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Grand Caravan – Storage Galore!

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Dodge Grand Caravan at All Star near St. Louis

How many times have you heard someone say that they will never own a minivan? It seems to be a common thing that people just do not want to own or drive a minivan. We just do not understand why this is. Perhaps it is because people still have the image of the big and bulky minivans from the 1980’s that were a little ridiculous looking. Gone are the days of the ugly and bulky minivans, say hello to the new, trim, lead and mean minivan of today, the Dodge Grand Caravan at All Star near St. Louis.

The new Dodge Grand Caravan throws everything you thought you knew about minivans out the window as they have redesigned this vehicle to impressive specifications. What makes the Grand Caravan so great? Here are a few things to look at:

  • Power equipment provides the convenience of finger tip operation. All you have to do is touch one button and you can open the available power sliding doors, liftgate, and windows. Adjust the position of the available power front seats and exterior mirrors quickly and easily. You can even set the perfect temperature for each of the three rows and the available three-zone automatic temperature control system will maintain them.
  • When the Dodge Grand Caravan is parked, the 60/40 split folding thrid-row seats can flip completely rearward in to the tailgate position to make for a great place to view a game or Mother Nature. You can even recline the seats if you want and with the liftgate to protect you from rain, there is nothing to stop you from keeping your outdoor plans.

For more information on the Dodge Grand Caravan, just head to All Star. Their staff will happily show you all of the great features. Say hello to today’s minivan!

All Star: Helping to Keep You Safe

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Service Department at All Star near O’Fallon

As we say goodbye to a pretty mild January, we start to think about what February might hold. Will it continue to be mild or will we be paying for the nice January with a terrible February filled with snow and ice storms. Living in the midwest means that it is possible that either of those scenarios can happen. This area can seem to experience all four seasons in one day, just one of the perks of living near St. Louis. The possibility of dealing with in-climate weather is a very real situation and it is best to be prepared should the worst happen. You know the old expression, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. All Star is here to help you do just that!

The service department at All Star near O’Fallon is ready to get your Chrysler Cars ready for whatever winter might bring. They have factory trained technicians that know just what to do to winterize all of your vehicles. They will replace engine fluids with ones that are designed to function better during colder temperatures and they will check you tires to be sure that you have enough tread to drive in difficult road conditions. (Everyone seems to forget how important tires really are, they are the shoes of your car for crying out loud!) If the techinicians see that your Chrysler could use a better set of tires, they will consult you and make some recommendations for replacement. All Star is great at having a full stock of tires available anytime.

We encourage you to prepare for whatever kind of a winter we end up having. Remember, then best offense is a good defense. Get your Chrysler Cars winter ready today, head to All Star!

No Financing Woes at All Star

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Guaranteed Financing at All Star near Ellisville

As we get ready to say goodbye to January, we cannot help but wonder if we got our finances where we want them to be. January is usually the month that a lot of families review their budgets and see where they can improve their financial position. A new year is also a time when people who maybe have a rough credit history try to improve their credit scores. Did you know that All Star near Ellisville wants to help you improve your credit score? They do!

You might we wondering how a car dealership can help to improve your credit score. The answer is simple guaranteed financing. You see, a lot of people want to improve their credit score but cannot because no company will give them a loan. Home loans and auto loans are the best way to improve a credit score because these loans are secured debts. (A secured debt it a debt that is backed by collateral, like the home or the vehicle.) If you cannot get a lender to give you a loan towards a car purchase, then how can you every hope to improve your credit history? This is where All Star really steps up to the plate. They understand just how important credit is and are willing to help their customers improve it. All Star offers guaranteed financing to everyone who decides to purchase a vehicle from their dealership. They work with an extensive group of lenders to help you get a loan at a good rate.

Not every dealership is willing to do this for their customers, but this is one way that All Star sets themselves apart from the rest of the dealership pack. Not to mention that they have an amazing inventory from which to choose! Head to All Star today for your next automobile purchase!

Ram 3500: Can You Handle It?

Los Angeles USA - November 19 2015: RAM 3500 2016 on display during the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Ram 3500 at All Star near Glendale

If you are looking to purchase a new truck, it is likely that you have run across a bunch of different manufacturers that offer some mid-grade trucks with a heavy price tag that just will not perform. If you want a truck that is ready to handle everything that you have to throw at it, then you need to purchase the Ram 3500 from All Star near Glendale.

This truck is the biggest in the Ram truck class and has the one of the most powerful engines on the market. Its towing capabilities are unparalleled and can haul way more than you would think a truck can pull. It has impressive fuel economy without sacrificing torque. In fact, it had the Best in Class max tow. There is not much more than you can ask from a truck. But then, there is more.

