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How to Get the Best Deal on a Grand Caravan

SAN JOSECA/USA - MAY 24 2014: Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram automobile dealership sign. All are part of the Chrysler Motor Company an American automobile manufacturer.

Dodge Grand Caravan at All Star Dodge in Missouri

When you are shopping for a new Dodge Grand Caravan at All Star Dodge in Missouri, you are probably out to get the best deal that you can possibly get. Today we want to make a couple of suggestions as to what to do to help yourself get the best price on your Grand Caravan or to at least take some money off of the price.

Trading in your current vehicle is a great way to knock some money off the price of your Grand Caravan. Trade in appraisals usually take time, so if you have called to make an appointment with a salesperson, let them know that you have a trade in and that you would like it appraised as soon as possible. “Getting a trade-in appraised can take time. Moving that process up earlier in the deal-making can speed things along. It also lets the salesperson know that it’s very important to you to get a good trade-in value. If it turns out you and the dealership are thousands of dollars apart on the trade-in value, the earlier you know that, the better,” (edmonds.com). If a high trade in value is important to the sale, and you have laid out that if the price is right you will be purchasing your Grand Caravan now, they might be able to give you a little more money for your trade in than what they would usually do.

Going along with what we have said so far, let the salesperson know that if they make you a great deal that you would be ready to buy right away. A definate purchaser is something that salespeople really love to see, and might be willing to really cut the price to make the sale.

Lay It On the Line

Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, july 30, 2016: Chrysler - American automobile company. Nameplate of Chrysler, chrysler sign

All Star near Town and Country

Sometimes the best approach is the most direct approach. This can be true when you are going to purchase Chrysler Cars from All Star near Town and Country. If you like a car and want to buy it, then you should just lay it on the line – get it all out there. Today we want to give you a few examples of what we mean to lay it on the line.

Let’s say that you love a specific Chrysler model and you want to buy it. You have done your research and know what you want to pay. There is nothing wrong with telling your salesperson that, if they are willing to sell it to you for a specific price, that you will take it today. “Got a price in mind? Don’t be afraid to tell the dealer that. This can cut out a bunch of negotiation and save both you and the dealer some serious time. We understand that some shoppers prefer to keep their magic number close to the chest. They want to see what the dealer comes back with, hoping that it will be lower than their target price. But let us tell you: The chances of that happening are low. In our years selling cars, we were involved in thousands of car deals and can count on one hand the number of times a shopper told us that my selling price was lower than their target price,” (edmonds.com).

There is nothing wrong with setting up expectations with your salesperson; it can even be really helpful. When you set up certain expectations, you are letting your salesperson know what you expect and that you mean business. For more information on the Chrysler Cars that All Star offers, stop by the dealership today!

All Star Has Your Back!

Finance analysis concept using finance sheet with pen and calculator

Guaranteed Financing at All Star Dodge near Clayton

Are you one of the millions of Americans who has less than perfect credit? Do you need a new car? Is the idea of getting financing in order to buy a new car making you sick to your stomach? We think we all know that feeling; it starts in the pit of your stomach and keeps us up at night. What if we told you that you can relax and not worry about trying to get financing? This is all true at Guaranteed Finanicng at All Star Dodge near Clayton! At All Star Dodge they offer guaranteed financing. This means that you can get a great car regardless of your credit.

Something that really sets All Star apart from other dealerships is that they want to help you build up your credit score. They will take the time to find a lender that will work with your current credit history and provide you with an auto loan and an interest rate that you can afford. With your timely and monthly payments, lover time, you will increase your credit score. A better credit score will mean lower interest rates for future purchases, better financing rates for credit cards, and access to better mortgage rates should you want to buy a house or refinance your existing mortgage. Having a better credit score give you piece of mind and can really help you overall. (If there is ever an instance where you have a bad month or forget to make a payment, if you have good credit score, you are more likely to be forgiven without consequence.)

For more information on the guaranteed financing program at All Star, stop by the dealership today and speak with a member of the financing team.

Buying A Ram 3500? Tell Us!

Los Angeles USA - November 19 2015: RAM 3500 2016 on display during the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Ram 3500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Ladue

If you are shopping for a new Ram 3500 at Ram 3500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Ladue, we are so excited for you! Deciding to get a great truck is a wonderful choice! Today we want to share with you a few things that we want you to tell your salesman when shopping at All Star. We know that there are a number of people who will tell you not to tell your saleman certain bits of information so that you will get a better deal – this is not how it works at All Star.

