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More Chrysler Investments!

Chrysler Cars at All Star Chrysler near Wentzville

We LOVE Chrysler Cars! We love the styling of exteriors, the comfort of the interiors, and the power of the engines. What makes Chrysler even better is that they are not only a company that produces fantastic automobiles but that they also believe in investing in the United States. More investments in the US mean more jobs starting with the production line all the way through to the dealerships. We want to take a deeper look at this investment today.

“The automaker will add 2,000 jobs at factories in Michigan and Ohio, the Italian-American company said Sunday ahead of the Detroit auto show. It will retool the facilities by 2020 and add the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer sport utility vehicles and a pickup model to its lineup. After improvements to a plant in Warren, Michigan, the site will be able to assemble Ram HD trucks now produced in Saltillo, Mexico,” (bloomberg.com). Chrysler is moving jobs in other countries back to the United States!

The company is set to start producing a new version of its Jeep Compass SUV for the U.S. market at the Toluca plant. Its factory in Belvidere, Illinois, which used to assemble the model as well as the Jeep Patriot and Dodge Dart compact car, is being retooled to make Jeep Cherokee SUVs.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles $1 billion plan to build in the U.S. three new Jeeps and a Ram pickup now produced in Mexico won plaudits from President Trump. (The new President is trying to inspire the auto industry to move more manufacturing to the United States; he is very pleased with Chrysler’s announcement to move some of their manufacturing to the US.)

Fore more information on the different models in the Chrysler lineup, head to All Star Chrysler near Wentzville.

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