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Stock Up on Fun Gear for Spring!

Mountainbiker in the AlpsThe winter weather may allow you to have a great time in the snow. It certainly allows you to have some fun with your Ram’s capabilities in wintery conditions. However, when the snow melts it can still be time to play. Soon enough the temperatures are going to be rising and you want to make sure you have the gear to het you ready.

When you’re talking about gear for your Ram, it doesn’t get better than Mopar® accessories. Mopar® creates gear especially for Ram and their parts are tailored to each and every Ram vehicle. This means you can skip the headache that comes from dealing with parts that are engineered to fit a variety of vehicles.

Starting with a Sport Utility Bar is the best way to outfit your Ram. It provides for a multitude of needs to start with a basic that you can build on. They have the added bonus of supporting additional racks for bikes, kayaks, cargo, etc.  in In addition to extending your truck bed’s carrying capacity.

Tents are designed to be the perfect addition to the bed of your truck or even to act a stand alone. The versatility of Mopar’s® tents for Ram Trucks is exactly what you need no matter if you are looking for extra space on your family camping trip or in need of extra cover for your hunting gear.

Maybe you love to hit the bike trails. But before you can to that you have to hit the road. Thule bike racks are prefect for making sure your bikes get there with you. Working seamlessly with your utility bars or cross bars, Thule is the way to go.

Cargo ramps, cargo nets, carriers, guards, side and stirrup steps, and so much more are other available accessories. If you combine these with your tie-downs and straps and you’ll be ready for almost anything your weekend could throw at you. Your dealer of Dodge Ram near O’Fallon hope that you are as ready for the warm weather as they are! Warm weather means you can get out there, tie it down, rack it up, and get off the highway and into your favorite fun.



Ram Trucks Go High Octane

Beautiful snow-capped mountains against the blue sky in AntarctiAs an addition to the already legendary 5.7L HEMI and super capable 6.7L Cummins Dodge announced that their Heavy Duty lineup would be available with our 6.4L HEMI. For those buyers who prefer to drive a gas engine truck a  gas engine option that would offer truly Heavy Duty capability. The 6.4L HEMI lives up to its name because it produces 410HP and 429 lb/ft of torque. This offers even more than enough power and torque day in and day out to get the job done for Heavy Duty buyers.

Of course, Dodge could not wait to put it to the test from the moment the engine was announced. The Ram team in Detroit is the toughest of the tough and Dodge wanted to see what the new HEMI was really made out of. To put the HEMI through its paces Dodge headed north and found some of the coldest and most isolated areas possible.

Although, they didn’t go alone. They took professional snowboarder DCP with them. Taking on mountains is DCP’s specialty. Between the time behind the wheel and on his board DCP made the most of his experience. He definitely wasn’t disappointed.

The Ram 2500 was the real hero when talking about climbing snow-covered mountain roads. Without it, the experience would have ended at the base of the mountain. Of course, the  ascent wasn’t easy, but the HEMI and the 2500 did their jobs perfectly.

If you know anything about the Ram team, you’ll know that they work just as hard as they play. That meant hooking up the plow just to see how much snow the 2500 would push around. It doesn’t need to be said, but Dodge was not surprised when it got the job done.

Your dealer of Dodge Ram near Ellisville is so excited about the guts and glory that are coming from the new HEMI and the Dodge 2500!


Stay Restless with the 2014 Jeep Cherokee

Anxious woman thinking while she is sat in her bed next to her sWhen you deny your curiosity long enough a feeling or restlessness begins to build. Waiting too long to discover something new leave you feeling itchy. This restlessness is the drive that you need to keep going. This feeling keeps you running and acting on all of your passions. Restlessness is the thing that fuels your ambitions.

This feeling, this restlessness, that drives you to keep going, running, acting, finding, and daring is the reason that we made the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee.

Delivering up to 31 mpg highway and a standard nine-speed automatic transmission is this new Cherokee. The IIHS recently names is a Top Safety Pick because of its available safety features. Things like Forward Collision Warning-Plus and Blind Spot Monitoring are just a few. Chasing the horizon is the number one goal of the all-new Cherokee.

