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Monthly archives for January, 2011

Safety Maintaining Habits

We you choose to drive a car you put yourself at risk of becoming involved in an accident. Even though your own an extremely safe vehicle, such as a Dodge Ram, you are still at risk due to factors that are simply out of control. For instance, certain environmental conditions will influence the manner in which you drive, some of which pose great risk. There are things you can do, however, in order to maintain you safety while driving under any circumstances.
First, you will need to be prepared. You should take the time to make sure your vehicle is prepared. Adhere to the vehicle maintenance plan set forth by the manufacturer, in your owner’s manual. Some maintenance tasks you can perform at home, these may include checking the coolant and oil, the tire pressure and spare tire, and the condition of the belts, hoses, caps, filters, lights, signals, wipers, and wiper fluid.
You will need to have yourself prepared, as well. Take the time to prepare a seasonally appropriate emergency kit. You should have a staple emergency kit that stays in your vehicle year round. However, the harsh winter months and the unforgiving summer months will have different emergency requirements.
You should plan on getting the most efficiency from your vehicle. By keeping your vehicle well maintained, you keep it running at its highest efficiency. However, your defensive driving habits will also influence your efficiency. Keep unnecessary cargo out of your vehicle and steer clear of aggressive driving tactics.
Make sure you are alert each time you drive your vehicle. There are a great number of collisions that happen because of driver fatigue. Do your best to drive when you are fully alert and feeling refreshed.

Lease Your Next Dodge Ram

Much about our economy has changed since the recession. Americans are much wiser when it comes to spending money. In addition many of our small businesses and banks are making much smarter financial decisions. It would be difficult to find an industry that has not been affected by the recession, and has thus changed some operational ways. Many have changed their investing strategies, as well as, the manner in which they staff. The automotive industry has changed drastically from the time before the recession. Every inch of the industry has been touched by the recession effects.
Leasing incentives are much different than they once were. Many would not consider leasing a vehicle. However, dealerships are now able to offer much better leasing deals than before. This could be due to the recession. It could also be because of the increasing interest in leasing from customers. Whatever the reason, now is a great time to lease a vehicle.
If you have made the decision to lease your next Dodge Ram, you may want to consider leasing from the All Star Dodge Ram dealer near Kirkwood Missouri. They offer some of the best leasing deals in the area. If you haven’t visited the dealership, or looked into their leasing deals since before the recession, you will be astounded at how much it has changed.
Leasing a vehicle has grown in popularity making it an excellent choice for those looking to have transportation at a fraction of the cost of buying a vehicle. It will provide an opportunity to drive a stylish new Dodge Ram with a much lower monthly cost. At the end of the lease you will have the option of renewing the lease or purchasing the vehicle.

Find The Best Deals And Incentives At All Star Dodge

You may notice a few differences this year at your favorite auto dealership, including the All Star Dodge dealer. Due to the recovery of the economy, and automotive industry many dealerships are able to offer more dealership incentives on deals. However, if you are an inexperienced car buyer, these incentives may be a bit difficult to navigate.
It is important to remember that just because a dealership is running a specific deal or incentive, doesn’t mean it’s the best deal you could get on that particular model. You will still need to do bit of research on your own, in order to determine where you will find the best deal. Consider the incentive as a part of the financing deal. You will want to weigh the deal with financing packages you may get from outside establishments, such as a bank or credit union.
Often for dealership incentives will require a buyer to apply in order to qualify for the deal. Often you will see this type of deal on low interest incentives. This is why it is important to always keep a high credit score rather than relying on incentive deals to obtain the vehicle you deserve. Another consideration is that the deals run at some dealerships will be specific to one or two vehicles. Often these vehicles are not the hottest selling vehicles. They are often the less popular models the dealership is trying to move.
If you are interested in getting the best deals and financing incentives on your next Dodge Ram purchase, choose to shop at the All Star Dodge dealer in Bridgeton Missouri. They may not always be running a high end deal or incentive, but they will always offer the best deals on all their models.

