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Financing at the Dealership

Guaranteed Financing at All Star Dodge near Mehlville

When you are needing a new car, you might not be sure the best way to go about getting financing. Luckily at All Star Dodge near Mehlville, they offer in house financing as well as guaranteed financing for those with little to no credit. Today we want to share with you the benefits of in house and guaranteed financing.

It’s a smoother process – Instead of spending extra hours or days trying to get pre-approved for a loan through a third institution, in-house financing car lots ensure a quicker process with more benefits that can include extended warranties and flexible interest rates. It often means a short cut to owning the vehicle and driving it off the lot days sooner than can be expected when going through the bank.

It’s easier to get qualified, this is where guaranteed financing comes in – For those with fair to poor credit, in-house financing is more flexible with approval. However, it does not guarantee lower interest rates and may still require higher rates or a higher monthly payment. Fortunately, those with bad credit can refinance their higher interest rate loan after a year or so of monthly payments paid in full and on time.

It’s a more flexible process – “In-house financing car lots tend to receive a large amount of applications, resulting in a well-oiled machine that allows the dealership to be more accommodating and flexible. They’ll likely do the best they can to work with your specific budget, while also allowing you to be pickier about the type of car you want to purchase. They’re even known for throwing in a few incentives.”-autocitycredit.com

Take advantage of the guaranteed financing options that All Star Dodge has to offer. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you!

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