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All Star: Helping to Keep You Safe

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Service Department at All Star near O’Fallon

As we say goodbye to a pretty mild January, we start to think about what February might hold. Will it continue to be mild or will we be paying for the nice January with a terrible February filled with snow and ice storms. Living in the midwest means that it is possible that either of those scenarios can happen. This area can seem to experience all four seasons in one day, just one of the perks of living near St. Louis. The possibility of dealing with in-climate weather is a very real situation and it is best to be prepared should the worst happen. You know the old expression, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. All Star is here to help you do just that!

The service department at All Star near O’Fallon is ready to get your Chrysler Cars ready for whatever winter might bring. They have factory trained technicians that know just what to do to winterize all of your vehicles. They will replace engine fluids with ones that are designed to function better during colder temperatures and they will check you tires to be sure that you have enough tread to drive in difficult road conditions. (Everyone seems to forget how important tires really are, they are the shoes of your car for crying out loud!) If the techinicians see that your Chrysler could use a better set of tires, they will consult you and make some recommendations for replacement. All Star is great at having a full stock of tires available anytime.

We encourage you to prepare for whatever kind of a winter we end up having. Remember, then best offense is a good defense. Get your Chrysler Cars winter ready today, head to All Star!

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