Interiors can include options like heated front seats, leather-trimmed bucket seats, 8-way power driver seat, premium leather-trimmed bucket seats, heated steering wheeling, a leather wrapped steering wheel and ambient LED interior lighting.

And of course the audio and multimedia keep you plugged in with 5.0-inch to 8.4 inch touch screen display options, 6 speakers of 9 amplified speakers and subwoofers a long with loads of connectivity options with Uconnect®.

When your restlessness leads you off the beaten path the Trailhawk model is Trail Rated®. A one-inch factory lift, off-road suspension, and skid plates are standard.

The restless are always ready, and this includes your Jeep Dealer St. Louis! Are you restless? Keep up with the action with #StayRestless.

The Original Scat Pack Debut (Part 2)

Dodge Cars St. LouisAs is the cars that were highlighted in the late 1960s and early 1970s were not enough, there was another icon that made consistent appearances. Joe Higgins, the Dodge Safety Sherriff was always good for some advice. “Ya’ll drive careful now, hear?”, he would instruct Dodge owners from their televisions and print ads.

Sheriff Higgins was features at the 1969 Chicago Auto Show and he signed so may autographs his hand went numb.

The auto show circuit was also traveled by several Dodger spokesmodels that answer questions about the Dodge Scat Pack vehicles while dressed in the latest fashions. Of course, these fashions are all donned with the Dodge Scat Pack logo. Other marketing materials, like bumper stickers saying “Run with the Dodge Scat Pack” rapidly became mementos sought after by the clamoring show attendees.

The Dodge Scat Pack Mini-Tickler is one exceedingly rare marketing knickknack. Less that 1,000 pieces of this unique costume jewelry were distributed to Dodge spokesmodels and female members of the Dodge Scat Pack Mini-Tickler. The oh-so-1960s marketing copy began “For all the scat kittens who swing with the Scat Packers …” Today, an original piece will cost around $800.

The same treatment is being given to the present-day Dodge Scat Pack as the original received. Authentic retro attire with the Scat Pack logo has been divvied out to the Dodge spokesmodels. Even a new, specifically reproduced version of the Mini-Tickler will be a fixture at auto shows throughout 2014. These will be providing information about the new Dodge Scat package vehicles and performance upgrade kits on display.

Vehicle and displays for the reincarnated Dodge Scat Pack will be coming soon to an auto show near you Dodge Cars, St. Louis! A new generation of enthusiasts’ passion will be fueled with this look at the original line-up.

Blast From the Past: 1930s Dodge Taxicabs

carpool economyBack in the day, the Dodge Brothers cars were favorites for taxicab use. Their reputation for reliablility and ruggedness made them a top pick. For instance, a handsom 1930 DD Series Sedan.

The full name “Dodge Brothers” was used for the last time in the 1930 model year. John F. and Horace E Dodge passed away in 1920. Chrystler became a part of the company in 1928. Brothers was dropped from the names in 1931 and the marketing for the cars became simple Dodge. However, this name had applied only to trucks the year before. Even though part of the original names was dropped a pair of interlocking white and black triangles that created the original logo stuck around util 1939.
A 109-inch-wheelbase chassis with wood-spoke wheels and a six-cylinder, L-head engine that produced 61 horsepower was what the 1930 DD models were built on. While there quaint specification may seem almost primitive today, at the time the Dodge Brothers cars were highly regarded based on their engineering and construction.

In fact, few if any repairs were needed even after a run of thousands of miles made Dodge vehicles quite noteable. As a publicity exercise a Mileage Marathon sent a 1930 Dodge 8 Sedan aroungd the country and racking up over 104,000 miles in 13 months. Which in those days is an impressive feat. Being a taxicab didn’t even phase the Dodge’s nearly indestructible nature.

The early 1930s brought little prestige to taxi drivers. In fact, printing prices on the outsides of vehicles kept everyone honest. And back then, you could get pretty far on just 15 cents!

Sometimes as parents, you may feel like you drive a taxi! Since you can’t really charge your kind for the carpooling, you should at least have a ride that you can be proud of and meets all your needs. That is why a Dodge Grand Caravan St. Louis might be right for you!

Chrysler’s President’s Day Event Continues Until March 3rd!

