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Tips For Preventing Loose Hubcaps

Bridgeton, Florissant, St PetersWe’ve all seen it: Hubcaps of various types littering our streets and parking lots.  I recently read an article about hubcaps and it made me wonder if I was doing all I could to make sure mine were safe and secure on my vehicle.  Here are some tips I found to help insure the hubcaps on the side of the road do not belong to any of my cars. First, you will want to regularly check your hubcaps to make sure they are tightly secured.  You can check this by grabbing the hubcap on your wheels and pulling on them to make sure they are tight and snug. You’ll especially want to verify this if you’ve recently had your tires worked on by a mechanic.  Next, you will want to make sure you stay as far away from curbs as possible.  When you hit a curb or a pothole with your tire, it will almost always loosen the hubcap clamps. The wheel itself can actually become misshaped.  Once the shape of the hubcap or the wheel is deformed it may not fit properly and can come lose.

You’ll also want to avoid applying lubricants on or near the wheels where the hubcaps are place.  This includes products that are used to clean wheels are tires.  These products are often oil based and can cause the hubcaps to loosen.

If you’ve tried the above items and are still having trouble, or you don’t feel comfortable checking things on your own, just make a quick visit to your local Certified Jeep Dealer and one of the friendly service men will be able to assist you or answer questions you may have.

Is The Cash For Clunkers Program Right For You

Wood River JerseyvilleThe EPA recently updated the gas mileage guide. The guide is used as a basis to calculate the rating on vehicles miles per gallon. It is from that EPA gas mileage guide that several dealerships base their numbers. With the recent implementation of the cash for clunkers program by the government, many car owns are trying to wade through the information to determine whether or not their vehicle qualifies for the program, or if its even worth it for them to use their current vehicle as a trade-in through the program.

The EPA guide rating dictates the value of the trade-in. The MPG rating on a vehicle used to hold little value to most consumers, but with the current economy and surging gas prices many people have shied away from vehicles that with higher mpg ratings.  But not everyone is satisfied with giving up their coveted SUV or big truck.

When the government decided to step in and offer the cash for clunkers program, it gave many consumers alternative options and the ability to still purchase that SUV or truck, even if their current trade would yield a much lower value in the open market.

TheEPA calculates the average city miles per gallon total and then calculates the same rating for highway mileage. The final calculation comes from the combined value mpg of both city and highway, a full rating is issued, dealerships can then determine the cash for clunkers value of the trade in, and negotiations can begin.

Do your research ahead of time.  Track the mpg on your current vehicle, and know your rating ahead of time. Then take a trip to your local Dodge Dealer to discuss your options.  This could save you and your family time, money and could put you in the car, truck or SUV you’ve been dreaming about.

The Hype over Hypermilling

St Peters St LouisIn the midst of a poor economy with gas prices continue to rise, there’s been a lot of talk about a thing called “Hypermilling”.  But what exactly is this thing called Hypermilling?  Wikipedia defines it as: the act of driving using techniques that maximize fuel economy. It’s a great idea, especially for cars that a notorious for higher gas mileage.  For those asking if there’s any validity behind the methods, we found a few interesting facts. And you’ll be happy to note; some of these mothods can be used on cars that are already getting decent gas mileage.

With Hypermilling, there is no need to modify the car in any way.  Put simply, it’s more of a change in driving behaviors and according to Allstate, it can improve gas mileage on most cars up to 55%.

It all starts with maintenance of the vehicle.  Regular oil changes and keeping those tune up appointments are two key factors.  This behavior alone will save you money at the pump. As much as a 19% savings!  Correct and appropriate tire inflation can help with the fuel efficiency of a vehicle and lightening the load in your vehicle is another means of saving on gas mileage.  This will add another 2% to the tally.

Believe it or not, speeding up and slowing down will cause you to use more gas.  Don’t be afraid to use that cruise control.  It’s not just for those long distance road trips. Even on short trips, it will help you maintain a constant speed.  And last but not least…slow down. The FTC states “every five miles per hour you go past 60 actually equates the payment of another $0.24 per gallon of gasoline.”

Putting some of these helpful tips into place makes that new Dodge Ram you’ve had your eye on look even more attractive.

Is Buying New Over Used The More Economic Way To Go?

