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Ram 3500 Generations of Greatness

Ram 3500 at All Star Dodge Ram in MO

The Ram 3500 has gone through a number of changes through the years, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is character of this fantastic truck. Though the Ram 3500 operated under Dodge during the 1980’s, the early 1990’s brought about the second generation and the official Ram 3500 badge.

The second generation launched in 1994, providing drivers with a complete redesign over the previous iteration, and given the fact that the development started in 1986 you can bet they took their time to get this absolutely perfect. In just one year, from 1993 to 1994 sales for the Dodge RAM lineup went from 78,000 to 240,000 – an obvious sign that the word was out and the Dodge RAM was the truck drivers deserved to drive. The second generation also happens to be marked as an important distinguishing year where Dodge introduced the 2500 and 3500 models officially.

A third generation launched in 2002 and ran until 2008, with impressive sales and more powerful engine options, these Cliff Wilkins-designed vehicles offered a more iconic appearance backed by a mechanical design process that ensured power and mobility without neglecting all the features that the brand had laid claim to since the ’90s. Along with the 1500, 2500, and 3500 model levels, Dodge introduced two more chassis models including the 4500 and 5500 as Class-4 and Class-5 trucks for absolutely incredible capabilities.

The current fourth generation has taken a step further towards redefining the capabilities of the modern truck – along with a recent introduction on the 1500 of an EcoDiesel, the RAM 3500 continues to step up the game and offer drivers the impressive options that stand above the rest. (This information was compiled from ram.com.)

You can get the 2017 Ram 3500 at All Star Dodge Ram in MO today. It’s time that you drive a great truck!

CPO All the Way!

Certified Pre-Owned Cars at All Star Dodge Ram near Saint Charles

When you are looking to change up your car game by getting a different vehicle at All Star Dodge Ram near Saint Charles, you might be wondering if a Certirifed Pre-Owned model would be right for you. CPO vehicles are a great option and we want to share with you some of the benefits of buying a certified pre owned car from All Star.

“The certified label is really all about buyer confidence. No one wants to purchase a used car—or a new one—that they have to dump a bunch of money into to keep running. A CPO model gives consumers some protection against defects and expensive repairs. While buyers shouldn’t necessarily pay more for a certified version, a competitively priced CPO model could make for a better value proposition over a comparatively priced used car. “-jalopnik.com

The general rule of thumb is that for mainstream models that have a good reputation for reliability, the CPO isn’t worth spending more money on, but if you can get the extra coverage without any additional cost that is probably the car to buy. On the other hand, if you are concerned with the expensive maintenance associated with a used luxury car, pay a little more for a certified model, but find ones that are priced competitively. The luxury models that are found at All Star, like Fiat for example, may require more expensive repairs because of where the repairs parts need to travel from. This is just another reason why CPO can be a really great option!

We invite you to head to All Star today and check out their vast selection of new cars. We are sure that you will find the right certified pre owned car!

Nothing Better than Hassle Free Repairs

Collision Repair Center at All Star near Clayton

We all know that having to get your vehicle repaired can be taxing and difficult. It is something that we have grown to dread. There is good news though – if you bring your Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and Chrysler vehicles to the All Star Collision Repair Center near Clayton.

All Star has top rated, factory certified and trained technicians that know exactly how to do any and all repairs that might need done on your vehicles. But that’s not all! All Star also offers some really great specials that can offer you some wonderful savings! (Right now, you can go to their website, by clicking the link in this article, and get a coupon for $10 off a coolant flush. Summer has come to St. Louis, so now would be a great time!)

All Star repairs all makes and models in their state-of-the-art Collision Repair Center. If your vehicle is damaged due to a collision, theft or vandalism they can not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations.

All Star is a direct repair facility for most insurance companies, allowing you to one-stop shop. Their relationships with your insurance provider means a simple and hassle-free experience when making claims and approving repairs. Don’t leave your vehicle in the hands of anyone when you can be assured everything will be handled correctly in All Star Dodge Chrysler Jeep’s Collision Repair Center.

Some of the advantages to choosing All Star Dodge Chrysler Jeep’s Collision Repair Center:

  • Free computerized estimates
  • Direct Repair facility with most insurance companies
  • State-of-the-art paint booth
  • PPG paint mixing system
  • Rental cars available

We challenge you to find a better collision repair center than the one at All Star. You won’t find one as knowledgeable as All Star!

Ram 2500: One Powerful Truck

Ram 2500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Glendale

Through the years Ram has put out a number of fantastic trucks, one of which is the Ram 2500 that is available at All Star Dodge Ram near Glendale. Let’s take a look back at how the Ram 2500 got its start and at what it is now!