Guaranteed St Louis Chrysler Cars Auto LoansChrysler’s President’s Day Event is a great way to save on the lease or financing deal you need on a new 2014 Chrysler vehicle!  Let’s take a closer look at the savings you can expect when taking advantage of this special offer.

For those who like the idea of a low-mileage lease, you can now lease a 2014 Chrysler Town & Country Touring for $299 per month for 36 months with $2,999 total cash due at signing. No security deposit is required with this offer, yet taxes, fees, and title charges are extra.

If a  2014 Chrysler Town & Country Limited is what you’ve been looking for, get low 0% APR Financing plus up to $1,500 Cash Allowance when qualifying before March 3rd.  Or, get low 0% APR Financing plus $500 Cash Allowance on the 2014 Chrysler Town & Country S, 30th Anniversary Edition, or Touring, Touring – L trim level when qualifying before March 3rd.

You can also take advantage of up to $3,000 Cash Allowance on the 2014 Chrysler Town & Country Limited or up to $2000 Cash Allowance on the 2014 Chrysler Town & Country S, 30th Anniversary Edition, or Touring, Touring – L trim level when qualifying before March 3rd.

Buyers can also score very low 0% APR Financing on new 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Touring L, Limited, Touring, and S models during this limited time engagement!

Don’t delay the purchase of a new Chrysler Town & Country or Chrysler car any longer!  All-Star’s O’Fallon area new Chrysler cars financing department is ready to assist you with these and many more offers!  Contact the Chrysler auto loan specialists at All-Star to talk about our guaranteed financing and get pre-approved today!  You won’t find a lower interest rate or more money-saving offers from any other St Louis Area Chrysler Dealer!

1982 Dodge 400 Coupe

A green two-way street sign pointing to Old and New, letting youIn 1982 the Dodge 400 was introduced. It helped us enter into a time of new compact luxury cars that emerged in the 1980s. All the Dodge ads boasted, “Owning one it like owning the road.”

The 400 and the Dodge Aries, the hot selling front-drive compact sedan, shared a basic k-car architecture. However, the 400 was dubbed the “Super K” from the DOdge engineering team because it also featured additional structure and enhancements. In a grand effort to give the buyers a luxury-car experience in a compact package extra sound insulation and other measures were utilized to make the ride as plush and quiet as possible

Premium upholstery materials, wood-grain interior trim and thick-pile carpeting were all additional luxury appointments included. Even more features were added in the optional LS package. This included things like velvet seats, a digital clock and a custom steering wheel. Two available engines (a 2.2-liter four-cylinder and a 2.6-liter Silent Shaft four-cylinder) and just one transmission (a three-speed automatic) made the 400 even more customizable.

The two available body styles for the Dodge 440 were a stylish two-door coupe and four-door sedan. The both featured thickly padded vinyl tops as standard equipment. A four-passenger coupe convertible was introduced halfway through 1982. Convertibles were extremely rare at the time, so it drew much media attention.

The 400 proved to be so successful in the compact luxury class that the coupe and convertible models were places up market in 1983 to become a part of the Dodge mid-sized line.

Your Dodge Dealer St. Louis just loves looking at the great Dodge’s of the past. Did you or a family member ever own one of these classics?

The 2015 Chrysler 200 is “America’s Import”

IL Area Chrysler Cars InventoryChrysler’s new two-minute television commercial, entitled “America’s Import”, has gained notariety in the 2014 annual YouTube Ad Blitz contest.  The ad, which first aired during this year’s Super Bowl, not only features the legendary American musician/singer/songwriter Bob Dylan, but also uses the artist’s track “Things Have Changed”.  According to Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC, “The annual YouTube Ad Blitz poll is a key indicator of impact of the Super Bowl commercials, and we are proud to hold the top auto position now for the fourth consecutive year.  This year’s 2-minute commercial entitled ‘America’s Import’ struck a chord with millions of viewers as it introduced our latest innovation, the all-new Chrysler 200 coming to market this spring.”

“America’s Import” placed third in this year’s contest.  This is the fourth consecutive year that one of Chrysler Group’s Super Bowl commercials has landed in the top automotive spot Previous winning spots have featured Eminem, Clint Eastwood, and the legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey.