Bridgeton Florissant St PetersOur nation is faced with tough economic times. It seems like everyone is pinching pennies and attempting to augment every dollar in every possible way. It only makes sense that consumers are apply these habits to vehicle purchases as well. Most consumers are willing to give up that shiny new car for a clean, low mileage used car in order to compensate for lost salary or just good financial wisdom in these tough economic times. Consumers often find themselves trying to save money on the purchase price of the vehicle, and will only look at what the gas mileage does to their weekly budget. But is buying a used vehicle always cheaper than buying a new one?  In better economic times, the answer is a loud and resounding “yes.” However, the current state of our economy offers a different option for those in the market for a new car.  As a matter of fact, some of the deals on new cars are so far fetched and, quite honestly, generous, that it may actually make more sense to buy the new vehicle over the used.

With current new car specials, and dealer motivation to turn over these vehicles, consumers are finding themselves in a win-win situation.  Be sure to stop by your local Jeep Dealer and ask what deals they have on new cars before you commit to that used car.  Then take a look at the money you can save in the long run with all the added features manufacturers are putting on newer vehicles.  You may find yourself coming out better with a brand new Jeep. Explore your options, ask questions and look at the bigger picture. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised with your options.

Tires Can Make All The Difference In Fuel Efficiency

Florissant St PetersWe’re all looking for ways to save money in this tough economy. But what if I told you the type of tires you put on your vehicle can help save you money?  It’s true. Having the right tire, with the right amount of air will give you better gas mileage and save you money in the long run.  Proper tire inflation is a key component in optimizing your vehicle for good gas mileage. Some studies say you can lose as much as 6 percent of your gas mileage when you drive on under inflated tires. Add to that 6 percent the one-mile per gallon you lose when you operate your air conditioner and it’s like throwing money out the window. Another way to increase gas mileage is to drive steady. Sudden starts or stops uses extra gas and can add to the amount of money your poor into your vehicle.

If your tires are aired and you are driving steadily, but still need to see more efficiency in your gas mileage, try Fuel Efficient Tires.  They are made with state of the art materials that generate less heat while driving.  This reduced heat aids with tread depth, which decreases the resistance on tires.  Fuel Efficient Tires work best with less resistance.  If you are carrying heavy loads of tools in the trunk or back of your vehicle, try leaving them out for optimal gas mileage and usage of the specially made tires.  Although the above-mentioned ways are helpful in cutting fuel cost, they are not exhaustive hints.  A quick visit to your local Jeep Dealer will give you all the answers you need.  With a large selection of fuel efficient vehicles you’ll have many options to chose from.

Dodge Ram Has Features For Work Or Play

MO Missouri IL IllinoisThe Ram 1500 has offers  a variety of models for consumers who use their trucks for work, play and even family time. Fred Diaz, President and CEO, Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler put it best when he said “The Ram 1500 lineup has a truck for everyone. From the value-priced Tradesman with a standard V-8 to the loaded Laramie Longhorn, Ram Truck brand will continue to answer our customers’ needs with products that hit high marks for durability, innovation and appearance.”
Dodge Ram offers the popular 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 with 390 horsepower (283 kW), 407 lb.-ft. (548 N•m) of torque and 20 mpg, and the 2012 Ram 1500 now has a flex-fuel capable 4.7-liter V-8 providing 310 horsepower (231 kW) and 330 lb.-ft. (447 N•m) of torque. Add this to a 3.7-liter V-6 generating 215 horsepower (160 kW) and you’ve got yourself quiet a powerful machine.

The HEMI allows drivers to go from 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds.

Dodge Ram offers the 2012 Ram 1500 with a selection of cabs models as well. Some of the Cabs offered are Regular Cab, Quad Cab® and Crew Cab in three box lengths. Eleven trim levels with unique features are available such as the Tradesman, Express, Outdoorsman, ST, SLT, Sport, Sport R/T, Lone Star, Big Horn, Laramie and Laramie Longhorn.  A frame design that includes high-strength steel supports and multi-link coil spring rear suspension for improved ride and better handling plus towing capability up to 10,250 pounds. For convenience, the Ram 1500 Crew Cab offers a pair of “store in the floor” bins with removable liners for even more versatile storage — With all this convenience the Dodge Ram fits any family, work or play situation

To Buy Or To Trade?

Il MO Missouri IllinoisIt’s a bad feeling we’ve all had at one time or another. You’re driving down the road and the check engine light comes on. You’re stuck with yet another repair bill.  But should you pay the money to the mechanic for the repair? Or is it time to trade it in?  What’s the smartest decision?

Weighing in on the pros and cons of repairing or replacing your vehicle is the greatest way to figure out what is best for your situation.

We’ve come up with a few ideas for you to compare and decide on which option is best for you.

