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2013 Chrysler 300S AWD 4dr

chrysler cars-300 in moWhen it comes to new Chrysler cars in St. Louis MO,  and in fact just cars in general, the Chrysler 300S AWD is the epitome of luxury.  Bold styling, great features and a ride that just can’t be matched, are just some of the things that the 2013 Chrysler 300S AWD has to offer.

Whether you’re rolling up to a Hollywood party or just heading over to someone’s house for a BBQ, the 300S has you covered.  These great looking sedans are often referred to, and mistaken for a Baby Bentley, which is a high compliment considering you can pick one up for under $35,000.  The front of the 300s is sophisticated and minimalist at the same time.  The grill is done in an understated flat black with a chrome accented border.  The headlights are a squared off tear drop design and offer LED lighting for an elegant touch.  Fog lamps are set in the bumper and border the small air scoop found in the center of the car.  The multi spoke wheels are a bold choice that really make this ride instantly recognizable and is also a nod to the growing after market that has been built up around the 300 series.  The rest of the car is done in big and bold lines, reminiscent of some of the finest European touring sedans.

The interior is as luxurious and well appointed as the exterior and is one of the finest you will see in any Chrysler car.  The gauges are white against a black background and surrounded in chrome for a very finished and elegant look.  Black and a carbon fiber design inhabit the rest of the cabin, giving it that old time luxury feel.  Another great touch is the use of sound dampening material to make sure whatever noise is happening outside of the 300S has a difficult time intruding on the interior peace of the occupants.  And to bring some wanted outside light in, a large sun roof opens up to reveal the sky and stars above.  One final, almost too cool feature, is the cup holders that can either heat or cool your drink depending  on what you prefer.  All of this adds up to an elegant and customized interior that will make you feel like a VIP.

The 2013 Chrysler 300S AWD 4dr retails for around $33,000 depending on any options that are chosen.  For that price you get a stylish and luxurious car that will have your neighbors peeking out from behind their curtains just to get a glimpse of the new celebrity in the neighborhood.


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