Driver Fatalities Still A Risk

Unfortunately, no matter how safely auto manufacturers develop our vehicles, traffic collision and fatalities are still a harsh reality of driving. It is a direct indication that much of your safety while traveling is dependent on your personal driving skills and habits. The fact of the matter is that a defensive driver will almost always be safer than an aggressive driver. It has been reported that traffic fatalities account for roughly 90 percent of fatalities. The first documented death due to an auto accident was reported in 1899. Since then there have been more than 30 million people worldwide reported as dying from an auto crash. When an automobile crash occurs it affects more than just those involved in the crash. It is estimated that economic losses due to motor vehicle crashes accounts for about $230.6 billion annually.
Drivers over the age of 70 years of age account for nearly 12 percent of traffic fatalities, 12 percent of vehicle occupant fatalities, and 16 percent of pedestrian fatalities. At the other end of the spectrum, drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 account for14 percent of all drivers in fatal crashes, and for 18 percent of all drivers in police-reported crashes.
The reported evidence makes it apparent the importance of safe driving. If you have a teen approaching the driving age you may want to spend a few extra hours training them to become safe, defensive drivers.
Equally as important, we need to be aware of any changes in our driving habits as we age. You can set yourself up for safe driving by obtaining a safe vehicle, such as a Dodge Ram. In addition, always adhere to your safe driving techniques and defensive driving habits.

Bluetooth Allows For Legal Driving And Talking

Many drivers are insistent on remaining reachable, even while driving a car. As a result there has been an increase in the number of distracted drivers, and accidents. In turn, federal legislation has mandated, in several states, certain parameters for using the phone while driving. Your best bet is to have a reliable Bluetooth system in your vehicle. A Bluetooth system will effectively eliminate mush of the distraction that comes with making and receiving calls while driving. Many of the new vehicles at your local Jeep dealer will come equipped with Bluetooth technology or will be Bluetooth compatible. However, if your current vehicle did not come with a Bluetooth system, you’re not out of the communication game. You can purchase devices to provide Bluetooth technology to most any vehicle.
You can purchase a hard wired unit, such as the Parrot MKi 9200. This unit may need to be professionally installed for those of us that are not electronically savvy. However, this is a top of the line unit that provides Bluetooth technology that is easy to use. It is an advanced system with a going price of $299.99.
The Magellan RoadMate 3065 Commuter also offers Bluetooth technology within its navigation system. You can easily sync your phone to this device for easy use of the Bluetooth technology. Its navigation system is built on a solid platform as well; making this an excellent comprehensive piece of equipment. It also has a sticker price of $299.99.
If you’re looking for less expensive ways to achieve similar technology which allows you to legally stay connected, consider investing in a headset that connects to your phone. Even a simple ear bud equipped with a small microphone can achieve the same concept.

Maximize Efficiency In Larger Vehicles

The recent economic recession has dramatically shifted the demands of the current car buyer. More buyers have a top priority of owning a vehicle which is safe, efficient, and affordable. As a result many manufacturers have had to shift their development efforts. It wasn’t long ago when bigger was better in the automotive industry. However, now it is the smaller, more efficient models that are in much higher demand.
Even manufacturers known for their larger models, such as Dodge, are developing smaller more efficient vehicles. But if you already own a larger vehicle, such as, a truck or SUV, then there are things you can do to increase your fuel economy rather than running out and purchasing a smaller vehicle which may not be functional for your family or career.
When it comes to the fuel economy of your vehicle you want to give your vehicle the best possible chance of earning the highest efficiency. You will need to keep up with the recommended maintenance plan set forth by the manufacturer. Reference your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. You will want to follow all of the tried and true tricks to better fuel economy. Keep your tires inflated to the correct PSI. Rid your vehicle of any extra weight whenever possible. Finally, consider driving more defensively and less aggressively. This will allow your vehicle to operate under the least amount of stress as possible. As a result you will be able to earn the highest possible fuel efficiency from your vehicle.  You can obtain an efficient vehicle from your local Jeep dealer. The All Star Dodge and Jeep dealer has a number of vehicles which are highly efficient and functional for any size family or career.

Mastering The Skill Of Stick Shift Driving

Even though vehicle with automatic transmissions are among the most popular, manual transmissions still exist. Learning to drive a stick shift takes time and skill and is only perfected through practice. So what do you do when you’ve found the perfect stick shift vehicle that you don’t know how to drive? Well if it’s a good deal, I would recommend buying the car and learning how to drive a stick shift.
If you’ve purchased your stick shift vehicle from your local Jeep dealer, then you’ve already accomplished the first step of finding a good vehicle. Once you’ve obtained the vehicle you will need to find a good coach. Look for someone with ample experience, who is patient and will calm while you panic.
You and your coach should head out to an area that is as free of traffic as possible. This will provide a good, stress free learning course. The less fear you have about hitting another vehicle or causing an accident, the better the learning environment.
It will be difficult to recreate every driving experience possible on a barren road. At some point, when you feel comfortable you will want to travel with everyday traffic. You will notice the difference between a stick shift and an automatic mostly when you accelerate from a stopped position, move from one gear to the next to reach speed, and when travelling on hills. Accelerating from a stopped position while on a hill can be one of the hardest skills to master as a stick shift driver. Practice this skill whenever possible in training. Only regular driving of the stick shift will create comfort and ease of driving. It is important not to rush the learning of these skills. Eventually they will seem natural and effortless.