First, consider the costs of wear and tear on your vehicle. Even if you take careful steps to maintain your vehicle some repairs are quite costly.  You will want to take a look at the mileage you currently have on your car and decide whether or not you are willing to give up the vehicle or if you plan to save it as a hand me down to your kids.  You can help make this decision by determining the cost of the repair.  It is almost always cheaper to repair a vehicle. If this is the case and you feel the car has a few more good years in it. Go ahead and keep it, then find yourself a good mechanic. If the cost of the repair is more than the value of the car or truck, or the amount it will cost to purchase a new car, then you have a pretty straightforward answer. It’s probably time to visit your dodge dealer and purchase that Dodge Ram you’ve had your eye on.

There are lots of places to get advice on whether or not to trade in a vehicle.  But you know better than anyone what the best decision is for you and your family. Have confidence in yourself, take your time and explore your options.

When I Was Young

Jerseyville Il We all had that time growing up when we would stare longingly out the window, thinking about the type of car we would drive when we were old enough.   We may have spent some time day dreaming about what make or model, what color and how fast it would go. More than likely, not a single thought was given to things like the safety rating, features, and gas mileage or how on earth you would pay for the car.  And most likely, you weren’t thinking about how you were going to afford the maintenance of your dream car.  All you cared about was having your very own car.

Some people may have found themselves working a slue of odd jobs, working hard to save the money to come up with the down payment for your car, or even to pay the full price on a clunker.  Some of who may have been more responsible had parents that were able to buy our first car for us. Regardless of how it was paid for, it didn’t change the excitement level.

Thankfully, while we were dreaming about cruising the local hotspots and carting our friends around, we had parents who were concerned with safety, affordability and some of those other important features.

What seemed like a far cry from our world and something that required a doctorate degree, is no more complicated than taking a drive down to your local Jeep Dealer and asking one of the friendly salesman.  Dodge Employees are equipped with knowledge and information about all their latest vehicles.

Yes, we may now have to play the part of the responsible adult who has no choice to be concerned with safety and affordability, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process, or the dream of a young child.


Taking That First Step

St Peters St LouisIf you are a recent college graduated who just landed their first job, or though a series of fortunate circumstances, you’ve never had to pay for a car, buying a car for the first time can seem like one of the most confusing and overwhelming tasks you’ve ever participated in.  A blog post on the Kelley Blue Book website states it perfectly, “Being a good first-time car buyer isn’t easy, but if it’s worth doing — and it is — it’s worth doing well.”

To make the tasks seem less stressful, we’ve put together a couple of ideas that will help first time vehicle buyers labor through the process.  First and most importantly, you must establish a well thought out and realistic budget. Figure out what you can spend on a monthly basis. Paying cash is always the smartest opportunity. However, if you don’t carry that kind of “petty cash” on a regular basis, a solid budget will help set you up for success.

Next you will want to take a look at your needs in a vehicle. Pay no consideration to all the extras that will come later. Figure out your basic needs in a vehicle and make a list. After you have these items established, then make a list of all the items you would like to have added.  The Internet gives us a platform to research our vehicles with great ease. Dig in and find out what people are saying about vehicle types, drivability and safety.

Now here’s the fun part: take everything you’ve prepared and visit your local Jeep Dealer to take a test drive. Taking these few simple steps will make the process easy and enjoyable.


New Safety Rating More User Friendly For Consumers

Bridgeton FlorissantWhen searching for your next car, most consumers look first to appearance, price and performance of a vehicle.  However, safety is another specification that is extremely important to many car buyers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released new standards for testing the safety of vehicles.

According to the NHTSA website “Starting with 2011 models, NHTSA has introduced tougher tests and rigorous new 5-Star Safety Ratings that provide more information about vehicle safety and crash avoidance technologies.”

The new safety standards utilize a star system to classify the safety standards on a vehicle.  The more stars a vehicle receives, the more safe, with Five stars being the highest rating, and one star being the lowest.

The website goes on to state “In all, 24 passenger cars, 20 sport utility vehicles, two vans, and nine 2011 model year pickups will be rated under the new system that not only includes tougher crash tests, but, for the first time, provides consumers with a single overall safety score per vehicle.  The new testing program will also provide consumers with information about new advanced crash avoidance technologies, such as lane departure and forward collision warning systems.”

This new safety-testing program developed by NHTSA not only significantly raises the bar for vehicle manufacturers, but it is much more user friendly and allows consumers to decipher safety rating information at a glance.  The rating program has always been a gold standard for consumers, now, with its more user-friendly features, consumers can easily compare the safety features of multiple vehicles.

Your local Dodge Dealer will have the ratings on each of their vehicles.  The ratings can also be found on the website by searching for your vehicle of choice