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Chrysler 200 at All Star near St. Louis

Summer is the time of the year that we have a tendency to run our vehicles ragged. Between the summer vacations and running around everywhere, on top of the regular every day driving that we already do, things can get really hard for your car. One way to make sure that your Chrysler 200 is ready for the road is to do a few simple tasks. Remember, a little goes a long way! If you do not feel as though you can do these tasks or if you would just rather let someone else spend their time doing the work, bring your Chrysler 200 to All Star near St. Louis and let the factory trained technicians in the service center take care of everything for you.

Check the coolant level. This is something that everyone seems to forget but is incredibly important to the functioning of the engine. Summer temperatures, especially in the St. Louis area, can get really hot and steamy. It is imperative that you keep the coolant level of your Chrysler 200 where it should be so that your engine does not over-heat and cause some very real problems.

Check your tires. Think of the tires as your car’s shoes. You wouldn’t want to run around all summer on the hot pavement with shoes that are cracked and worn, and you don’t want your car traveling on cracked and worm tires. A quick check of your tires could save you from a blow out while you are in-route to your vacation.

If you want your Chrysler 200 given a thorough look over, then bring it to the All Star dealership. Their factory trained technicians would be more than happy to make sure that your 200 is ready for all of your fun summer adventures.

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