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Could the Ram 1500 Save You?

Ram 1500 at All Star Dodge Ram near University City

There are a lot of things to consider when you are deciding on which pick up truck to buy. You are likely to think about how it looks, its engine capability, its towing capacity, and its cost. There is another area that is probably the most important thing to consider but is usually last on the list of things worth of consideration. This area that is of utmost importance is safety! The Ram 1500 at All Star Dodge Ram near University City is an incredibly safe truck that could save your life if you are in an accident. We want to share with you a part of a story that shows just how safe the Ram 1500 is.

A man was involved in a accident in which a driver crossed into the south bound lanes, from the north bound lanes. The driver clipped the tail end of his Dodge Ram 1500 which sent me spinning, splitting a telephone pole in half, and causing him to rollover 4 times. All air bags deployed and the bed of the truck, the wheels and various other parts of the truck were destroyed, but the cab stayed in tact allowing him to walk away from the accident with only neck strain from the seat belt. He believes the well built truck saved his life that day and then replaced the totaled truck with another Dodge Ram 1500. He will tell you just how great of a job Dodge did on the engineering of this truck.

This is just one man’s story. For more information on the safety features and rating on the Ram 1500, head to All Star today. Their friendly and knowledge team would be more than happy to show you the safety features on the Ram 1500.

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