Have a time frame you want to buy within? Tell your salesman! “When you contact the dealership, be sure to tell the salesperson that you’re ready to buy now (some people don’t do this, for whatever reason). If you are frank about being ready to buy, you go from being an average sales lead to a hot prospect. A hot prospect is incredibly attractive to car salespeople, and being one will get you faster, more enthusiastic service and better deal offers. Conversely, if you’re not planning to buy your new car for several months, tell the salesperson that, too. You may not want a lot of immediate follow-up from the dealership if you’re not yet ready to pull the trigger. Telling the dealer you’re six months away from a purchase will slow down the follow-up calls and emails.” -edmonds.com

There is nothing wrong with telling your saleman that you want to buy now. You will not get charged more, in fact you might be able to leverage this into a better deal on your Ram 3500. Who doesn’t love a better deal?

For more information on the Ram 3500, stop by All Star today!

A CPO Could Be the Best Choice for You

CPO on blackboard with businessman in a suit on side

Certified Pre-Owned at All Star Dodge Ram near Creve Coeur

When you are looking to get a different vehicle, you can choose between a new car, a used car, or a certified pre-owned car. There are a number of benefits of buying a new car, no miles, no previous owner, things like that. But there are also a number of great benefits to buying a certified pre-owned car from Certified Pre-Owned at All Star Dodge Ram near Creve Coeur. Today we want to share some of those benefits with you!

While it is true that you will typically pay a higher interest rate on a loan for a used vehicle than you will on a loan for a new vehicle, historically low rates mean that many automakers can offer attractive financing options for their CPO vehicles.

Buying a used car is riskier than buying a new car, because you don’t know with 100-percent surety where that car has been and how it was treated, and there are no guarantees that significant problems won’t arise before you’ve got it paid off. However, when you buy a CPO vehicle, you do get some warranties. CPO models have been thoroughly inspected and must pass a lot of rigorous tests to be classified as CPO.

What’s that old saying? You don’t get something for nothing? That’s true when you decide to save thousands by choosing a used rather than a new car. In exchange for a healthier bank account, you assume some risk, and perhaps lose a little peace-of-mind, but most of this is mitigated when you buy a Certified Pre-Owned Dodge Ram.

For more information on the CPO program at All Star Dodge Ram, stop by the dealership! Their friendly team would be more than happy to show you the vehicles and explain the warranties offered.

Inventory Specials are a Great Value!

Inventory Manufacturing Logistic Reserves Concept

Inventory Specials at All Star near Kirkwood

There are a number of people who really dread buying new cars. They will drive their current vehicles until they cannot be driven any longer, they put off shopping for a new car, and then they mope around the dealership. We think that the cost of a new vehicle is what makes these people so unhappy. We know that a new car is an investment, but at Inventory Specials at All Star near Kirkwood they aim to make your investment cost you less. The way in which they go about lessening your investment cost is by offering inventory specials. These incredible specials allow you to get a great vehicle for a fantastic price.

Shopping for inventory specials can be a little trickier than just doing to the dealership and picking out a car. It isn’t more difficult, but you might have to wait to get the model that you want at a discounted rate. You see, the inventory specials change on a weekly and monthly basis, so you will need to watch and check back often to see which models are currently on special. (If you want, you can meet with a sales team member to discuss the models in which you are interested. They can then send you an email or give you a phone call when the models in which you are interested go on special.)

For more information on the different models that are available, stop by the All Star Dealership. Their sales team members would be more than happy to assist you in finding the right model to suit your new car needs and your driving lifestyle. Don’t get down when you have to buy a new car, get happy with the help of the All Star team.

Renegade – Moving Forward

Helsinki Finland - May 21 2016: New shining red Jeep Renegade side view. It is a subcompact crossover SUV or mini SUV in Europe produced by Jeep

Jeep Renegade at All Star Jeep Dealer near North County

Deciding which Jeep model to buy can be a difficult choice – there are so many great models from which to choose! We think that you will really love the Jeep Renegade, escpecially if you are a trend setter. We do not just want you to take our word for it! Today we want to share with you a review or two from people who have bought the Renegade. We think the people best quailfied for reviewing the Renegade are those who drive it on a daily basis.

Just purchased a Renegade Limited 4×4,Light grey leather interior with red trim, power seat, dual climate control, tow package , MySky sunroof. This is cool little Jeep that is ahead of it`s time, this is our second Jeep and the little details are really cool. Every time I get in our new Limited we find something new in the details. Drove her home about 100 miles after picking her up and used a quarter tank and averaged 30MPG, but still breaking in. Ride was very quite and comfortable. The steering is tight, but very nimble. The MySky sunroof is really cool as well, power sunroof, but you can remove the panels as well to open up the whole top, really ahead of its time. Remember this is Fiat , so it is Italian made. So far there is really nothing that has me really disappointed , very happy with it so far. – Thew

There are a lot of great and lovable features on the Jeep Renegade, stop by Jeep Renegade at All Star Jeep Dealer near North County for more information on everything that is offered. The team at All Star would be more than happy to assist you in any way that they can.