Ram decided that there was no reason that the interior of truck should not be luxurious and comfortable. Just because you and your truck work hard does not mean you have to do so in an uncomfortable or cramped area. The Ram 3500 comes with a screen display and an aeronautic like instrument panel. You will also find that it comes with several hidden storage areas in the cabin to keep your things safely stored while traveling. If you are taking your truck for a romantic weekend away with your honey, they will be extremely comfortable in the passenger seat, which has ample leg room.

There are so many great features on the Ram 3500 that you really need to come to the dealership to see it for yourself.  We encourage you to take it for a test drive and get a sense of how truly incredible this truck is. You will not be disappointed!

Pre-Owned the Way to Go!

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Pre-Owned Inventory at All Star near St. Peters

As January draws to a close, we think of the resolutions that we made and whether or not we have made solid effort at accomplishing those resolutions. In some cases we might have done a great job, in other situations, maybe not so much. What about your resolution to trade in your current vehicle for something that is newer and has better fuel effciency? If you still have not done that, then what are you waiting for? Worried that you do not have the financed to accomplish this resolution? Do not worry, head to All Star near St. Peters!

All Star has an amazing selection of pre-owned inventory from which you can choose. What makes the pre-owned vehicles at All Star so great is their condition. In a lot of situations, the only indication that someone else owned the car is that there are miles on the odometer, otherwise, they usually look brand new! We are trying to tell you that you can get a like new car at a used car price! What a deal! You are sure to find what you are looking for and stay within your budget. You would be being financially responsible and getting a new car, this is great!

You might be worried a little about financing. Maybe you have less than perfect credit and are worried that you are going to be killed on the interest rate. You should not worry about this either. All Star offers guaranteed financing for their customers. The finance department works with so many different lenders that they know they can find a great auto loan for you.

Isn’t it time you make a resolution as accomplished? Head to All Star today and check out their amazing pre-owned vehicle selection today. Get the car you deserve!

Inventory Specials at All Star

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Inventory Specials at All Star near Florissant

Shopping for a new car can be a really fun thing! Who is not excited to get a new car?! We know that we always are. The big concern that most people have though, is how much this new car will cost. In the current economy, people are working harder than ever to stay within their budget and be financially conscious. There is no need to worry about staying on budget at All Star near Florissant as they have a ton of great inventory specials!

What is an inventory special? An inventory special is usually a vehicle or a line of vehicle models that the manufacturer might have over made or just wants to offer special discounts to encourage people to purchase that particular model and get it on the road. (The more of a certain brand and model of vehicle is on the road, the more free marketing the manufacturer gets, therefore they want more of their cars on the road!) You can end up with some really impressive savings when you purchase one of these vehicles that is on special.

In order to qualify for a vehicle special you will sometimes have to buy a specific model year or a vehicle with certain features. Other times, you just need to purchase any of that model and you will get an increased amount of cash back or a special interest rate. Who does not love cash back? The specialty interest rates can also be a great opportunity for you to get a nicer or more fully loaded vehicle for less cost.

For more information on the current vehicle specials and to see while models are currently included, check out the All Star website or stop by the dealership today. The models that are on special change frequently, so check back often!

Say Hello to Excitement!

Los Angeles USA - November 18 2015: Jeep Renegader on display during the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Jeep Renegade at All Star near Bridgeton

Are you tired of the same old, same old, run of the mill SUV? Do you want a little more excitement in your driving lifestyle? Are you ready to face the world with an increased level of vigor? If so, then the Jeep Renegade at All Star near Bridgeton is the vehicle for you! One of the newer members to the Jeep family, the Renegade is jam packed full of exciting features to help you take on the road ahead with a renewed sense of adventure.

The Jeep Renegade comes equipped with a number of different features that you really need to check out for yourself. Some of these features included as standard are:

  • 1.4L Turbo engine with six-speed manual transmission
  • 16 inch steel wheels
  • 3.5 inch personalized instrument cluster
  • remote keyless entry with panic alarm
  • height adjustable rear cargo floor
  • front and rear power windows with driver and passenger one touch up and down
  • steering wheel mounted audio controls
  • fold forward front passenger seat
  • Hill Start Assist

Some of  the additional optional features include the My Sky dual panel roof that allows you to have an open air driving experience. You might also be interested to know that the Jeep Renegade won the Best in Class 4×4 capability. This system reduces energy loss and increases fuel efficiency when the 4×4 capability is not needed and enhances handling and traction when the 4×4 driving is needed. You will find that the only limits to what the Jeep Renegade can do are the limits that you put upon it. It will gladly take on anything that you bear to put it through.

