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Town and Country: What Do You Think?

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Chrysler Town and Country at All Star near Clayton

The 2016 Chrysler Town and Country is a top rated minivan that customers have enjoyed for a number of years. It is stylish and offers plenty of room for up to 7 passengers. All Star Chrysler Dealer near Clayton wanted to take a look at some of the reviews that real customers have written in regards to how they feel about the Town and Country and why they would recommend it to other people. Let us take a look at a few of them today!

“This is my seventh Town and Country. The six before this had over 100,000 mile on them with no engine or transmission problems. My 2002 went over 250,000 miles with no engine or transmissions problems. My present 2014 has 45,000 mile on it. It gets up to 31 mpg on the road and averages 26 mpg overall. I love the spacious interior and the way it holds the road. There are two things that are not to my satisfaction. The sliding doors do make noise when I drive through parking lots over the small bumps etc. The other is the chrome all over the dash that reflects the sun into my eyes. I painted over the chrome and now love the layout of the dash with the readout for the vehicle speed. I have the trailer tow package and have no problem pulling my 3200 lb boat. The engine is powerful enough for this as well as getting up to speed and entering the highway on ramps. You can’t do much better in a minivan – great value for the price. Reliable and comfortable and great on gas.” – Gerald

While some of the features that Gerald mentioned are options that you can choose to add. There are a number of different packages available for the Town and Country. For more information on the different options available for the Town and Country, stop by the All Star Dealership, their friendly staff would love to assist you!

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