The Ram 2500 got its start in 1998.  The 1998 Ram 2500 was the first truck of its kind that was offered with four-doors. Integrated new front seatbelts separated the Quad Cab seats. The interior was completely overhauled, too, with a new side airbag cut-off switch and depowered airbags all around. In 1999, the “express down” feature was added for powered window models, and ABS was made a standard feature for 10,000-pound plus haulers. An updated steering and suspension system was unveiled for 2000, alongside several new packages. A new Cummings turbodiesel engine (optional) was introduced for 2001, offering 245 horsepower and 505 pound-feet of torque. In 2001, the Ram 2500 was entirely redesigned, carrying over to 2002 as an all-new model that offered more power, better towing performance and enhanced handling with more effective safety equipment. (This information compiled from nadaguides.com and ram.com.)

What’s new for the 2017 Ram 2500? The Dodge Ram 2500 is a heavy-duty pickup truck that’s available in three different cab sizes and three bed sizes, with the ability to seat up to four passengers. The base model two-door regular cab is offered in seven trim levels. Standard equipment includes 17” steel wheels, lockable tailgate, 40/20/40 splitting front bench seating, tilting steering wheel, USB integration, vinyl upholstery, all-powered accessories, heated/powered side mirrors and six-speaker audio system with USB integration.

You can get more information and take a test drive of the Ram 2500 at All Star. Their team would love to share with you more about this powerful truck! Happy driving!

All Star Dealer Service

Service Department at All Star Dodge Ram near O’Fallon

We are often asked if having your new and used Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, and Jeep vehicles serviced by the dealership is really that important. The answer is yes! The team in the All Star Dodge Ram Service Department near O’Fallon is specially trained to be able to properly maintain and repair all of your vehicles. Let’s take a look at why dealership service is so important.

The technicians at the dealer level are specialists; they are manufacturer-trained and typically work only on your make of vehicle. Most dealers have an ongoing training program for the service staff, which includes not only the service technicians but also the service manager, advisers and support staff. The manufacturers offer these training programs only to their network of dealers. The dealers typically pay for these programs to keep up with the latest vehicle enhancements and repair techniques.

If your car needs repairs covered by its manufacturer warranty, or is backed by a complimentary maintenance plan, then you need to drive to the dealership to take advantage of those services. Further, most dealer service departments will provide a shuttle back to your office or home, provided it’s no farther than five miles or so. Often, these loaners are pulled from cars that are on the dealer’s lot, so this is an opportunity to get to try out a different Dodge Ram vehicle for longer than a test drive with no commitment.

“A huge advantage of using a dealership for repairs is the warranty. A dealer will perform repairs for free if your car is still under warranty. Dealers are paid by the manufacturers to perform this service and require the service technician to verify the problem, so you might find that dealers are hesitant to perform warranty work for problems they have difficulty substantiating.”-edmonds.com

Get your vehicles serviced at All Star today!

How to Shop for a Used Car

Used Car Specials at All Star Dodge Ram near Oakville

When you find that you are in need of a different vehicle, but you don’t want to invest in a new car, a used car from All Star Dodge Ram near Oakville will be your best option. The used cars at All Star have gone through rigorous screening to ensure that you are getting a quality vehicle. You might still be a little unsure about how to go about shopping for a used car. Here are some tips!

  1. Know your budget – A rule of thumb: If you’re taking out a loan to pay for your car, your car payment shouldn’t be more than 20 percent of your take-home pay. If you’re sticking to a tight budget, you may want to spend even less. Used cars will need a little extra attention from time to time: new tires, maintenance and the like. And then there are the other ownership costs shoppers sometimes forget to account for, such as fuel and insurance.
  2. Have target vehicles in mind – We suggest making a list of three cars that meet your needs and fall within your budget. This list will help you stay focused on what car type and features are important to you. If you’re planning to buy a vehicle that is less than 5 years old, consider one that’s certified pre-owned (CPO). CPO vehicles have long-term warranties that are backed by the carmakers, not just the dealership selling it to you. Franchised dealerships that sell that same brand new are the only ones who can sell a CPO car of the same brand.

These are just a couple of tips to help you get a great used car from All Star. If you have any questions about which used car will be right for you, just talk with a member of the All Star team!

Where Has Dodge Been Made?

Dodge Cars at All Star Dodge Ram near Fenton

It’s no secret that Dodge Ram cars have been part of the American landscape for a long time now. They are quality built automobiles that have stylish bodies and interiors, powerful engines, and long lives. Today we want to take a look back at one of the original Dodge manufacturing facilities that was in use for a long time.

When the Dodges decided to move to larger quarters, they bought a large parcel of land in the City of Hamtramck on the outskirts of Detroit. Perhaps they were already considering building their own automobile, but the first wave of construction in 1910-1913 simply provided them with facilities to produce gears, other machined metal products, forgings, and castings. The building contractor, Bryant & Detwiler of Detroit, broke ground on June 1, 1910 and the Dodge brothers began moving into the new buildings in December. Albert Kahn designed a modest brick office building, a small steel and brick powerhouse, a brick watchman’s house, and two steel-framed buildings, a forge shop and blacksmith shop, each 400 feet long. One of Kahn’s 1910 designs was the Machine Shop, a four-story reinforced concrete building with flat-slab framing and ten-sided concrete columns with flared capitals. There were two wings, each 65 feet by 405 feet, joined at the northern end by a segment measuring 65 feet by 235 feet. For Kahn, this was a small project compared to the vast Highland Park complex he planned for Ford. The Detroit architectural firm of Smith, Hinchman & Grylls designed a foundry (1912) and a heat treatment building (1913), both ordinary steel-framed industrial buildings of the era. After 1912, Smith, Hinchman & Grylls designed almost all of the additional construction. (This information was compiled from dodgemotorcar.com and dodge.com.)