To see this handsomely rugged automobile, head to the All Star dealership today. A member of the team will show you all of these impressive features. Adventure is waiting!

Ready For Fun?!

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Chrysler Town and Country at All Star near IL

January is nearly over! We are one month closer to the end of winter and the beginning of spring! While it has been a more mild winter, knock on wood, it is still nice to look forward to the warmer spring days and all of the fun we are going to have. If you grew up with going on trips with your family, parents and siblings, you know how much fun these trips can be. It also means that you know just how annoying those trips can be when traveling in a cramped space with your siblings. Tight spaces is a concern that your children or family members will not have to worry about if you have a Chrysler Town and Country from All Star  near IL.

The Chrysler Town and Country is incredibly spacious and allows for ample leg room and head room. We have noticed that some cross over vehicles seem to have sacrificed space in an effort to make the bodies look more sporty. What a shame! The Town and Country did not take this approach. In fact, Chrysler did everything in their power to engineer and design one of the most spacious cross over vehicles on the market today! No more grumpy kids in the back seat complaining that someone is touching them or breathing on them because of lack of space. Each passenger can enjoy all aspects of your road trips with incredible comfort.

Do not just take our word for it! Bring your whole family down to the All Star dealership and take a test drive. You will be able to see for yourself just how roomy and spacious the Chrysler Town and Country really is. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of the friendly sales associates. They are happy to assist you!

A Timeless Classic

PILSEN CZECH REPUBLIC - MARCH 19, 2015: The Jeep Wrangler (Wrangler Unlimited model Sahara) is a four-wheel drive off-road and sport utility vehicle (SUV), manufactured by American automaker Chrysler.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited at All Star near Illinois

Hard to believe that January is almost over! 2016 certainly got off to a fast start! This is a big year for a number of reasons too. It is an election year, which we are sure that everyone is excited about, campaign commercials, woo hoo…This is also a big year for Jeep; they are celebrating their 75th anniversary! Can you believe that Jeep has been around for seventy five years already? In celebration of their anniversary, Jeep has decided to up their game and offer a ton of additional options to all of their models. This is great news for anyone looking to purchase a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited from All Star near Illinois!

We thought it might be fun to give you a little history on the Jeep company. During World War II the United States government commissioned automobile manufacturers to make them samples of vehicles that could more easily cover the different terrains of Europe. Their  current vehicles were frequently getting stuck and just were not built to be off road. There were a lot of different prototypes submitted but it came down to two small companies. One of those companies was Bantham. Ultimately the US government with with their design. This prototype is what we think of when we imagine the vehicles that were used during the war.

This initial Bantham grew into the Jeep company that we know and love today. In fact, it is the inspiration for the Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. When you own a Wrangler it is like you are part of a long legacy going all the way back to the 1940’s.

For more information on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, head to All Star today! Their friendly sales team would be more than happy to help you!

Happy Anniversary Jeep!

CAMBRAI FRANCE - JUNE 26: World War II US Army Jeep on display at the Cambrai National Airshow on June 26 2010 in Cambrai France

Jeep Wrangler at All Star Jeep Dealer in MO

The year 2016 is a big year for Jeep. They are celebrating their 75th anniversary! To better celebrate so many years of manufacturing some of the very best vehicles on the road, Jeep has decided to offer even more amazing features to be available for their top models. The Jeep Wrangler is no exception!

Jeep made its debut in World War II. The Army was desperate for a vehicle that could better handle difficult driving terrains. “In the late-1930s, the U.S. Army set out to define a list of specifications for the ultimate scout car. After testing various vehicles, including the American-made Bantam, the Army settled on a list of requirements. Among them were: four-wheel drive, a maximum weight of 1,300 lb., 85 lb-ft. of torque, and payload of 600 lb. The Army also delineated an aggressive production timeline — selected manufacturers would have 49 days to produce a working prototype.” (4wd website)

“Military decision-makers then waited with anticipation for American engineers to flex their ingenuity. Soon enough, it became clear that the specs and the timeline of the project were unrealistic. Of the 135 manufacturers that were invited to bid on the contract, only The American Bantam Car Company and Willys-Overland responded.”(4wd website)

It was from these two companies that Jeep was born. The orignial Bantam prototype is what we think of when we image WWII vehilces. This same Bantam prototypes has been the major inspiration for the current Jeep Wrangler. You could even say that the heart of each Wrangler is the spirit that bore the original Batham.

For more information on the Jeep Wrangler, head to the All Star Jeep Dealer in MO. Their knowledgeable staff will share more on the history of Jeep and on the features that make up today’s Jeep.