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Dodge Ram Supports U.S. Soldiers

All Star Dodge in Bridgeton Missouri, is proud to announce that the Dodge Ram truck brand supports U.S. soldiers deployed around the world.

The “Letters for Lyrics” program is a national campaign developed to encourage letters of support to be written for U.S. soldiers to read.   The goal was to send one million letters to U.S. troops deployed around the world.

In exchange for writing letters, participants in the program received a CD from the Zac Brown Band titled “Breaking Southern Ground.”

“The Ram Truck Brand is grateful for the commitment and courage that U.S. soldiers give to this country each day,” said Fred Diaz, President and CEO — Ram Truck Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “Our company has been steadfast in its support of America’s armed services; we know these letters will help brighten a soldier’s day. We encourage our employees, suppliers and our customers to visit a local Ram Truck dealership to write or drop off a letter for these soldiers who protect our right to freedom.”

“We’ve had several opportunities to perform for the troops over the past year and each time we were deeply inspired by their positive attitudes and dedication to protecting our country and preserving our way of life,” said Zac Brown. “We were so moved that we knew we needed to recognize their efforts in a big way. Our hope is that by combining our experience overseas, our music, and the good people at Ram Truck Brand, we will be able to rally a movement of support for our brave service members abroad.”

The band actually traveled to the Persian Gulf to perform live for the troops and to document the experience which can be viewed at www.ramtrucks.com.

“This unique endeavor is derived from respect and admiration, from both the Ram Truck Brand and Zac Brown Band, for the men and women in the military,” said Marissa Hunter, Head of Ram Truck Brand Communications, Chrysler Group LLC. “It is our hope that these letters serve as a source of appreciation and comfort.”

The non profit agency involved in providing aid to men and women in the military and their families  called “Soldiers Angels” delivered the letters to the soldiers on behalf of the Letters for Lyrics program.

“By standing wingtip to wingtip, the Ram Truck Brand, Zac Brown Band and Soldiers’ Angels will be able to help build morale to heroes in combat zones one million fold,” said Soldiers’ Angels founder and president, Patti Patton-Bader. “We are truly grateful to the Ram Truck Brand and Zac Brown Band for their help in ensuring that our heroes know they are loved and appreciated.”

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