Invest In Your Trade In

When you are ready to upgrade your current vehicle you will probably use it to trade in as a down payment on your next vehicle purchase. However, you don’t want to enter into the trade in process with haste. It should be taken seriously. Each factor taken into consideration during this process could add or reduce the amount you earn on the return. In order to have a realistic view on the trade in process you may need to consider the transaction from the viewpoint of the dealership.
The dealership will obviously want to be able to turn a profit from the vehicle as well. The best way to market your vehicle for a large profit return you will have to spend some time prepping for trade in. First and foremost you will want your used vehicle to be clean, inside and out. Take the time to have it thoroughly cleaned, top to bottom. This will essentially give your car its “curb appeal.” It will give the dealership or potential buyer the first impression and a glimpse into what the overall care and maintenance of the vehicle was while under your ownership.
This being said, it is equally as important to have the systems of the vehicle in proper working order. If there are a number of small repairs which need to be done in order to get it in proper working order, consider having them done at the service department of your local Jeep dealer. However, if you must, prioritize repairs in order of which will earn the highest return.
Once your vehicle is ready for trade in, bring it down to the local Jeep dealer. There you will be able to earn top dollar for your trade in and purchase a brand new Jeep model.

Used Car Shopping At All Star Dodge

There are a number of benefits to buying a used car model. In fact, the used car market has been overwhelmingly popular since the recent crash of the economy. As a result, the inventory of used cars may not be what it once was; which is why it is all the more important to take your time when searching for the perfect used car model.
The first step on your quest to find the perfect used car is to determine your financing parameters. You can do this by beginning to apply for vehicle financing at a handful of lending establishments. Once you have a few different quotes, compare them with each other and go with the financing lender that works best.
Once you have your financing in place you can begin looking for the car. You will need a clear idea of which features you will have to have in your car, and which features you would like to have. Try and keep your list of must-have’s as specific as possible. This will help you quickly narrow your search efforts.
You should comparative shop for a used car just as you would with a new car purchase. It is equally important to compare vehicles. When you begin to decide on a vehicle you will need to test drive the car or truck. You should also test drive a model or two of the competition. This will give you a much more comprehensive look at the model you may purchase, as well, as the competition.
When you are ready to get serious about your car buying efforts visit the All Star Dodge dealer in Bridgeton, MO. They have the largest selection of new and used models to choose from, and they offer the most competitive pricing.

Tailgating In Dodge Style

‘Tis the season for a great tailgate party. People all around the nation gear up each weekend, head down to the big football game to host an unforgettable tailgating party. If you’ve never hosted a successful tailgating party you may be surprised at just how many factors need to be taken into consideration in order to host a successful tailgating party.
The first and most important thing to have is a vehicle which is perfect for tailgating. This may include vehicles such as the all American pickup truck or SUV. These are typically the most commonly used vehicles for tailgating. They are large in stature making it easy to haul all of your tailgating gear. You can find the best vehicles for tailgating at your local Dodge dealer. Some of the common Dodge vehicles used are the Dodge Ram, Dodge Journey, and the Dodge Durango. These vehicles offer ample space for passengers and cargo.
The key to a successful tailgating party is in the preparation. You will need a few hours to properly prepare for the event, even after you’ve picked everything up from the store. Once you have the perfect vehicle you can begin filling it with all of your tailgating necessities. These may include coolers, a portable grill, propane or charcoal for the grill, garbage bags, grilling tools, chairs, portable table, a wall-less tent or other shelter, plastic cups and utensils, a battery operated radio, your favorite tailgating activity, beverages, food and a dessert. It won’t be long before your vehicle fills up with the tailgating items. However, with the right tailgating vehicle you can make any tailgating adventure a huge success. Simply visit the All Star Dodge dealer located in Bridgeton MO.