Why You Should Buy a New Town and Country

Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, july 30, 2016: Chrysler - American automobile company. Nameplate of Chrysler, chrysler sign

Chrysler Town and Country at All Star near Clayton

If you are in the market for a new family vehicle, you need to look no further than the Chrysler Town and Country that is available at Chrysler Town and Country at All Star near Clayton. Buying a new Town and Country is a great investment and today we want to share with you a few reasons why buying a new car is a great idea.

They’re Reliable – According to J.D. Power, more than half of car buyers claim that after exterior and interior styling, reliability is the most important factor when choosing a vehicle. Because new cars are typically more reliable than used cars, consumers are likely better served by choosing a new one instead of a used one.

“Qualified language is necessary here because reliability means different things to different people. Especially in recent years, consumer dissatisfaction with user experience and design has colored perceptions of quality and reliability. Keep in mind that the modern definition of reliability encompasses matters of design, user experience, and expectations of operation in addition to outright component failure. Choosing a simpler, less complex vehicle is often the best path to trouble-free car ownership.” – nydailynews.com

There’s Usually a Warranty – New cars come with a warranty, and some are quite generous. This means that if something does break or fails to work as designed or intended, you can get it replaced at no cost.

The warranty package on the Chrysler Town and Country includes:

  • Basic Warranty: 36,000 miles or 36 months
  • Roadside Assistance: 100,000 miles or 60 months
  • Drivetrain Warranty: 60,000 miles or 60 months
  • Rust Warranty: 100,000 miles or 60 months

This comprehensive warranty package can be extended or have coverage added to it.

For more information on the Chrysler Town and Country, stop by All Star today. Happy Shopping!

Which Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Will You Love?

Leningrad region, Russia , July 30, 2016 , Jeep Wrangler at sunset on grief Pulkovo, the Jeep Wrangler is a compact four wheel drive off road and sport utility vehicle

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited at All Star Jeep Dealer near Oakville

We love the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and know that you will too! It is just going to be a matter of which Wrangler Unlimited you will fall in love with. Today we want to take a look at a few of the different trim options and highlight a little about each to help you decide which trim you should go with. It is important to note that some of these trims are special editions and only available for a limited amount of time. (Most of these trims can also be applied to the Jeep Wrangler model, if the Unlimited isn’t quite your style.)

The Jeep Wrangler has been with us in one form or another for 75 years. “Military duty, postal service, rock hopping, mud womping, vacation rental—you name it, Jeep’s original 4×4 has literally put the U in SUV. Everyone’s seen one, and like the original Volkswagen Beetle, odds are good that most people have a Jeep story,” (motortrend.com). With that in mind, the test vehicle in question is the Hard Rock limited edition version of the Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, which adds a bell and a whistle or two over the standard truck.

The Wrangler Rubicon is already as capable as any SUV on the market, but the Hard Rock version does add some spice to the mix, as well as $4,800 to the base price. We’ve seen many of the Hard Rock’s changes before on the Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition, and we’re happy to see them return. Visually speaking, the biggest change over the standard Rubi is the steel front bumper. Featuring removable end caps, red tow hooks, and integrated foglights, the winch-ready metal bumper saves you from turning to the aftermarkets. The Hard Rock also comes with a Power Dome hood. Essentially air vents, the new hood does look pretty good.

For more information, stop by All Star Jeep Dealer near Oakville.

Riding in Style with a Jeep Wrangler

2006 jeep wrangler rubicon. seen at the 2006 detroit auto show. many more cars available in my gallery.

Jeep Wrangler at All Star Jeep Dealer near Ballwin

As summer begins to draw to a close, we start to look forward to all that fall has to offer. In the St. Louis area, we anticipate the changing of the colors of the leaves and the crisp temperatures. A great way to enjoy this upcoming weather is from inside of a Jeep Wrangler from All Star Jeep Dealer near Ballwin. We love the different trims of the Jeep Wrangler but we wanted to share wih you some reviews from people who have bought the Jeep Wrangler.

I’m a first time Jeep buyer. I really enjoy my new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport S. I have 3.73 rear axle gears, so it helps with get up and go. The Jeep runs great, steers sharp and easy to drive. I love it. – Larry

Although Jeep Wrangler isnt the fastest, quietest riding vehicle…its by far the most customizable and coolest vehicle out there! Jeep wrangler is a motivational vehicle..it makes me want to get up & go…somewhere…anywhere! I havent had my Jeep long, but I’ve also heard they are very reliable and easy & affordable to fix if anything needs repair. Not so good on gas, but with the low cost of insurance on this vehicle, I have a little more cash to spend on fuel! – M. Farmer

What can I say? My new Jeep 75 th anniversary unlimited is so much fun to drive. I figure since I drive alot for my business I may as well get something I can have fun in. I take the freedom roof off, crank up my stereo and off I go, a total blast. Makes me feel like I’m 21 again. The vehicle is rock solid and gets alot of looks too! – Frank

For more information on the Jeep Wrangler, head to All Star today!