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Trade In Towards a Grand Caravan!

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Grand Caravan at All Star Dodge in Missouri

Shopping for a new minivan? Want to get something that is sporty and stylish and powerful to boot? Then you need to get the Dodge Grand Caravan at All Star in Missouri. Do you have a vehicle that you would like to trade in towards your Grand Caravan? Even better! To help you get the most for your trade, we would like to share with you some tips on how to get the most for your trade in.

One thing you will want to be sure to do is to remove all your personal items. Check under the seats, in every storage area and the glove box – twice. Then check again. You may be surprised at what you find. Most dealerships have more than enough toys, umbrellas and pairs of sunglasses that have been left behind. There’s no need for you to donate to the cause. While you’re at it, anything that may contain your personal information, such as copies of the registration. And check the owner’s manual to ensure you didn’t write your information there. (Owners manuals can easily be replaced if you have found that you have written all over yours.)

Make sure your vehicle is clean. If possible, get your vehicle detailed. Remember – what you see is what you get. Make sure what the dealer is seeing is the best possible version of your vehicle.

“Other costs to consider when trading your current vehicle are insurance and fuel expenses. If you already know what kind of vehicle you are interested in, you can contact your insurance agent in advance to get some estimated rates. And to calculate the difference in fuel economy, view our fuel expense calculators to quickly determine an estimated difference between Old Faithful and the vehicle that has captured your attention.” -chryslercapital.com

We hope that you have found these tips to be helpful, for more information, stop by All Star today!

Tips for Trading In

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Value Your Trade at All Star near Town and Country

When you go to purchase a Chrysler Car at All Star near Town and Country, you might have a vehicle that you would like to trade in and use that money toward your new vehicle. We are sure that you want to get the very most for your trade, so we would like to share with you a few tips on how to get the most for your trade in.

First you need to determine the estimated value for your vehicle. Edmunds.com and KBB.com (Kelley Blue Book) are good resources for establishing a base value of what your vehicle is worth. Make sure you are realistic about the condition of your vehicle as you enter the information and remember the valuation is simply an estimate. If you want a true valuation of your vehicle based on current market value, you will need to have it appraised at the All Star dealership.

Have your paperwork handy. f you own your vehicle outright, be sure you have the proper title documents before you go to a dealership with the objective of trading the vehicle. Also, if there is a co-owner on the title, that person will need to be available to sign the trade documents.

If you are leasing or still paying your car off, call and get the payoff quote. Then compare that amount to the estimated vehicle value from step one. Doing so can reduce unexpected surprises at the dealership when you owe more than the vehicle is worth. Negative equity, or being upside down as it is sometimes called, is not uncommon and can sometimes be “rolled” (included) into the financing of your new vehicle.

We hope that you have found this information to be helpful. For any questions, stop by All Star today.

We’re Guaranteed WHAT at All Star?

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Guaranteed Financing at All Star near University City

There are few things in life that stress people out more than money. Just the thought of setting up a budget can make your head spin. We spend our lives trying to earn more, spend less, and come out ahead in the end. Sometimes we get put into tough spots because we need something but maybe have not had the best financial track record and that is preventing us from getting what we need. One common instance is when you need to get a new car.

You car is what you use to get to your job, and sometimes you need a new car, because your current one has lost its lust moving ability, but your credit is not fantastic. What are you going to do? Go to a bank and plead for a loan, only to get turned down or get stuck with a ridiculous interest rate? What if we told you that it does not have to be this way? It doesn’t! The team at the All Star Dealership has some great news for you! They offer guaranteed financing to anyone who wants to buy a car from their dealership. It’s true, no matter your credit score or history, the team in the financing department can get you the loan that you need!

This is all possible thanks to the incredible working relationships that the team in the financing department has with thousands of lenders across the country. The team at All Star will work with you to find the right loan at the right rate no matter your credit history. This is an opportunity in which you can rebuild your credit score.

For more information on the guaranteed financing program at All Star near University City, stop by or contact the dealership today!

Reasons to Buy a Ram 3500

Los Angeles USA - November 19 2015: RAM 3500 2016 on display during the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Ram 3500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Ladue

Looking for a new truck to buy can be a difficult task. There are so many different models out there, how are you to know which one is going to be best for you? We think that one model really stands out, it’s the Ram 3500 at All Star Dodge Ram near Ladue. Today we want to share with you some reasons that you will want to buy a Ram 3500.

Hemi Engines – Buyers can choose from two powerful V-8 engines. While the base 5.7-liter engine develops 383 horsepower, the larger 6.4-liter engine churns out 410 horsepower. Both engines have the ability to pull a lot of weight. Even the base engine has an impressive towing capacity of nearly 14,000 pounds. A six-speed automatic transmission comes standard.

