turned on when the indoor air is warmer than outside.  This feature is called the automatic temperature control setting.

The new updated Dodge Ram truck offers a smoother ride with less noise and improved fuel economy.

“Like the VDC, the pulse-width modulation (PWM) blower continually controls fan speeds for optimal performance in all driving scenarios; quiet, efficient operation; and virtually unnoticeable performance. Not unlike other PWM applications that debuted on the 2013 Ram 1500, the pulse-width blower ensures an infinite amount of varying fan speeds to satisfy every customer-requested condition in relation to the air conditioning system,” says Chrysler News.

Another new and innovative high tech feature in the new 2014 Dodge Ram truck is the “Humidity Sensor” which is located behind the rearview mirror.  This new feature works with the blower to continually keep track of the level of humidity on the windshield and interior cabin.  The Ram’s sensor then kicks in de-fogging features and at the same time enables the blower to run at optimal speeds to speed up reduction of humidity.

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