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Ram 1500: A Powerful History

Ram 1500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Town and Country

Ram has a history of making the very best pick up trucks on the market, not only today, but for a long time. Each of the Ram trucks has a wonderful slew of features to offer, but we want to focus on the Ram 1500. You can get your own Ram 1500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Town and Country.

1981-1993 – Although Dodge had produced trucks since 1917, the 1981 pickups were the first to sport the Ram name. Dodge actually used a Ram’s head hood ornament back in 1933 to characterize its trucks as rugged vehicles. The symbol was dropped in the 1950s and then resurrected for 1981 when Lee Iacocca (then President and CEO at Chrysler Corp.) and Dodge’s marketing team decided to name Dodge’s trucks after the tough beast and brought back the old mascot. We don’t know why they ever stopped using the Ram symbol, though it was likely due to a poor management decision.

The 1981 pickups kept the previous year’s model designations, i.e., a “D” for two-wheel-drive trucks and a “W” to signify four-wheel-drive trucks. The numbers after the letter indicated what the truck was rated to haul: 150 meant half ton, 250 meant three-quarter ton and 350 meant one ton. Thus a Ram D150 was a two-wheel-drive, half-ton pickup. Four-wheel drive versions were called Power Rams.

“As before, Dodge’s pickups could be had in a variety of cab and bed configurations. Standard cab, extended cab (called Club Cab) and four-door Crew Cab styles offered various passenger-toting ability with wheelbases that ranged from 115 inches (for a standard cab with a 6.5-foot bed) to 165 inches (for a Crew Cab with an 8-foot bed). Bed styles consisted of the nostalgic Utiline (that featured separate rear fender pods and a narrow bed) and the more modern and smooth-sided Sweptline models.”-edmonds.com

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Should I Buy a New Car?

New Cars at All Star Dodge Ram in MO

All Star Dodge Ram in MO has a lot full of the best new and used cars. Before you head out to work with a member of the All Star team, you have a decision to make, new or used? To make this decision, you need to look at your finances for what you can afford, and look at the pros and cons. While buying a used car is the cheaper option, new cars have their benefits too!

New Technology – In the automobile industry, the amazing power of computer processors has sparked a technology revolution, and manufacturers are finally using technology to enhance safety. When you spend on a new car, you can find advanced safety features including:

  • Stability control
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane departure warning
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Rear-view camera

As with earlier developments like anti-lock brakes, these new features are quickly trickling down from high-end luxury cars to family sedans and even economy brands. It’s too soon to find them in most used vehicles, but you can find affordable new cars with great safety features.

Fuel Efficiency- While small fuel efficient cars have been on the market for a few years, the mileage ratings of other vehicles – usually the more budget-friendly cars – have languished until now. In the next few years you’ll see minivans, pickup trucks, luxury cars, and even sports cars posting efficiency numbers that were once only found in hybrids and small economy cars, for example, the Chrysler Pacifica – it’s a hybrid minivan. If you put a lot of mileage on your car, you can balance upfront cost of a new car with the long-term savings of a more efficient engine.

You can see a vast inventory of new cars at All Star Dodge Ram today!

Where it All Started

New Dodge Cars at All Star Dodge Ram near Florissant

Dodge has a long history of making the automobiles on which this country runs. Started by the Dodge brothers in the early 1900’s, Dodge is now an emblem of an enduring tradition of quality vehicles. We want to take a look at how Dodge got its start.

“The incredible Dodge Main plant in Hamtramck was started in June 1910, completed in the same year, and staffed with five thousand workers ($6 million in annual payroll); the unusual 24-acre multi-story plant had the assembly line moving from floor to floor, eventually becoming extremely complex. According to Greg Kowalski, one reason for choosing Hamtramck was because it was on two railroad lines, once of which went straight to Ford’s new plant.”-allpar.com

John and Horace Dodge were in sharp contrast to Henry Ford when it came to employee care; they did not invade their houses or dictate religious practice, but did have a fully staffed medical clinic, a department to look after workers’ social needs, and, perhaps most significantly, a machine shop called “the Playpen” where men could fix or invent things after hours. Employees were served huge platters of sandwiches and pitchers of beer at lunch hours, paid for by the company. In the heat of summer, beer was served in the afternoons in the foundry and forge. You might say that Dodge was the originator of the Google model of handling employees – give an employee freedom and perks and they will be more loyal and more productive than if you were to treat them other wise.

This is just a small glimpse of the overall history of Dodge, you can learn even more at All Star Dodge Ram near Florissant. Get your own Dodge and become a part of the legacy that the Dodge brothers started all those years ago.