Powerstroke Diesel – “When fitted with the Powerstroke diesel engine, the 2016 Ram 3500 Crew Cab becomes a legendary performer. The turbocharged diesel engine develops 385 horsepower and a jaw-dropping 900 pound-feet of torque. The extra torque enables the truck to tow an incredible amount of weight. If needed, drivers will be able to lug around more than 30,000 pounds.” -carbuyingstrategies.com

Manual Transmission Available – Unlike its main rivals, the diesel-powered Ram 3500 can be purchased with a traditional manual transmission. Although the manual version produces a tad less power, it is still a tempting option for some truck enthusiasts. A stick-shift transmission gives the driver far more control over the truck’s performance.

Comfortable – Not only does the 2016 Ram 3500 Crew Cab provide a very roomy cabin, but it also offers a comfortable ride. The standard suspension ensures that the ride remains enjoyable on long journeys. Because of the base model’s comfy interior, work crews can travel without becoming irritated. A Ram Active Air suspension is also available.

For more information on the Ram 3500, head to All Star today!

What Happens During the Financing?

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Certified Pre Owned Dodge Ram at All Star near Creve Coeur

When you are shopping for a Certified Pre-Owned Dodge Ram at All Star near Creve Coeur you might wonder what really happens during the financing phase. This is actually a really common question that we get asked. Today we would like to share with you some information on what you can expect when you go to get financing at All Star.

Once you have settled on the price of your certified pre owned Dodge Ram, as well as the value of any trade in you might be doing, you will start the financing phase. The first thing that they are going to do is ask you to fill out paperwork that will allow them to run your credit score. At All Star they offer guaranteed financing, but they still need to know what your credit looks like so that they can find the right lender. “If you’re not comfortable with the dealer reviewing your credit, don’t give them your social security number. You can arrange for your own financing or pay cash. Keep in mind, though, a dealer cannot accurately quote you a rate or payment amount without running your credit. And sometimes allowing them the opportunity to beat an offer you have in-hand will work to your advantage,” (chryslercapital.com). All Star really needs to know the whole financial picture in order to give you an accurate payment amount.

During financing, you will also be offered a variety of products. The price of some of these products are negotiable, some are not. These products include things like extended service plans, GAP coverage, and other insurances. Most of these things will be optional and it will be up to you to decide what you want to add on or not.

For more information on the different Certified Pre-Owned Dodge Ram vehicles at All Star, stop by the dealership today!

Can Buying a New Car Be Easy?

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New Dodge Cars at All Star near Arnold

So you have found yourself in the market for a new car and are wondering if this is going to be a stressful event or if it can be easy. We know that a lot of people have had difficult experiences while shopping for a new car, but we are here to tell you that if you shop at All Star near Arnold, that getting your next new car can be really easy! Today we want to share with you some information on why shopping at All Star is so easy!

New Car Inventory! – This is huge! At All Star you will find that they have a vast selection of new cars on their lot that you can look at, test drive, and take home. There are even a couple of ways in which you can look through their inventory. One way is to head to the dealership and walk around the lot. If you are not too key on spending your time doing that, especially in the heat we have had in St. Louis lately, then you might want to head to the All Star website and check out their inventory online! All Star is very good at keeping their inventory up to date on their webpages. You can browse through their extensive listings all while in your pajamas and in the comfort of your own home. Shopping for a new car can be comfortable and easy.

Another aspect that makes shopping at All Star the tops is their guaranteed financing program. Anyone who wants to purchase Dodge Cars from their lot is guaranteed to get an auto loan. This is thanks to their great relationships with thousands of lenders.

Make car shopping easy again – head to All Star today!

What to Know About the Jeep Renegade

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Jeep Renegade at All Star Jeep Dealer near Kirkwood

There are a number of different SUV models in the Jeep lineup. Each offers its own special characteristics and qualities that make them dynamic and impressive automobiles. Today we would like to share with you some things that are good to know about the Jeep Renegade that is available at All Star near Kirkwood.

One interesting thing is that the Jeep Renegade is considered the Italian cousin in the Jeep family of vehicles. While it wears the familiar seven slat grille and Jeep badge on the front end, it is actually based on the Fiat platform and is assembled in Italy. “This marks a first for Jeep, as the Renegade is the only SUV to have been built by the brand outside of North American. In the drive train department, there is some Italian influence as well; the entry-level engine for the Renegade is again borrowed from Fiat, but the top-tier unit is a Chrysler design shared with a wide variety of other models in the Chrysler portfolio,” (autobytel.com). In essence, you can get the experience of driving an Italian car that has been beefed up to work in the United States and we think that that is pretty cool.

