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4 Facts To Consider When Purchasing Your New Ram Truck

Glossy 3d iconFinding the right Dodge Ram truck for sale near Clayton isn’t as easy as choosing your favorite color pickup from the lot.  Most individuals choose to drive a truck because they have certain needs to take into consideration.  Today, the team at All-Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram wants to give you information on four major factors to think about before making your Ram Truck choice.  Here they are:

  • Cab & Box Size – When considering your truck’s cab and box size, you will need to weigh your options based upon whether you need to haul and tow more weight or you need to carry more passengers.  This is because a smaller cab will give you extra hauling capacity, but less room for passengers.  A larger cab is opposite and gives more passenger space with a slightly reduced tow/hauling capacity.
  • Towing & Payload Capacity – While your truck’s towing and payload specification are important, you will also want to get your truck’s GCVW.  Your GCVW calculation will give you a total weight the truck can handle.
  • Axle Ratio – The key to axle ratio is finding the right ratio to accommodating your towing needs while still upholding your non-towing performance.  Maximize both your power and engine’s efficiency by thinking about how much weight you will need to two and how often you will be towing it.
  • Wheel Drive – A 4×2’s reduced  curb weight is great for those who want a little more towing and payload capacity, but a 4×4 gives that extra control when driving in unpredictable weather or road conditions.  Assessing those areas will determine which one works best for your everyday needs.

Now that you understand your needs based upon these four determining factors, you can safety make an engine and transmission choice that will accommodate those needs.  For more information and assistance with this process, give the team at All-Star’s Dodge Ram dealership near Clayton a call today!

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