Winners of YouTube’s Ad Blitz are those that viewers choose to represent the most popular commercials from the Super Bowl of that year.  All winners are chosen by viewers and voted for on YouTube.  Take a look at Chrysler’s “American Import” ad below!

The Chrysler Brand offers luxury car buyers the opportunity to chose from four distinctly designed models.  These models include the Chrysler 200, Chrysler 200 Convertible, Chrysler 300, and the Chrysler Town & Country.   Each of these products offer the latest innovations with leading design, engineering, and value.  This leaves the luxury buyer with an abundance of choices to meet their growing needs.

Visit All-Star’s Chrysler cars dealership near Florissant to take a look at all of these models.  All-Star carries the area’s best selection and offers the lowest everyday prices. Thank you for considering the Chrysler Brand.

2014 Ram EcoDiesel Exceeds Sales Expectations

The words Time for Something New on a clock showing need for chaThe new 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel proves that Ram is onto something incredible. This powertrain has far surpasses the company’s expectations for the initial demand for this oil-burner. More than 8000 orders were reportedly received by Ram within the first three days of opening up orders, filling the initial allocation for this configuration.

This month started the production for the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. Next month will begin the shipment of the trucks to the consumers. One thing to keep in mind that has been pointed out by Ram is that many buyers who ordered an EcoDiesel have already paid for the truck. This purchase was made despite not having test-driven the truck when it will be equipped with the 3.0 liter turbo diesel V-6 engine. This is a true testament to how eager buyers are for this sort of vehicle.

The only half-ton truck available with a diesel is the Ram 1500. Ram sees this as incremental business by having the only truck that can offer best-in-class fuel economy of 28 mpg. Especially since it is combined with 9200 lbs of towing capacity. The EPA rating is 20/28 mpg for rear-wheel0drive models and 19/27 mpg city/highway for four-wheel-drive models. This is much higher than any other half-ton pickup. The EcoDiesel also makes 420 lb-ft of torque, competing with many other trucks’ V-8 engines.

The EcoDiesel-equipped Ram models are currently being built by Ram in “popular configurations”. Although, customers that still place orders to spec their truck out with a wide range of combinations. All Ram 1500 EcoDiesel models are equipped with eight-speed automatic transmissions and cost ranges based on trim.

Your dealer of Ram 1500 St. Louis wants you to try out the new EcoDiesel and see what you think. Check out All Star Dodge for more information.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Named ‘Most Loved Mid-Size SUV in America’

Town & Country Area New Dodge Dealer InventoryOn February 14th, Strategic Vision released it’s list of “Most Loved Vehicles in America” and the Jeep Grand Cherokee, along with six other Chrysler Group LLC vehicles, topped the list.  According to Reid Bigland, Head of U.S. Sales – Chrysler Group LLC, “Having seven Chrysler Group vehicles named as ‘Most Loved Vehicles in America’ by Strategic Vision is a terrific honor.  It’s meaningful to have our customers express their satisfaction and emotional attachment they have with our vehicles; that is what drives us to create and develop vehicles that customers can continue to love.”

All of Chrysler Group, LLC’s winners are as follows:

  • Dodge Dart for Small Car
  • Dodge Durango for Mid-size SUV
  • Dodge Charger for Large Car
  • Dodge Challenger for Specialty Coupe
  • Jeep® Grand Cherokee for Mid-size SUV
  • Ram 1500 for Full-size Pickup
  • Ram 2500 and 3500 for Heavy Duty Pickup

The experts as Strategic Vision come up with it’s list of  “Most Loved Vehicles in America” by surveying customers on whether they hate or lover their vehicles as a whole,  whether they hate or love particular aspects of their vehicles, and whether they love or hate certain experiences their vehicles deliver.  Surveyed customers give a one thru seven rating for their vehicles in the categories of commitment, overall satisfaction, total top emotional responses, proposed repurchase loyalty, and actual repurchase loyalty.  For this survey a one equated to hating a certain aspect and a seven equated to loving a certain aspect.

At All-Star Chrylser Dodge Ram Jeep dealer near Town and Country, you will find a large selection of all of these “Most Loved” vehicles!  Stop by today and let one of our sales experts assist you in choosing the perfect model for your needs!