Another fun point of the Jeep Renegade is its cool retro styling. The Renegade melds modern design cues with retro styling that plays to Jeep’s boxy heritage. Though it has a squared off silhouette, the Jeep Renegade still manages to offer a number of curved surfaces along the fenders and haunches of the vehicle. There are even a number of fun Easter eggs to find on the Renegade. We won’t give them away, but here is a clue – play close attention to the details in the taillights and speaker covers!

For more information, stop by All Star today!



Helpful Tips for Buying a Chrysler Town and Country

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Chrysler Town and Country at All Star near Clayton

When you are in the market for a new Chrysler Town and Country, you might find yourself out of sorts trying to sort everything out. With the help of All Star near Clayton, we would like to share with you some useful information that is sure to help get the Town and Country that would best suit your lifestyle.

If you have a vehicle that you would like to trade-in, you will need to get an appraisal done by the dealership. You might not think twice about letting someone give your vehicle the once over, but you might remember to think to remove your personal artifacts before they look everything over. “Double check the glove box, the center console, the trunk and any other area that might have anything you want to keep. Also, when you’re digging through the glove box, go through the documents in there for anything that may have your name, address or any other personal information on it and remove it. If you wrote any of this in the owner’s manual, black it out, tear it out, or remove the manual altogether (new manuals can easily be purchased online). Finally, make sure your vehicle is clean inside and out. It makes a difference,” (chryslercaptial.com). If your vehicle is clean on the inside and out, it is a lot easier for the appraiser to look at how good of condition your vehicle is in. Lots of unneeded personal items can get in the way and cause the appraisal not to go your way.

For more information on the Chrysler Town and Country or to get an appraisal done, stop by All Star today. Their team is just waiting to assist you!

Tips for Buying a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited at All Star Jeep Dealer near Ballwin

Jeep is classified as one of the most well recognized automobile in the world. It has signature styling that has made it an enduring piece of automotive history for seventy-five years, with no plans of stopping. There are a number of different options and trims available on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited at All Star Jeep Dealer near Ballwin and today, we would like to share some tips with you that might help you when choosing your options.

When choosing a color, options, and accessories, things will mostly come down to your personal preferences and how deep you pockets go. However, when choosing a color, you might want to consider the climate in which you live. In the St. Louis area, we kind of get hit with a little of everything so your exterior color choice might not matter as much as your interior fabric colors. Lighter colored interiors do not absorb as much sunlight and can be cooler than dark colored interiors. A great choice in color combination for the St. Louis area would be a dark colored exterior and a light colored interior. This way, in the winter, your vehicle will quickly melt snow and ice if parked outside and the light interior will keep the interior a little cooler during the hot summer months. Really though, it is all about your personal preferences.

Another good tip when it comes to choosing options and accessories is to set a budget and stay within it. If you think of your budget as an unmovable force, you are likely to avoid putting an unnecessary financial burden on yourself.

For more information on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and its different options and accessories, head to All Star today!

Suspicions Confirmed!

A Red Jeep doing what it does best. See my portfolio for more automotive images!

Jeep Wrangler at All Star near Saint Charles.

For a number of years there have been suspicions that Jeep was considering introducing a truck to the Jeep Wrangler trim line up. At first we suspected that this was just a rumor and that Jeep would not be introducing a pick up truck into the line up ever as opposed to any time soon. However, our spies have confirmed that a Jeep Wrangler pick up truck is in the works.

“The long-wheelbase Wrangler was reported to be under consideration 10 months ago, though the model was likely not greenlit until late fall of 2015. The pickup, which may yet be offered in two-door and four-door form, will be based on the next-generation Wrangler due in late 2017 as a 2018 model.” -autoweek.com

Don’t expect the familiar face of the Wrangler to change much with the 2018 redesign: The Jeep will stay true to its roots as far as looks are concerned, though the windshield will adopt a steeper rake to improve aerodynamics. The 2018 base model will make use of aluminum to save some weight where it counts, mostly in exterior body panels, but it’ll keep its body-on-frame construction and solid front and rear axles; Jeep isn’t messing with these classic elements. Expect more efficient engines and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

It remains to be seen whether Jeep will offer a two-door version of the truck and just how many variants of the bed length buyers will be able to choose from. There’s also the question of whether the Wrangler pickup will be given a distinctive name, or whether it will simply be offered as The Wrangler Pickup.

The pickup itself will likely debut as a 2019 model, going on sale in early 2018 after the refreshed regular Wrangler lands in the second half of 2017.

We will be happily awaiting the arrival of this Jeep Wrangler truck at All Star near Saint Charles!